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  1. It hurt losing Tanman and seeing Toffoli walk for collectively under 9m I was ok with losing Markstrom and Stecher. Happy with the Schmidt deal. Looking at the Holtby contract coinciding with a bulk of our contracts coming off the books in the next 2 years, it seems like JBs plan is to be patient and only do long term deals on our future core or trade for young guys entering their prime that are on decent contracts (Miller and Schmidt) Looks like JB has learned his lesson and I'm happy with that. No more Erikkson like contracts for UFAs entering the twilight of their career. I fully trust in JB and like this new found patient approach rather than a lot of knee-jerk reactions like most GMs that only think about the now. Maybe JB has job security which allows him to now operate with big picture in mind.
  2. Lol right on mate. Nice critical reading. Hopefully you'll pass grade 9 English one day.
  3. I would be pissed if we let Tanev go to only panic afterwards and sign Barrie to make up for losing the Tanman. Didn't like the Holtby signing. I didnt like the Erikkson and Sutter signings but his drafting has made up for those blunders and bought him some grace. Barrie instead of Tanev would dip back into wth are you doing Benning! S Ill wait and see what we end up with but so far, not happy this offseason..
  4. I bet you can't eat just one... Hate that guy
  5. I might have my playoff blinders on but in the most crucial and pressure situation, he showed the world what he can do. Shouldn't we be more confident with him during reg season? I dont see him as a one hit wonder as his pedigree has been phenomenal at every stage and he stepped up and played lights out during the toughest moment in NHL playoff hockey. I just don't see him regressing to a non starter calibre player
  6. Did we need holtby at 4.3m? Could Demko have been the starter this year with a lower cap hit backup who is a clear backup?
  7. I have a place in Summerlin which is where the practice facility is and a lot of players live in the community. I don't think it's just hype. I see tons of Knights license plates, t shirts, jerseys hats etc. It's not only the on ice product that is attractive but their immersion into the community that have won the people's hearts. The fact that every practice (pre Covid) is free and open to the general public (filled with fans) and players stay after for autographs and pictures means a lot to the city. People with money go to the games. Casinos have season tickets for their patrons. There's always millions of visitors that want to watch their team while in Vegas . Families that want to experience hockey can always go to practices. Vegas knights arent dying... There may be more empty seats but I think the same can be said of any team besides Toronto and Mtl. Out of the US cities, they are in great shape.
  8. I am an avid Canucks fan but not an avid hockey fan. With 2 kids, it's hard to find time to watch sports other than the Canucks. What happened in the Stars Knights series? How the hell did they win 4-1? The Canucks played a defensive style and got shelled every game where all we could manage to do was get the puck out of our zone only to defend again. I know we have a great team that's up and coming but after seeing us treading water for 7 games to finally lose, I thought, Vegas would roll over Dallas. I saw the shot count pretty much even in the series. Nothing like the 2-1 shot count domination in our series. Were the Knights tired from our round or did Dallas have a different game plan? What was the difference / keys to their success? I feel like we have a better team than Dallas? I feel like we have good team speed, decent size etc but Vegas was literally faster abd bigger than us. Many times, all the defender could do was protect themselves on the endboards on puck retrieval and just try their best to flp it out with no counterattack or breakout to even think about. How did Dallas escape the forecheck?
  9. If Virtanen wants to stay in his home town, i think he's gotta visit JB at the office and beg for a 1 year show me contract and then go into beast mode for off season training and show up at camp in the best shape of his life. If he doesn't, he'll most likely be traded. I guess we'll see how much he 1) wants to stay in Vancouver 2) wants to be a star player Look at our boy Tony. Growing up in Richmond and signing a contract with the Canucks was probably a childhood dream. If only he had Jake's size and speed....
  10. I thought Benning was just being transparent. He usually is pretty honest. My guess is that Benning knows Jake's value so he won't give him away but will trade him if the right deal comes along. I think he's being honest on his assessment of Jake these playoffs but also knows Jake's potential. I think if Jake does get traded, it'll be a fair hockey trade. I don't see him being used as a salary dump.
  11. He wasn't mismanaged. His stock began to go down in his final season in the WHL on the Hitmen and further dropped at the World Juniors. He hasnt lived up to draft status but if he signs a cheap contract and grinds it out on bottom 6, he can still be a valuable piece to a championship team. I think at this point, best case scenario ia a Raffi Torres type player. He too never reached his high draft status potential but learned to stay in the league by playing bottom 6. Jake is definitely an NHLer. Question is whether he can ever become top 6.
  12. I've cheered my heart out and hoped our guys would win. Now that series is over, let's look at this objectively. Are we actually a contender? I don't want us to pull a flames after they beat us in the first round several years ago and started adding players when they weren't quite there and now they are in a huge mess. Vegas ran us out of the rink last night and Demko made sublime saves to keep us in it. The same story for pretty much the entire series. Did we get lucky by even going 7 games? If we were to redo the series, would it still go 7 or would the bounces not go our way and would this be done in 4 or 5? While proud of our team, the gap between vegas and us were a lot bigger in my opinion and a 1 goal difference in the 3rd period of game 7 didn't tell the full story.
  13. So here's a question. Bieksa brought this up. All the canucks could do was defend and try holding off their forecheck and then finally chip the puck out and line change because they're gassed. Put This sequence on repeat the entire game. How do you beat their forecheck? Their forwards are big and fast and get to the end board nearly at the same time as our dmen. All our guys could do is protect the puck and themselves on puck retrieval and then end up in a board battle and then chase the puck and defend the front of the net and then chip out the puck. There wasn't enough time to do anything else like make a play. How do you beat a super aggressive forecheck? I give props to Vegas. They play good hockey. Is our d too slow? Too small? So we need better forwards that can help these battles? What are the glaring changes needed? It's hard to say for me because they seemed to just go into a shell and protect and clear puck so i dont know what needs fixing because i dont know what the weak link is.