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  1. This couldn’t be more representative of Canucks management over the last years. Shut down the forum to avoid negativity, instead of say focussing on making the team better. Folk migrate to an alternative and this site missesout on hundreds of of glowing reviews after an 8-1 win over a division rival.
  2. Hey, he isn’t Satan… that is over the top! A sleazy slumlord that exploits immigrant labour (occasionally with fatal consequences for them and their children) who has been reported by his estranged wife and kids to be a deadbeat who abuses women and kids…. Sure. A shitty owner who has repeatedly had classy knowledgeable Hockey folks fired in order to fill out the front office with incompetent “yes men” who stroke his ego and tell him what he wants to hear… sure. The actual Prince or Darkness… “probably not” If he was, you would think we would have made some unholy bargains to win the Cup by now.
  3. …Donkey balls. That is all. Goodbye forum.
  4. That isn’t quite right. 54% chance a 3rd round player makes the NHL… not that they play one game. They are guys that play at least one game.
  5. Pearson is a solid player on a decent contract with no term left after this year. Montreal will be able to trade him for another 3rd or better at the deadline. This one hangs on the new regime again mishandling the cap so they were forced to make the move. I am not Benning fan, but there have been a lot of contracts signed since he left as well for us to be in this cap situation.
  6. Last time, lots of folks defended Babcock saying players were just sensitive and being babies. When it all came out and a bunch of highly respected veterans said he was an abusive bully, folks changed their tune. Seems the same playbook is happening now. I am not giving Babcock the benefit of the doubt here.
  7. Without the team funding this site, we will probably each need to throw in a few bucks to keep the alternative going.
  8. We already know you are Brad Marchand… it has been obvious for years.
  9. What the actual f**k…. I just passed 20 years on here. Don’t they get that these sorts of things are how to engage fans. When the team has been god awful for years we can still gather here and discuss Canucks stuff.
  10. Hey, getting paid to play hockey is better than working for a living… the KHL is a lot farther down on the ladder than it used to be though.
  11. That would be a trade like I mentioned is not impossible… not a waiver wire pick up like people are suggesting would be a done deal. That isn’t an unreasonable deal you propose. Do they want to trade away a veteran assistant captain who plays top minutes for a more expensive and worse D, just to clear some longer term cap space? I don’t know, I wouldn’t. They would have to replace him as they are signing other veteran guys. If they put him on the block, they would get a decent return for him. He isn’t a cap dump. I would do it from our end. I would even throw in Rathbone for a future that would be attractive to them.
  12. I am still not sure where the value is to teams picking up Myers for his full cap hit even if you just think of him getting waived to get around his modified no trade clause. Almost no one in the league has room to fit his cap hit. There are exactly four teams who can fit him currently as per Capfriendly. There may be a couple more who have LTIR candidates they can get cap relief for: Nashville (barely) Buffalo Chicago Anaheim Anaheim still has to sign Zegras and Drysdale. That would take up enough cap space they may or may not even be able to fit Myers under the cap… at least leaving them so little that it doesn’t make sense for them to use it all up on him. There are deals to be made for them to eat cap and get an asset back for, why give it all up for nothing? Buffalo has no need for Myers, and probably wouldn’t want to go down that path again even if they had a need. Chigago wants assets in return for their cap space. They have three solid RD in Jones, Zaitsev, and Murphy that Myers isn’t going to be bumping out of any roster spot. Nashville could “maybe” use an upgrade on RD, but Myers would use up all their remaining cap space. They have a lot of OK players on RD, and I don’t know which two of these guys Myers would jump in the pecking order to get 3rd pairing minutes….Barrie, Luke Schenn, Carrier, Fabbro. What options does that leave? Trade with someone that will send at least $4 million in cap back to give us some breathing room? Has to not be on his NTC.
  13. He gives up $6 million of what is certainly going to be his last big dollar contract? Definitely seems unlikely.
  14. If that was the plan, it was a dumb one. Over age guys are available for a reason. They got passed over. They also have less upside and development left. A 4th rounder who is 20 has had two extra years of physical growth and development…. Less upside left. There are always NCAA free agents that don’t cost a draft pick, European players, and cheap veterans to be had on short term deals . Draft picks should be guys you are aiming for a chance to be at the top of your roster.
  15. “Please don’t leave to Jersey at the end of your contract… here is the C!” Kidding aside, I am sure there was some of that strategy in comes… but he is a good choice. He comes from a hockey family that has been around the game and he knows better than most what he is getting into. Hopefully there is some winning, nothing better than leading this team in this market during good times and long playoff runs. In tough stretches it is a horrible grind having to trot out to the media and try to explain yet another loss.
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