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  1. Someone +1'd me before I even edited it You were wrong, move along little sonny.
  2. Seriously though, how to be cool: only shop at Zumiez (wear tons of Obey/Stussy) and you have to own one of these
  3. Being completely honest, I didn't understand a word you said or the pic. EDIT: Obviously I was talking about you. Tack 1 up for The Magician.
  4. I laughed so hard at this. Just walk up to some kids you know and join in on the conversation. I've never seen anybody ask someone why they were trying to hang with them.
  5. Outgunning McDavid so far wow
  6. Banned for being a plug Can't wait to see the person below me ROAST ME!
  7. http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/5/12/8595449/jets-tom-brady-billboards-tom-shady-get-it-because-he-cheated?utm_campaign=sundownmotel&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter They PAID for 12 bill boards to make an unfunny joke lol
  8. Why does it matter if they took them in a room? They still heated them up. They actually did it where everyone could see so there's proof it was done.
  9. CNBC ‏@CNBC 5h Sales of Tom Brady merchandise have spiked 100% since yesterday » http://cnb.cx/1ctmELw TIME.com ‏@TIME 30 minutes ago Tom Brady merchandise sales have doubled since he was suspended http://ti.me/1cu5ux8 AtTheBuzzer ‏@TheBuzzerOnFOX 2h NFL official retailer says sales of Pats merchandise has doubled since Deflategate ruling. http://foxs.pt/1EywfIs Where are youuuuuuu little fool that was trying to argue against me about the publicity yesterday
  10. Yes it does. Technically the deflation would slow the ball down, which gives the defense more time to react (ala Malcom Butler style).
  11. I read something about Walt Anderson thinking he used one pump and was pressured to say he used the other Can't wait for the appeal, it will be interesting for sure
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