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  1. No thanks to that deal. Not buying free agent years and giving top dollar. None of these kids have earned those salaries with what they have brought on the ice yet. Sit for a while and watch the team play while losing money every day if that is the price/term expected. The two players tried to get leverage by going with the same agent. It also gives us leverage to simply choose not to sign Hughes and let him sit the year if we can’t get a combined deal good enough for our liking. Hughes doesn’t get to sign until Petterson does at a reasonable r
  2. ....or folks can feel free to discuss hockey stuff on a forum literally created and dedicated to discussing hockey stuff. Relax dude.
  3. I still want Larionov (I) to be our new President of Hockey Operations. The Professor is has about as storied a career in hockey as anyone ever has. A crap ton of awards as a player at every level and stage, hall of famer, experience as an agent and a coach. He walks into a room of hockey men, and when he opens his mouth they listen.
  4. Yep exactly… the entire point of Dickinson is to try to spring Horvat loose for a more offensive role, he is better at that side of the game and a little miscast as the shut down guy. The hope is that he gives us a legit 2nd line threat just like what happened to Kesler when Malhotra came along. At least to start (assuming everyone is signed) I don’t see any reason to mess with the expected lineups. Miller-Petterson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Garland Pearson-Dickinson-Podkolzin Motte-Sutter-XX Dickenson/Pearson and Motte/Sutter make t
  5. I am not actually advocating for trading or letting Miller walk, just don’t know enough about what our situation will be by that point. I was just pointing out the cap considerations and that all our most efficient contracts are coming up for renewal in the next little bit. As they roll into market rate deals, we will need to make choices and ensure we still have a pipeline of prospects who are capable of coming in and playing in the top of the lineup for cheap. Most of our prospects now project to be bottom of the lineup (because all the top ones have graduated to the NH
  6. Well looking at the cap picture it isn’t just a “nice to have” with more prospects coming in the pipeline… it is a must have. We have a bunch of players due raises over the next 2-3 years Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Hoglander, etc (also likely including one of Petterson and Hughes coming off a bridge deal). We will likely have to let go of someone like Miller to be able to pay the raises. We NEED Podkolzin to become a top six player in time to replace Miler.. and we will NEED someone coming in behind him to replace the next “too expensive” vet that we need to le
  7. There is actually value in some of the vets who are going to be signing at under $1 million to play on your 4th line and bring some experience. They are being put out to pasture a little early just because they aren’t top players anymore.
  8. That doesn’t really have anything to do with the thread at all… but thanks for the rant. Maybe you could have made a little effort and tied it in to the topic? The lottery odds could be ranked by the placement of the mini tourney. The better you do in the tourney, the higher your odds in the draft lottery for the teams that missed the playoffs. It leaves some randomness in the process with surprise non-contending teams doing well in the tourney, and still using a lottery odds system but it would incentivize winning rather than losing. Home playo
  9. It isn’t a rumour really, I am not sure about “sock puppet” but self admittedly most of his sources are agents. The messaging they send through him is always going to have a slant/agenda to it. The while Marner comparable thing could just be the agent raising fears of a crazy contract and then watching everyone sigh in relief when it comes in under that. That appeared to be the Myers strategy. Dhaliwal’s sources said $7-8 million AAV… which was nutbar. When it came in at $6 million folks were relieved…. Even though $6 was a pretty high contract itself.
  10. That is exactly it. These two contracts trickle down to Boeser, Horvat, and Miller directly in the next couple seasons. If we sign our best players to $8 million x 8 years contracts, you can legitimately argue no one else gets to go above those and the other guys need to extend in the $6-7.5 million range.
  11. Yes, no additional games, just a special cluster of regular season games… just a way to inject some life into the dullest part of the season for both players and fans.
  12. The NBA is discussion some form of mid-season tournament that would break up a long season. The reported plan is one that would award a trophy and earn players $1 million each for winning it. I have long thought we needed something mid-season as the dog days of Jan/Feb get pretty dreary and unwatchable. I would propose something like clustering all the in division games into a mini tourney with some trophy awarded (Cascadia Cup style) and having the winning players split pots of cash between themselves and their charity of choice. It would resolve a few pla
  13. Hughes can’t be given an offer sheet… After Dec. 1st an unsigned RFA can’t sign an SPC for the year so teams can’t give an offer sheet after about Nov. 24th (as the team that owns the rights could just run out their 7 day clock past the deadline) This came up when Turris was holding out. That leaves us able to spend the cap at the deadline as I mentioned. We are in a really weak division and should be able to hang out around the playoff bubble with or without those players. Then we would have enough banked cap space to trade for anyone we wanted to push u
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