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  1. He's so smart defensively, plays with incredible poise, has elite skating and vision, and a good attitude. This fan base has forgotten about the excitement of a top defensive prospect - looking forward to Olli showing everyone what he's capable of.
  2. When I watch Olli play, I'm in awe of how cerebral he is. Decision making is exceptional, his first pass is incredible, and his skating is elite. when I was growing up, watching Lidstrom play in Detroit was a treat. Never again will there be a player like the Perfect Human, but Olli shows me shades of things that I used to love about Nick. Welcome to Vancouver, I hope you have a long successful career with the Canucks.
  3. Haven't been wowed by a wrist shot like his, since the days of Naslund or Sakic...
  4. I feel like he can practice his shooting accuracy over the summer, like Kesler did with his shot. Being in the NHL everyday practicing with Henrik, Daniel, Bo, Dorsett, Hansen, on a daily basis, will be great for his development. Plus, watching him play, I think he'd be a welcome addition to the team...
  5. That's got me excited, not to put any comparisons up...
  6. Sedin-Sedin-Kassian Baertschi-Horvat- Vrbata Virtanen-Bonino-Burrows Dorsett-Gaunce-Hansen Kennins Vey If Virt doesn't make the team, higgins will not be moved IMO. Richie and Mathias will want term, and we can't afford it right now, unless we move money. Defense though: Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-Sbisa Bieksa-Weber Clendenning
  7. While I am also of the opinion that the WHL, much like the NHL Western Conference, is a much tougher defensive league, McJesus played on ice with them at the world jrs and looked incredible. That being said, he will face a tougher team defense against the WHL winner, but I still think he'll be good for 1ppg at a minimum. He's unbelievably good...
  8. To be fair, I feel a lot of players in the NHL don't have skating as strong as Jake's. He's naturally a very powerful, fast, and balanced skater. It's one of the things that makes him such an exciting prospect. Oh, and he's a wrecking ball too, that can just deliver monster (clean) hits. Gotta say, I'm stoked about this kid.
  9. I think despite the victory last night, just seeing the defense we iced on paper shows our apparent lack of elite defensive prospects in the system. We know we have some soon to be NHL players at the forward position in our prospect pool, but D is the glaring need. That being said, if at our pick, we have the opportunity to nab a #1 Center prospect, I will definitely support the decision. Barzal/Zacha etc.
  10. That's a horrible thing to say, and you should feel bad.
  11. Acquiring this kid at the draft would be the exact kind of splash I'd like to see Benning make, and the more I read about him, the more I like. I really respect Dave Tippet as a coach, and listening to his evaluation of Sam was refreshing. "He didn't look out of place," Team Canada coach Dave Tippett said in a phone interview Friday afternoon. "He carried himself like a pro player. He picked up the things we were trying to do in the drills very well. The biggest thing you could tell, and it's probably a little bit because of his upbringing -- he wasn't intimidated by the situation at all and just jumped in there and played."
  12. If Nylander is available at 6, I agree with this. He has high-end vision, speed, and skating, and his stick-handling is ELITE. He's a smaller player, sure, but he's tenacious and hungry on the puck. I think if he has the right attitude, and a willingness to be mentored by the Sedins, Nylander would be a fantastic addition to the canucks, with 1st line potential. It's not like there will be a shortage of size in the future top-9 Horvat/Kassian/Jensen/Gaunce/Kesler are all big bodies for the west, so having fast skilled guys like Nylander and Shinkaruk would give exciting high-end skill to a team so desperately in need of that in the pipeline.
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