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  1. He has definitely taken a huge jump in development, his NHL prospects were looking pretty grim and now it is possible he carves himself a role as a complementary player. These are the guys that should be in our bottom six and not well paid veterans. With enough playing time, maybe one or two of the Lind/Gadjovich/Jasek level guys actually blossom and become material contributors rather than fringe NHLers.
  2. I think it is really important to keep in mind, this is the weakest the AHL has ever been so play this year is not really indicative of improvement. Take out 4-6 guys from the AHL to be sitting on each taxi squad and you have taken most of the best 125-175 players out of the AHL.. and filled in the empty slots with ECHL level guys.
  3. Even at those rates of play we are nowhere near catching them. Those assumptions would have required us to have played that well against teams other than Montreal for the whole season... and we haven’t. Montreal going .500 the rest of the way gets them to 61 points. If we play .600 the rest of the way, we get to 57.8 points.... nowhere near Montreal. To get to 62 points and beating Montreal if they play at just at .500 means we would actually have to go a little better than .710. Something like a 13-5-1 record. At the same time we also have to cat
  4. People are over estimating the demise of the Canadiens. They are still 5-5-0 in the last 10 games and are on a 1 game losing streak. Most teams have little stretches where they lose a few or win a few that is nothing to get worked up about.... it isn’t a sign of anything as it is just what happens to every team over the course of a season. A larger rolling average tells you a lot more. They have to be a lot worse than .500 for us to catch them.
  5. He is. I am discounting this year a lot for the AHL because it is the lowest level of competition the league has ever had. Taxi squads means the bulk of the best players that are normally in the AHL just aren’t there. The gap is made up by lower level ECHL type players. Middling players should be tearing it up this year.
  6. Ya, with a good portion of the games remaining being played between two teams we are chasing, it makes the marg harder than folks are realizing. It was 5 games where there are 10–12 points guaranteed that will go to one team we are chasing.... it does no good to catch up to one, if the other one is moving farther ahead. I guess our hope is that Calgary wins them all but loses against everyone else while at the same time Montreal hardly wins any games?
  7. There is no world where we can fit those cap hits on our roster. The cost of exiting enough money to make it work would be horrific. There is no world where Tampa gives away Cernak for nothing. Tampa is better off letting expansion in play out and seeing who Seattle takes. Gadjovich isn’t likely ever to become an NHLer, why would anyone trade for him?
  8. I think they should play all the taxi squad and avoid playing guys back to back as much as possible. No one will blame them for mailing it in a little in the next week or two to avoid getting injuries that may impact next season. JT sure sounds pretty defeated/frustrated and that he isn't enjoying playing hockey even before this. It is going to be weird for the opponents. They will feel for our team just as fellow players, but also need points. I don't see any really heated games early on.
  9. I think the player KB was probably referring to was Sutter who had interest at the deadline but his entire family was down with Covid.
  10. So presumably one of our two top guys is still likely out and DiPietro will dress as the backup and we need another guy in town in case of injuries.
  11. Some of that info is dated. He was being badly misused in Buffalo and they were riding him more than 26 minutes a game when he was new to the league, he couldn't handle it. Once they dropped him to the 22 minutes a game level, suddenly he became dramatically more effective including defensively. He was only a -10 while leading the team in almost 23 minutes per game of ice time. The team as a whole is a -33 goal differential while at even strength... so he is holding his own when on the ice. I think it is fair to think of him as very similar to Edler stylistically. Maybe miscast
  12. I was listening to the radio yesterday and it said that Beagle was close to returning. Not sure if they meant close to coming off the Covid list... but there still hasn't been any actual word that he is even going to be on LTIR for the rest of the season, never mind next season.
  13. You mean the exact number we would have if we switched Schmidt and Risto back? Changing the goalposts doesn’t make your previous comment make any more sense. First you were worried about having too many veterans with their “bodies breaking down”, now it is having too many younger guys? Switching Schmidt for a guy who plays more minutes doesn’t give us less bodies to play defence like you suggested. It also switches a guy hitting 30 (who will be “breaking down”) with an experienced guy 3 years younger and just starting his prime years.
  14. I guess I am just higher on the player. Once Buffalo stopped playing him 26 minutes a game he has gotten drastically better. Maybe it would need to be a deal after July 1st where you can have an agreement on an extension before pulling the trigger on the trade.
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