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  1. Worst playoffs in a looooong time. It's a struggle to keep watching.

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    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      ^^ Same I usually watch nearly every series closely. This round i'm only watching the Caps and Ducks.

    3. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Nearly nothing has gone my way, unlike the regular season.

    4. Blueberries


      WSH games seem to be the ones that are interesting. I've found that NBC games are much better than Sportsnet games.

  2. I forgot we don't have a 3rd rounder this year :(

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    2. Gstank29


      Trade down unless someone falls

    3. The Magician

      The Magician

      Edler was a 3rd rounder

    4. The Magician

      The Magician

      ^^^ And he was drafted under Jay Feaster....

  3. Deb pls release Saniel Dedin from the dungeon

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    2. AriGold
    3. Qwags


      Still waiting on that Saniel Dedin GDT.

    4. The Magician

      The Magician

      I'm sure she has him down there oiled up with a whip

  4. http://thehockeywriters.com/brandon-carlo-the-next-ones-nhl-2015-draft-prospect-profile/ Really think we should draft this guy if we can (he's projected to go late 1st round), 6'5, great skater, physical, and really solid defensively
    1. Gstank29


      I have him as being the next Weber. More of a gut feeling than anything else

    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      Yea they give him a 9/10 defensive rating, apparently he has a rocket of a shot but needs to put on more weight to fill the 6'5. WE NEED DEFENCEMAN BENNING PLZ!

    3. Keslerific


      Carlo would be cool. There will be lot's of good dmen available at 23rd overall and I think we will pick one.

  5. Classical Kronwall
    1. thejazz97


      I approve of this message. Go Wings!

  6. They didn't ask Bieksa to come play for Canada.... I wonder why.....

  7. GOD DAMNIT Ottawa lasted longer than us after being down 3-0, BRUTAL

  8. Good point on 1040 WHY was Hansen with the Sedins over Vrbata? Vrbata was great with the Sedins but invisible with Bonino

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    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      ^^ But the 3rd goal was an insane pass from Daniel to Vrbata

    3. BanTSN


      Better question is why a bunch of scrubs without their best defenseman and a vertigo rebound-prone goaltender beat our 'veteran, experienced' team.

    4. Canucks1219


      ^ That's the thing. The "Chemistry" between the twins and Vrbata is miles better than anything any other combination could provide.

  9. Sick to my stomach right now

  10. Game day baby lets go

  11. When #CofRed trends on Twitter and you want to kill yourself....

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    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      ^^ Ah yes i'm typically known as a more aggressive person than passive

    3. The Magician

      The Magician

      I definitely speak the feels

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      Killing yourself is the cowards way out, take the C with you ;)

  12. Shorthouse is torching Willie's line decisions LOL

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    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      He also called him out with the way he managed our top players' ice time. Said the twins played 21 mins but they played over 2 in the last 2 mins of the game.

    3. Trebreh


      WD is ???? clueless. Linden should walk in there and coach the team himself. No coach and im 100% certain would play Brandon F'ing McMillan over Beartschi when your team is in need of skills.

    4. The Magician

      The Magician

      ^^ Especially when Baertschi's so excited and hungry to play against his old team. Pathetic coaching.

  13. Burrows is shaking his head in the hospital.

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