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  1. Seems like good value for the the player. I wonder if he stays a Senator. It seems like right in the range where they would keep him. He is getting a lot of opportunity in Ottawa, I wonder how he would be on a good team in fewer minutes.
  2. Smarmy post entirely ignoring my point. His decline wasn’t due to reduced minutes... it was that all his metrics got worse. A lot worse. It had nothing to do with losing his spot on the PP as it wasn’t his offence declining that was the issue. PS. hockey reference gives you splits where you can compare month by month.
  3. Some of that appears to be overblown as well. Lots of word has come out that it was the Karlsson’s at the root of a lot of it, but who was the club going to support at the time?
  4. Objectively not true... it wasn’t reduced minutes at all, and has nothing to do with any point production. It was all his metrics went in the tank.
  5. Again... typed really slowly this time. There will be quality players to fill out the bottom of their roster at bargain prices. Not sure how that is evading you at this point or you just can’t let go of a bad position that you took.
  6. Well you are a lot more optimistic than I am. Between Juolevi and Rafferty they have a sum total of under 33 minutes of career NHL ice time combined... a very sheltered 33 minutes. They are (currently) replacing Very experienced NHL players in Stecher and Fantenberg. Heck Stecher has almost beaten their career ice time in a single one of his games. Even with the best shot suppression numbers on the team and years of experience, Stecher saw really limited minutes This year when our D was healthy. To expect completely untested rookies to be more exposed seems really unlikely to me.
  7. Ummm that just isn’t true, literally in my post I mentioned that there will be a number of very good players left who are going to end up signing $700k deals... and that they are in a good spot to be able to do that. We have already seen solid players sign for those kinds of dollars and even more so when players realize they might not have a job if they don’t pounce on the few remaining league roster spots. That was the entire point of my post. $3.3 million left with 18 players signed. $1.4 million for 2 players... equals $1.9 million left. More likely they run a 21 man roster, so sign another guy leaving you $1.2 million left in cap space. With a 22 man roster which has been the norm for a lot of teams of recent years and they still have $500k for short term injury call ups. They have plenty to space to flesh out the bottom of their roster and take advantage of the unique market conditions to do so. They are going to have really decent depth because there are more legit NHLrs still looking for spots than there are spots left. Folks will be shocked at how good some players will be who are only getting PTOs. There have been lots of reports of guys that earned $2-4 million last year only getting $700k-$1 million dollar offers.
  8. Yes, he would make an excellent 3rd pairing guy. 23 minutes a night as a match up and PK guy for him is asking for a lot of trouble. Those are hard minutes. A bottom pairing of Juolevi-Benn isn’t going to take a lot of minutes and is going to be really sheltered. That doesn’t help reduce Edler’s minutes. It is hard not to call those guys a downgrade from Stecher and Fantenberg. Benn could hardly crack the roster last year and now we are slotting him in as the #5 with some people saying our D is upgraded? That doesn’t make sense. If we could find (And afford) another top 4D, it would entirely change our outlook for next season.
  9. I never suggested that you could. It isn’t being right up against the cap with having a 21 man roster, it was running under a 23 man roster to make some extra space under the cap. The guy said that they had to sign 5 players to get to a 23 man roster and I said they didn’t. Many teams even last year went with a 22 man roster, and sometimes less in order to squeeze out more cap space. If we have something like a practice squad next season, you don’t need to keep any spares and can have a 20 man “active” roster.... and just have injury replacements right there if you need one instead of needing to get one in from Utica. You can “call a guy up” from your practice roster on game day and demote him right after. The can buy you a couple million in cap space.
  10. Well nothing you posted has anything to do with my post you quoted... so it doesn’t make any sense aside from being a random rant. Calgary doesn’t “have to” field a 23 man roster... not sure how that has your panties in a knots, but ai guess we are used to that from you.
  11. Edler was a tale of two seasons last year. He started off just amazingly, and then tanked badly after Christmas. I don’t think you can call him our 2nd best D anymore. He just can’t be ridden like a rented mule in all the hard minutes anymore. Age and speed has caught up with him. Schmidt has him beat by a long shot. If we don’t end up with a really reliable bottom pairing, I kind of despair about how many games Edler can play before getting hurt and how effective he will be in those games he IS in. He is a warrior that has gotten a lot of unfair criticism here for years, but he just has to have his minutes managed now. We shouldn’t be asking for him to be more than a high end 3rd pairing guy who can move up in case of injuries. The OEL trade would have been great in that it would have put Edler right where he should be and can be most effective. I happily play Edler 15 minutes a game and think he can feast on lesser opposition still. Maybe partnering with Schmidt will help him out as he will have a partner who can transport the puck for him.... much like Hughes helped Tanev have a successful year last year.
  12. You are probably right. When we end up as the 8th worst team in the league, we will still lose the lottery and pick outside the top 10.... joys of being a Canucks fan.
  13. My opinion is that most teams will do so because of the way the next season is going to have to be run. Heck even under normal, non-covid restrictions many teams went with 22 players to save cap space. You know... based on how they had to do things in the playoffs due to Covid. It is not like I am making it up. They carried extra players because they couldn't bring more players in if there were injuries. Once we get to the regular season and cap considerations, they can't just carry 30 players on the active roster, and they aren't going to completely redo the CBA. They will have a solution to have injury replacements with the team and not flying back and forth across a closed border or from a non-existent AHL farm club. There is no practical alternative other than having non-roster players on a "practice squad" with your team or having the entire farm club co-located with your NHL team. Either scenario means that you can call up players immediately in case of injury and don't have to carry a bunch of spares on the active roster. They won't be at any disadvantage. They will have their injury replacements right with them (not counting towards the cap) and can activate them as soon as they have an injury. I don't think you are following at all. "lol"
  14. Interesting take that $3.2 million isn't "millions"... it is literally, objectively millions. They, along with most teams, are not going to have 23 man rosters. There will be either taxi squads of guys practicing with the team and not on the roster counting towards the cap or our farm team will be local. There is no way to do it otherwise since you can't be flying AHL players around the continent with the various public health rules. so with 21-22 players on the roster and a bunch of very good players left on the market who will be on PTOs or near league minimum deals, they can flesh out the rest of their roster just fine... certainly with much better players and values than what we are giving our depth guys.
  15. That is what we can hope for! We had career years from a bunch of players and uncharacteristically good health from our key players last year to tie Calgary. One long term injury to our top 6 forwards or top 4D will tank us badly. Miller not repeating his career year will tank us badly. Hughes having a sophomore slump will tank us badly. I don't think there are many teams that will live on the edge more than we will due to lack of depth. Look at Toronto, we made fun of their defence for a long time... they will probably have a better guy sitting in the press box every night than we will have on our 3rd pairing. If you waived almost half our signed forwards today, they probably wouldn't get picked up... never mind being able to play in the top 6 in case of injuries. There is still time for some great roster moves to happen, but as it stands now I don't see how many people outside our market rate us as top of the pack out of the Canadian teams anymore. Probably 4th behind Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary realistically... neck and neck with Winnipeg and Edmonton for the next spot.