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  1. Reduced to trolling the Canucks (and fans) on the Flames board now? How sad. :lol:

  2. damn Amish Rake Fighter crap on you bad

  3. sounds like you should give uo watching hockey

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha, nice rep bro!

  5. You're too much fun! Your posts are such garbage!

  6. Troll out, so much negativity, troll out. Where'd you get those negative posts with a Flames tinge in it. Where'd you get "Luongo sucks" from a gold medal. Cuz you got sumpin to prove you haven't paid your dues, I can see right through you.

  7. You're the only one here with common sense.

  8. Yes, a troll indeed.

    We're onto you, so save it.

    Your arguments are weak at best, pathetic the norm. I'm done justifying my stances with you...troll on.

  9. no wonder you got a minus rating and no friends you trolling jerk. Welcome to my ignore list.

  10. some german updates on my thread ;)

  11. hey...some schenningen news for you in my german hockey thread ;)

    and thanks for defending ggerman hockey

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