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  1. Patriots 1st round picks Jones & Hightower killing ittt!!! - Jones forcing fumble, Hightower picking it up and bringing it in for the TD; first ever game too...Defense is back on track and the futures looking beautiful ;)))

    ....its been far toooo long, but I'm glad I can finally say it - our defense is the Super Bowl caliber again, first game, I know I'm jumping to conclusions, but Jones and Hightower are just amazing! Beasts.

  2. F*ck yea! ....Cause stone cold Miles Austin said so!

    ....Romo and Austin giving me 42 points + Bailey, the kicker - beautiful....its only day 1, and I feel I won the league with my friends / diff rules, allowed 2 QB's - mines are Rodgers and Romo.

  3. Romo been doing good for me fantasy wise....hope Austin can howl a TD in this game.

    Game wise, solid game. Romo looking good and shaky at times, but solid so far. Gonna be a fun finish to the game, just gotta feeling

  4. What do you guys think about the Cowboys offense vs the Giants broken down secondary this Wednesday? I got Romo and Autsin in a league with my think the 2 will have a stellar game?

  5. Pretty good's 1 I drafted last week:

    Matt Ryan

    Jones Drew

    Darren McFadden

    Wes Welker

    Mike Wallace

    Vernon Davis

    Vincent Jackson

    Andy Dalton

    CJ Spiller

    Jonathan Stewart

    Greg Little

    Robert Meachem

    Brent Celek

    Dan Bailey

    Steelers D

  6. a gif is a picture by definition of file type. it can be a single still image, or a series of still images looped indefinitely.

    or a section of a video sized down to a small size...


    Dez Bryant rules in effect for Dallas Cowboys?

    Troubled but talented wide receiver Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys has agreed to abide by a set of special rules imposed by the team, reported Sunday.

    Citing sources, the report said the rules went into effect on Aug. 23 and include no alcohol, no strip clubs, only nightclubs that are approved by the Cowboys and a midnight curfew.

    Additionally, Bryant will have a rotating three-person team (picked by Bryant's adviser, David Wells) of drivers and security guards, who will take him to practices, games and other team events.

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones praised Bryant for being "very much willing to do anything he can to help himself and help the team.

    "He's very open-minded and cooperative," Jones continued. "He's doing the right things by his teammates and everybody is counting on him."

    The Dallas County district attorney's office still hasn't decided if it will press charges against the 23-year-old Bryant for a July 14 incident in which he was charged with a Class A misdemeanor by the DeSoto Police Department for allegedly assaulting his mother, Angela Bryant.

    ...Sooo glad the Pats traded down in 2012 and never drafted this guy. At the time, everyone was like 'Pats missed out', but its good to know it was a good miss. Not a Patriot type player at all, and though he has skill, seems like he's a princess that wants or gets attention.