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  1. I'd be good with Petey long term but Hughes needs a show me bridge deal.
  2. It's so easy to critique. So for 2.5m, which RD UFA would you have rather signed this summer? It'll be interesting to compare that player to Poolman this season. I'm not only talking about points. I'm talking about an RD that fits the team needs. Any better options?
  3. We don't know why Linden left. Was it beef with Benning or was it ownership? Did ownership want to speed up the rebuild when Trevor wanted to sell and add more draft picks? Who is Benning going to listen to? The owner or linden? As for Brackett, losing him hurt but we'll see what we got in Danila soon. Did Benning and Brackett not see eye to eye or did Brackett move to advance his career as there wasn't room in Vancouver? It's funny that you pinned Linden and Brackett leaving on Benning when we have no idea what actually happened.
  4. Who's to say they don't already use that info? If Benning has time and time again vetoed everything his staff had advised and went rogue and made his own moves that backfired, I'm pretty sure he would not have been re-signed. Aqualini's aren't stupid. The Canucks do have pro scouts. Hard to say whether he listened to or didn't listen to his staff when we aren't in the inner circle of the organization. All I know is, I like where the team is trending. I like how Benning fixes his (and his staff's) mistakes. I like how he knows who he wants and goes after it.
  5. Hey I didn't like Sutter under his old contract. Foundational or not, I don't think he was worth it. At 1m though, how can anyone complain? He will outplay that contract easily.
  6. I understand what you are saying. It's same team because the names on the roster didn't change. What we don't know is, how much will our guys improve? Will Hughes figure out his 2 way game and be a 60pt defensemen with a +25 and be a Norris candidate? Well Pettersson fill out and be Forsberg 2.0? Well Boeser have a shot at the Rocket Richard? If these things happen and our guys continue to develop, it's the same names on the roster but a much better team. We can't look at this team for what is is now and think the growth will stagnate and
  7. I just don't know why it has to come down to playing chicken with your 2 franchise players. It doesn't seem like JB to lowball his guys. Also Petey and Hughes hired Barry to get the best contract done. This means to also trust him when he says not to sign yet as he can get better. That's like Aqualini hiring JB and then forcing and vetoing trades. You trust the ppl you hire and Aqualini initially faced a lot of backlash for that. Players hire agents for a reason. Yes players are the boss but why hire an agent if you're not going to listen and sign for less?
  8. I guess what you are concerned about is whether Hughes Boeser Horvat Petterson will be superstars in the league as the bulk of our cap is going to them and we need them to be better than other team's superstars to have a chance. Demko. Is on a good contract. We will have Podz and Hogz on ELC Will Gadj, Lockwood be contributing? Is Juolevi gonna take the next step? Will OEL get his game back? I think we still have options to improve if. Somethings don't go as planned. OEL contract is buyout friendly etc
  9. I think this is true but I like that in a GM. He sees a player and thinks of him as a great player and goes after him and is willing to pay a bit higher than market value to secure him. (he hasn't gone like crazy over market value but enough to get.the player he wants) It's the same gumption that allows him to pick Petterson at 5, or Hughes at 7. It's why he traded Vanek for Motte (even though I was like wtf at the time) That's why he traded a first for Miller. I don't think those were all no brainers. There was risk in it. (just like the OEL trade) JB is betting
  10. That's a good point. I was not a fan of Benn but if we gave him 2m, Poolman's 2.5 looks like money better spent. I honestly don't know much about Poolman but someone posted a link to his analytics here when paired with Morrissey and it looks like he was the defensive stalwart of the pair. I find that some people here (including myself at times) follow the herd when we don't know much about a player. Instead of getting to know the player, we regurgitate what we hear and the situation perpetuates and grow larger where unknown player becomes a crappy signing
  11. I don't know much about shaw's background but he is being touted like he's one of the biggest factors in improvement this season. What has he done previously to get this kind of recognition? Also interesting to see how Shaw and Baumer will work together. I don't see baumer being redundant but more of a supplemental coach to aiding our defense to help them understand what Shaw wants them to do...
  12. I guess he can with Petey and Hughes having the same agent. That being said, he hasn't signed Juolevi or Dickinson maybe just in case?
  13. Totally agreed. JB worked his butt off to finally clear capspace. He's gotta spend wisely going forward. We've seen the financial model of 2 or 3 highly paid players not working. Edmonton, Toronto are examples of poor balanced teams due to tying up capspace on a couple of superstars. There is no denying those players are superstars but the end result is an early playoff exit. In our case, it's not even 100% whether Petey and Hughes will be at that elite level . I would like to see a bridge contract so they can prove it OR a long term cap friendly contract.
  14. Yeah, I'm just saying, the decision by the Bruins to not offer a 5.75m (Hamilton) contract and trading him for a first and 2 2nds is pretty telling that they didn't see enough value in him. Also, you can call the flames hurricanes trade a hockey trade but the question still begs, why would the flames trade a future franchise D man? As for the Hurricanes, why couldn't or didn't they re-sign him? He has yet to re-sign with the same team in his career. I honestly don't know what some people see in Hamilton to think he's actually worth 9m per season for the next 7 years. Th
  15. Here in Cgy, there's some "rumors" about him and his inability to fit in. I didn't want to go into a grey area so I'll leave it at that. I don't agree with it and don't think it's right but it is what it is.... Also if he's your future franchise D-man, you're gonna trade him in fear he's gonna get an offer sheet when all it took was 5.75? I pray that someone offers Hughes 5.75 in a flat cap era... (so we can quickly match)
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