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  1. i already forgot wut your old name was LOL

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      gengar is my favourite pokemon <3

    3. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      he's just so purple I love it

    4. Starmie





  2. note to self. don't go on cdc after a playoff loss

    1. Pears


      I find myself saying the exact same thing

    2. goalie13


      Ya, it's a scary place.

    3. ChenWei91


      It's a funny place.

  3. have they played the u2 entrance at all this year? hope they bring it back for the playoffs!

    1. Apple Juice

      Apple Juice

      I hope so too!

    2. Twilight Sparkle
    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly


  4. wish those "history will be made" commercials were back :/

  5. Are we going to get Rick Ball for the playoffs instead of Hughson since the leafs are in the playoffs now?

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      rick ball is boring. hughson please

    3. topbananas


      fear not, they will be done in 4

    4. LeanBeef
  6. Hell with all y'all.

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    2. smithers joe
    3. Mainly Mattias
    4. MC Fatigue

      MC Fatigue

      fear not hell for if it exists you will find yourself in good company

  7. happy birthday yall

  8. Merry Christmas kids! :)

  9. holy crap, what the hell happened to youtube? :/

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    2. Phil_314


      it's not that different, just the new button to get more results (though I don't like the basic look of everything)

    3. ChenWei91


      there's a lot of empty space. looks atrocious on a widescreen monitor.

    4. Denguin


      Wow I definitely visited youtube after you posted this status and it appeared like the old one.

      Now I see what you mean...

  10. the world ends on the last day of school before winter break... how nice

  11. anyone wanna help me make a good intro speech about steve yzerman for this quote? "and for the team, I always try to do the right thing"

  12. Luongo's first game as a Canuck :o

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    2. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      No, this one:

      ................ I'm about 90% sure he robbed Zetterberg in his first game
    3. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      gotta admit i do miss these old jerseys.

    4. Starmie


      Yes, that save was in his first game.

  13. a Bettman hatrick!

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