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  1. You are absolutely correct. For me at least, I think a good analogy is that we are like the tiger parents of the Canucks. All the points you made are absolutely valid. To come back from a pretty crazy roadtrip to start the year 3-2-1 is really good especially with all the offseason changes and our best player and top line not playing like it. . I think we have an amazing team this year. I've stated many times that this is my 3rd favorite version of the Canucks since the early 90s. That's how talented I think this group is. That being said, why are we being so hard on this team and the management? For me, it's because I know how close we are to being a contender. Should losing Gadj and Juolevi and demoting Lockwood and having a statioanry PP and soft as butter PK be the reason for me to freak out while resutls are still decent? Probably not. But when I feel like this team is on the cusp of something really great, to have moves that seem backwards is highly agitating. An example outside of hockey would be a coach coaching 2 teams. One is really crappy and in the rebuilding phase. Is a coach going to scream and spazz at those guys for not playing at a high level? I sure hope not. On the other hand, the 2nd team has rebuilt and has a lot of really great pieces and looking to make that push to being a contending team? Will more be demanded of them and will they be held accountable and viewed more critically? I would think so? When our team was full of Megna, Chaput, Dalpe, etc, did I expect WIllie D to turn water into wine? No, I didn't care as much. This team is different and we expect more. Deficiencies that are evident should be looked at despite our road record because at the end of the day, even though perfection is impossible, we should still be in pursuit of it and working every day to improve. When we do, I think the world will be shocked at how good the Canucks are.
  2. So true lol It's good for the league if Seattle wins their home opener. While it would be pretty diabolical to put the Canucks on a 6 game road trip and then use them as fodder for Seattle's home opener, I'm guessing it's more so the north south border rivalry they wanted to start and the fact Canucks weren't projected to be a good team this year helped the cause.
  3. That would make sense lol. Still makes me sick that we went with guys like Petan, Chiasson, Highmore, Dowling, Schenn and Hunt over Gadj, Lockwood and Juolevi. Who knows though, if that move produces an extra 2-3 pts over an 82 game season and we make the playoffs because of it, would we say that was the right move? Think about the other side of it, what would it do to the team when looking at a bigger picture if we miss the playoffs this year.
  4. Bad look on Benning or Green? Bad look on Benning is potentially hiring and trusting Green to properly use the tools that JB provided. Once JB meddles in player ice time, deployment etc, he is effectively making Green a lame duck coach and it becomes a toxic relationship. Part of being a good manager is having confidence in your staff and empowering your employees even at the risk of getting fired for their decisions. I believe JB is doing the right thing. We can question his hiring of TG but once hired, the right thing is to let the guy you hired, do their job.
  5. The distinction is skill. Motte has the capability to chip in with some offense but those are plays off the rush where you take a loose puck and drive to the net and pot one (like his goals during playoffs) Garland's offense is generated with his skill where he stick handles and shakes a check and then finds an open man or he finds open ice and shoots.
  6. Yeah they would need to utilize that capspace properly and get equivalent calibre players to OEL and Garland for that capspace to matter
  7. Ah I see... Is Gadj the extra forward while others are filling in for injuries? Could he hit the waivers soon?
  8. Yeah but when looking at someone like pool party, Edmonton didn't cave and now has a productive top 6 winger. Prospects who haven't done anything in this league should not be calling the shots.
  9. Yeah the players don't tank, management does. Waive Gadjovich for Petan and Chiasson, trade Juolevi for Lammikko etc. Joking. I kid I kid. JB is all in on making playoffs this year
  10. I heard Gadj finally joined the team today for practice... Is that true? Seems like a really long time for visa?
  11. He scored the game winner tonight That's 3 goals already... Hopefully we didn't end up giving SJ two top 6 players virtually for free...
  12. Holy crap. How did that happen in only 4 games? JP Barry is so mad right now. Hughes should have been the bridge and Petey the long term...
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