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  1. Nice little shoot out goal. Shows he has that shot in his arsenal just needs to learn how to use it effectively in the NHL. I see him as a top 6 winger for us as soon as next year if he can just work on his fitness and decision making this offseason. Also I want to see him with consistent line mates. Would be good if he actually knew his role any given night, not having to go from offense to energy every other game.
  2. Our second best player was 19. And playing out of position too. When we subbed on the player playing ahead of him, instead of moving him into the middle we brought along "utility player" Ashley Young to play CF. have I mentioned that we are playing the second fastest player on the pitch at CAM when we miss speed on the wings, and the player who prefers the middle is shut into the right. And a midfielder/left back is playing center back while a center back is playing left back. Aaaaaaghhhhhhh
  3. What podcasts or radio shows do you listen to for sports? I have to do some work and want to have some offseason talk to listen to. 

    1. Spoderman


      Marek vs. Wyshynski

  4. Tanev's story to go the the NHL is great. And that picture with the puck of his first goal. Those arms though...

    1. JohnScott


      What's with his arms? I haven't seen this pic

    2. 87Crosby
  5. I love Kanye 

    1. Odd.
    2. thejazz97


      I had the pink polo I thought I was Kanye!

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Mungo Jerry can pull off sideburns! Top that!



  6. My favorite part of CDC is whenever Virtanen is compared to people from his draft class. Then they talk about points. They also love the whole Hockey IQ thing. Let's not forget Button. i officially give up. I'm going to be sticking to the other sports forum till the playoffs start. 

  7. Anyone know any chemistry topics I could research and write about under 4000 words? Have to do an experiment too. 

    1. Guest



    2. chilliwiggins


      methane gas from underwater volcanic activety and its effects on buoyancy of boats.    Bermuda Triangle mystery solved

    3. Ghostsof1915


      The chemical solution of turning gold into biodegradable plastic.

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  8. 87Crosby


    Much more interested in the England-New Zealand match. If by any chance NZL face India in the final I want the commentary to be done by an Australian and a Pakistani.
  9. 87Crosby


    I was scared, Ashwin was not his usual self
  10. What's the difference between regular seats and suites at Rogers?

    1. Gstank29
    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      People who get suits don't actually watch the game.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      suites. But suits is applicable here too.

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  11. I never saw him live, but I have heard about his tremendous influence on modern football and his country today. A true legend, RIP
  12. I trust your input on scouting
  13. I got you Alfy. That's a face palm. Next the league order goes: 1. KHL 2. Liiga 3. SHL 4. Suisse Liga 5. MHL (I think that's what the second tier of the KHL is called)
  14. 87Crosby

    NFL thread

    Anyone know any good mock drafts to look at? I haven't followed college at all the past year and the NFL has been 4th on my sport priority list. But I think the Canucks will force me to get back into the league.
  15. I don't think this board is for Canuck fans anymore. The 19 page thread on Daniel's comment shows this clearly. I am not only disgusted by some of the comments on the thread but all around disappointed by the expectations of some fans and their views on the fanbase. I know I am out of line and I know I have no right to judge the opinions of others but I just wanted to vent. But I think I am done with CDC's Canucks Discussion. Flame away

    1. MJDDawg


      Something changed back in the fall. It's like all the kids who watch Pewdiepie and troll twitch with Hotrine Ming all showed up this year at the same time. Worst it's ever been and even has me thinking about moving over to HFBoards.

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      The vocal majority is often not the voice of reason around here. Mob mentality. Or similarly, a mental mob.

    3. Toews


      @MJDDawg The negativity on HF has peaked. Everyone pretty much hates Benning and nearly every thread has at least some Benning bashing. I am certainly not a fan of some of his moves but the negativity there is just depressing.

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  16. Somebody will take them for a forth. Maybe a fifth. I love this game. So much more thought out than NHL. It's so hard to win trades in this game. I want to trade all the forward vets except for the Sedins, Hansen and no team is willing to let go of any good players to do so. And my coach despises any trade I make so there's that.
  17. But what about Prust. It's been so long since I've seen him help. It's almost like he's on he other side of the continent.
  18. Must have been 30 seconds max
  19. Thanks man. Gamewise, I find it impossible to trade Prist and Dorsett. It's funny if I wasn't sad about the roster spots in wasting. Otherwise this is what I want GM Mode to be like.
  20. Any good guides to how to start, the setup good tactics, and all the works? I started my first save and it takes forever to aim and the games take too long too.
  21. You guys could really make a run at the title. Shame Kane will leave next season.
  22. Absolutely abysmal by United today. Can we just come to a concensus that half the team isn't quality enough to wear the shirt. Fellaini Carrick and Schneiderlin shouldn't be in a midfield 3 together, ever. And Memphis and Martial need some rest and more creativity behind them. Rojo isn't good enough at LB or CB. De Gea is probably going to leave if Van Gaal is still coach.
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