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  1. More like he has absolutely no chance on winning this game. I mean, how much more can more a man do lol.
  2. Amazing what happens if you shoot the puck instead of playing hot potato.
  3. Did someone put something in their water? The team is SO SLOWWWW and still wants to dump and chase.
  4. why the hell are we suprised how lackluster the PP is?? I mean, it has been this way for the whole season lol
  5. I might be wrong, but I think was undisclosed. Something nagging him, but notthing major. Again, I might be wrong.
  6. Have to agree to disagree then. HORRENDOUS PP deployments. No timeout to re-group despite momentum shifting after the 2-3 goal, or even the 3-3 goal.
  7. This team is not hopeless. The coaching staffs are. As much as i hate to point fingers, they need to go.
  8. I should re-evaluate what exactly??? That they're not a playoff bubble team? This team has the talent to build on last season. At this point it's evident that the coaches' style of play isn't suited for this team.
  9. Think it's time for Aquaman to accept the fact that we might need some changes on the team. This team is not a playoff bubble team, let alone gunning for the cup. Meltdown after meltdown.
  10. It's rather simple tbh. PP1 will most likely do drop pass entry. When puck is over the line, walk into the shooting lanes for Hughes,Pettersson,Miller (Boeser before) and just stand there lol. All we'll do is pass and try to get the puck to Boeser ---> Horvat.
  11. I do have to agree with you. Despite Hogs not putting up points, he is doing alot of other things correctly. He has speed and skills. Give him some time and we'll judge then.
  12. Can you imagine what would happen if we don't have this year's first (with the way it's going) lol.
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