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  1. Go read the quote… me typing out the exact words you keep saying I ignored. Now you are trying to IGNORE the term on a contract to make an argument because it goes against what you are saying? No one is changing any goalposts… that is the guy’s freaking contract, the entire thing that is being discussed. Can you even read the stuff you type? I give up… you are right. If you ignore the term on his contract it is fine. If you only look at his 8 game playoff appearance and ignore his entire (still small) body of NHL work… it is also fine. Disregarding
  2. … you have spent more time and posts on this thread than anyone else, him included What gives?
  3. You went from making a dumb argument to lying. 1. I didn’t ignore the “underlying factors” of him being more mobile… I literally typed it out in the post you made the nonsensical response to. It was offset by the other guy being more physical of a player. 2. I also never said “we could have just signed the guy”. You made that up. 3. Basing a 4 year contract’s merit on an 8 game playoff run us a terrible piece of logic.
  4. Wow.. you literally just used the logic that two similar level players can’t be comparable because Benning paid more for one of them and another GM paid less for the other. …… That is the level of crazy that I have gotten used to. The only possible explanation is that we have finally discovered what Weisbrod’s role on the team is… it is to hang around trolling this forum with random nonsensical circular arguments to defend his own work…
  5. I had spent some time tracking a few accounts that happened to only give out reputation responses exactly in line with another account by supporting their posts and giving out bad rep to all the exact same posts. Imagine being so fragile and needy that you create fake accounts to give yourself an ego boost.
  6. Well it is pretty understandable to consider that angle based on very recent history. We have had several years in a row where we signed guys who were immediately untradeable because of those contracts. We also just gave up a lot to get rid of those players and correct those errors. it isn’t one awful contract that had handcuffed us, it was a trend of $1 million too much and 1 year too much term to a bunch of guys. More than the rest of the market was willing to pay… Folks brought up Hankanpaa as a comparable (not as quick, but much more physical). He got
  7. That was my point actually. $4-5 million on a legit top 4 guy and then one of the depth guys could have been a better answer than two slightly higher end guys in Hamonic and Poolman for the same cap hit. I hope Hamonic and Poolman can cover the extra responsibility as a consistent hard minute top 4, but that is a serious question mark to me. That 3rd pair RD could be a sheltered spot for a cheaper depth guy if we had a better top 4.
  8. No one suggested it was going to cripple our crap… that is the nonsense people threw out in response to folks who weren’t convinced it was a good value signing for the guy’s resume. It is a lot easier for them to wail and gnash their teeth about straw man arguments they invent rather than actually respond to reasonable posts.
  9. That is definitely a valid concern. We need a guy who can play a complementary role on a top pairing with either Quinn to help defensively or OEL to create a Pk and hard minute duo. Would we have been better off with a higher end guy for that and then living with Schenn for the 3rd pairing? We have more depth but less higher end talent on D. I guess time will tell, but I am not sure we have a pairing that the coach can throw out there with confidence to shut down other teams or to steady things when they are going off the rails. I guess an OEL-Myers duo may be the best
  10. One scouting report suggested he could be a player like Byfuglien who could also do spot duty as a forward. That would be interesting if Schenn clicked on a 3rd pairing creating a safe workplace for Rathbone. Instead of hanging to choose between Poolman and Schenn each game, you could throw Poolman in on the 4th line as a winger instead of Highmore.
  11. My recollection is that we did and at the stage of his career and the chance to make similar money on a contending team he took that. No hard feelings though.
  12. The answer to me is a solid “maybe”. We will be playing in likely the weakest division so we don’t actually have to be very good to get into jute playoffs. On the other side, the defence is mostly question marks. Will OEL be a top pairing D again? Can Hughes be relied on defensively… he will need to be as the other option is Rathbone to take any minutes that OEL doesn’t. Is one of Rathbone or Juolevi ready to be thrust into more minutes and be less sheltered? Can anyone on the right side play 1st pairing minutes? Can Tyler Minors take on more respons
  13. it is really funny that you being up those names. The EXACT same posters who are whinging and name calling anyone who expresses any concerns with this contract… were whinging about anyone expressing the same concerns when those other contracts were signed. It is almost word for word with the same aggressive shouting and stamping their feet about how dumb everyone else was for not seeing how excellent and great value those players would be. The exact same posters did the same thing when anyone criticized all those other contracts which have since cost us massive assets to g
  14. That would be an excellent point if not for the fact that almost the entire difference in the number of pages is you and a couple other posters filling 30 pages with your complaining and ragging on about half a dozen posts from people saying they weren’t convinced about this signing. Go look at the number of posts you have made in this thread compared with the other threads you referenced and then slap yourself for being one of the biggest causes of the exact thing you are whinging about other folks doing. My God kid… your level of self reflection is so non existent that y
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