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  1. I have so many things to say about this but I don’t have the energy to type too much atm. All that I’ll ask you is, if I told you back in 2014 about the results of the upcoming seven years and the team’s current outlook, would you be saying, “man, Benning really did a better than average job!” The bottom line is, no GM is ever brought in with the expectation that 7 years later something like this would be considered “better than average.” The examples you listed are teams that were also poorly managed and as a result had significant turnover. I find it hard to
  2. He's basically already producing at 50 points per 82 games (when you factor in recency bias and that he barely plays on the PP). To say 50 points is his POTENTIAL is massively underselling things IMO. It's saying that he'll barely get better, if at all.' He's already producing at a fantastic pace playing primarily on even strength, and so 80 points down the line is absolutely attainable. Likely? No. But I don't think people would be that shocked based on what we know of Hog.
  3. I'm pretty sure we did this in 2011. All our defensemen miraculously became healthy come playoff time LOL. I seem to recall a graphic that said that VAN didn't have a single game out of 82 that season where all defensemen were "healthy," so I think it's too much of a coincidence that they all became healthy before the 83rd game.
  4. It's 2021. Are people really still rejecting analytics? I guess it makes sense because hockey is by far the least analytically progressive of the "Big 4" sport leagues in North America. I wouldn't be surprised if the NHL has more former players in management positions than all three of the other league's combined. Other sports seem to have realized that it's not necessary to have played an outdated form of the sport 20 years ago to become a successful GM, while hockey still holds on to those who "know and breathe and live hockey." That's going to change in a hurry as better analyti
  5. I got the impression that he was trying to exaggerate things and make it seem like the team could fall apart, but that rumor has been flying around everywhere, and it makes sense given what has and has not been said by the higher-ups. JT certainly wouldn't have had to speak up if there was more leadership from above.
  6. Sekeres said that JB and Aqua were on the league's side here and that the players weren't too pleased about it
  7. I'm pretty sure Virtanen is worth less than nothing because of his contract, which means he has negative value like Eriksson for example. Don't think many teams want that contract even for free.
  8. I doubt you know EP or QH more than any of us do. From afar, both of them definitely seem like confident (perhaps arrogant to other fanbases) young men who know their worth to the team, so I'm not sure I agree with your assessment. It seems more like an accurate assessment of the Sedins rather than our new wave of talent.
  9. Curious - where does this come from?
  10. Personally, I don't think the regression guys like Roussel and Beagle have gone through are anything out of the ordinary. Roussel was what, a 28 year old coming off of a 17 point season? It was a probably a good bet that by the time he turned 31, he wouldn't have any trade value left. Same thing with Beagle, except he was producing at a slightly higher rate at a much higher age. In fact, I would say that Roussel and Beagle have probably declined at slower rate than most players. Eriksson's decline was definitely unusually fast, but even if he was producing like he was about 3 years ago, he'd s
  11. You think the reason people complain about Benning has to do more with how they're depressive and negative and not gratified that they're alive, rather than just not believing that he's a competent GM? Sounds a bit smug to me but maybe I misunderstood.
  12. I understand where you're coming from, but I don't think it's a parallel comparison to compare regular businesses to those whose dealings are out in the public. I would say there's a lot less leeway for straight up lying in professional sports management, where a lot of things can be publicly fact checked and backfire on you. There is a lot more incentive to lie etc... when you work for a corporation that won't doesn't have its movements monitored by hundreds of thousands of fans. I think there is a point where people go from being too innocent and oblivious with the shady actions
  13. They wouldn't come out and say that, but I highly doubt they would lie. Teams around sports who have had irresponsible decision makers have generally just declined to comment. The trade isn't THAT bad, but it seems like a "sell low" trade for a player that Benning had his eyes on a long time ago, both of which we've seen before.
  14. I mean... someone who believes that people who contract COVID are at fault simply because they contracted COVID shouldn't be in high-end decision making position. It's a failure of simple logical thinking. I'm not out here arguing what qualifications are need to be a GM and who fits those qualifications lol It's just a very backwards line of thinking that I doubt any GM, including Benning, would go by.
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