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  1. Way to be Captain Hindsight

  2. Goaltending, defense, and the number of appearances Mike Richards and Jeff Carter make at the Roxy could have a big impact on this series. However, there is one major underlying trend that could make all the difference for these two clubs. - Who takes what faceoffs where. Seems like a redundant concept, but I am going to break it down with a bunch of lame, boring numbers. The Canucks 4th line ( Malhotra, Lapierre, Weise) are #1-3 in the league for lowest offenseive zone start % (With Pahlson finishing with the 6th lowest in the league). What makes this impressive is Manny Malhotra dri
  3. You have the best display name on CDC.

    1. Kack Zassian

      Kack Zassian

      Funny thing is I post from my phone on this account so I just saw this comment today (immediately after changing my display name) haha.


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