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    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Friedman has gotten so bad in the last couple years. Just goes for cheap negative headlines because someone in every fan base will always be pissed off by a move. How is Gags getting waived somehow the fault of the Canucks? He's looked like a steaming turd for over a year. They tried to trade him, no one wanted him so he got waived. Then they went out of their way to put him in a position to find another NHL home. Whether he's a swell guy doesn't matter one bit.
  2. He is but he's only played one game. He was supposed to play last game but was replaced at the last minute by Sautner. Could just be an injury issue but the team is playing pretty coy. When he's been on the ice he's looked like our most solid d prospect by far so not too worried.
  3. I suspect Goldy gets the spot with Bo and Brock and Leipsic plays with Virtanen. Those two seem to have some real chemistry and are speedy as hell.
  4. Might as well just give Gadj the W.
  5. Ducks might win the best mask tandem but Mrazek's is pretty damn cool. Amazing how good the double flags look here. Too bad the jerseys look
  6. Usually it was McDavid hitting the ice People seem to forget that 5 on 5 offense for the Hitmen ran through Jake. The only solid teammates he had were Jake Bean and Travis Sanheim, both d men, which required him to be very aware of plays developing behind him. He has no problem with awareness. What he's struggled with in the AHL and NHL is a more static cycle game (i.e. the Sedin's playstyle). The nuances of endlessly shifting your position to remain open for those guys is a skill. But on the rush, Jake has never had trouble receiving passes, creating lanes and hitting a trailer. His playstyle is the direction this club (and much of the NHL) are heading. And we saw that in the last 20 games he played he looked like a force. Good young players don't suddenly emerge when there team is playing opponents battling hard for playoff spots. It's the most difficult play of the season, conditioning is often an issue and it can be hard to keep up. For Jake to have shown how much he was developing at that time says loads of good things for his future.
  7. I hate to break it to you but I don't think you're going to be able to land that goalie scout job any time soon...
  8. I've heard JB mention guys like Sautner and McEneny more often in the last year too. Glad to see these guys who are quietly turning into solid d men getting some recognition in the system.
  9. He gets no credit for his edgework but it's very good. He's strong but to make up for lack of stride length, he has to be REALLY efficient at using his edges. So he pushes off strong then maintains speed well, plus he's able to pivot and shift on a dime. He's a complete antithesis for what you would expect to be a successful player. But once you see the whole package it makes perfect sense why he is as good as he is.
  10. Huh? Jonah had some great passing plays. His offensive awareness is top notch. Only times he isn't playmaking are when he's sitting on the goalie or putting the puck in the net himself.
  11. Is Manukyan your next Jasek? If so looking forward to the updates before he comes to Utica and blows the doors off, surprising everyone.
  12. I don't think so given how quick his release is. Crazy flex would draw out the release as the blade travels further. Regardless of how he does it, it still takes strength to load up a shot that heavy. The stick only transmits the energy, it doesn't create it.
  13. He played centre in the SHL for a good chunk of the season, just not to start. Once injuries began he slotted in to play C. Not surprising since he played on the first line of a stacked SHL team. If you have a good, veteran centreman, you're going to make sure he takes draws. Particularly when his biggest contribution to offense is just getting it to the kid that scores nonstop. Even when playing wing, Elias played much more like a centre driving play and distributing the puck from the middle of the ice.
  14. Yup, перо = pyerro. An "e" is actually a "yeh" sound so the word for no (spelled нет) is said "Nyet". So "Pyerro"
  15. Petterson, Gaudette and MacEwen are all natural centers.
  16. He means Twitter. Sweden and hockey fans lost their mind during his season and it crashed a bunch of Twitter servers.
  17. He just needs to work on his first couple steps. On international ice it's a less significant shortcoming but in the NHL it's extremely useful. It's also easily corrected so he'll get there. We all know he can skate and a few squats plus some time with a skating coach are all that are required for him to address this.
  18. I seriously doubt it. Why would Dipietro leapfrog Demko? Sounds like a hot take from someone who doesn't follow the team.
  19. Have been to both with some pretty well off folks. New York could not hang but it's Moscow's seedy, anything-for-a-price culture that really makes that the case. I can guarantee you that is not a good thing when looking for a place to live. It's also kind of comical what rich Moscow residents consider fun or interesting. Usually it's just kind of trashy and ghetto but done with more gold plated or heavily branded equipment.
  20. He's so productive on offense because his opponents rarely have the puck. His +/- was the best in the entire SHL during both the regular and post seasons. In the playoffs he was only on the ice for 2 goals against...and 19 goals for. He backchecks hard and will initiate contact. Despite his low weight he still has the balance and hands to get the puck off his check effectively. His hockey IQ also allows him to turn a defensive play into a scoring opportunity with regularity. He'll do things like stop up to close down a passing lane, often selling that he's going to glide through the lane until his opponent passes. Then he suddenly stops, snags the puck and he's gone the other way. Got an unreasonable amount of breakaways from reading the play incredibly well which boosted his 5 on 5 numbers immensely relative to last year where he did much less scoring without the man advantage.
  21. Hot take but not one I am inclined to disagree with one bit. Definitely seemed like JB was (rightly) very high on PLD
  22. Completely agree. I really just wanted to use the old PITB jab of overvaluing guys like Makar because he looks cooler while performing to the same level. I think people just don't get Finns and Swedes in general. Guys like Pettersson & Dahlen are thought of as shy when they're just classically reserved like every Swede. Guys like Olli get called cold or disinterested but Finns in sports often get that critique. Kimi Raikkonen was known as the Ice Man but he was one hell of a passionate guy about his sport. Olli is in the same vein albeit he's clarly less of a dick than Kimi was, but that's F1 for you.
  23. But is he toolsy enough?
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