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  1. Not really… we can easily choose to send a player down to cover it. I wouldn’t agree with us using a mechanism intended for last minute injuries as a way to circumvent the cap and/or avoid having to expose a player to waivers.
  2. It is too far deep in the woods for me, but for a team like us that is already in LTIR can he slide right in already on LTIR and it effectively really cost us no cap space? It seems like too much circumvention, but I really don't know how this particular scenario would work.. nor I am I in the mood to look through the CBA and memorandums to see if it is addressed.
  3. MacEwan isn’t a huge loss. Gadjovich had more upside. My issue is that with our skill guys largely being smaller and softer than average, this is still hockey and they have to feel protected so they can play their games. With a 4th line expected to have a PK duo, it means one winger on that line isn’t going to play a lot of minutes as their 5v5 time will be less. That is an ideal spot for more of a role player who can scrap and be a little deterrent. Gadjovich was legitimately a tough guy who could do that. MacEwan would fight but not someone anyone is really scared of. We don’t have anyone like that on the team or even in the system.
  4. 6-2 Oilers Mcdavid GWG Chiasson with Canucks 1st goal
  5. You can have extra depth in one position to trade for a need in another one… That is literally the basic of every hockey trade. Not sure the concept is that complicated.
  6. There is always room for more skill in the lineup… it is not like we are a contending team yet. If the price was low (3rd rounder plus a middling prospect) why not, with Sutter and Motte out, it seems from camp that they might try Miller as 3C opening up an extra winger slot. Garland-Petterson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander Krav-Miller-Podkolzin Lammikko-Dickenson-Chiasson Petan Miller schools the same two Russian kids on playing hard all the time… that is a line with some pretty good size and speed…probably has some decent success playing against 3rd and 4th lines. Horvat and Pearson are stuck as one of the Pk duos again, but that is going to be the case until Sutter and Motte come back anyways. Dickerson and Lammikko can be the primary PK duo.
  7. I assumed he had been qualified if they had to waive him. Presumably he has since signed a cheaper deal with them. Things change, teams get injuries or have seen other hopefuls not pan out.
  8. Can’t imagine he will make it through waivers. Still has his draft pedigree and it isn’t like he had a ton of stops and hasn’t worked out anywhere. If we didn’t need to replace defensive minded Mote and Sutter more urgently, I would say take a flyer on the guy.
  9. It doesn’t work that way, you don’t lose your position by claiming someone
  10. Waiting to see if Borgen slips out of the Kraken, though no idea if he would go unclaimed and get as far as us.
  11. Never thought he was a genius in the first place. Above average sure… but Juolevi and Virtanen have been clear misses for some time. He also hasn’t mined a ton out of later rounds, right around average for what is historically expected. Some 2nd and 3rd rounders always hit… just at a lower rate than top ten picks. If anything this further exposes some of his other weaknesses and the organization’s signing and development issues. We lost picks Tryamkin, Lind, Juolevi, and Virtanen, and Gadjovich just this offseason. That represents a lot of wasted draft capital or possible assets we could have gotten for them if we moved on from them earlier. Two top ten picks, two 2nds, and a 3rd. Nothing to show for those picks.
  12. I am sure we have no interest in Turris otherwise we could have had him a couple times. Solid 2 way Centre to cover for Sutter. Mild amount of risk due to his being paid more than can be buried… but is an upgrade on a number of our bottom 6 guys and not too expensive. It seems like they want to try Miller as a 3C though
  13. Yes it does look grim, you are missing the point…. It isn’t that those players we lost are anything special, yet they were all still amongst our very top remaining prospects. Now that Podkolzin and Rathbone have graduated, we have basically one prospect who actually projects with any near certainty to be an NHLer and that is DiPietro. Everyone else is likely a long shot. We had to sign a bunch of veteran AHLers to make up a farm team as we don’t have prospects left to make up a club.
  14. If he doesn’t have the horses… he doesn’t have the horses. We have OEL on the left side who is the best bet but certainly no defensive stalwart. On the right we have pretty much nothing for that situation. We are pinning our hopes on Poolman who has been a 3rd pairing guy for his short career except for a few games due to injuries pushing him up the lineup.
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