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  1. I almost feel like every goalie knows that Pete's one timer on the PP is heading for top corner (because he's so accurate) so I see goalies lunge across without even looking and make sure they cover that corner. The defenseman takes angle to block shot to far side of net and cross crease pass. Maybe Peteys gotta one touch pass back to Hughes who might have a better angle for a while before he starts shooting again... The main reason we have a problem is pretty much on Newell Brown. The PP is too stagnant and there is no movement which makes it easier to defend. We need to make the opposing defense move around on switches, get caught out of position etc but Becuase we lack movement, we dont cause this. Hughes is usually good at making a move at the line and catching someone out of position but the problem is, after he makes the pass, we slow it down again and let the defense reset instead of having them run around. Maybe the answer is to shoot quicker once Hughes makes his first move.
  2. Thanks Vintage. Wow after 20+ years of watching hockey, I learned something today They noted Holtby was in the starter's net today... OOOh the suspense
  3. what does this mean? So funny how every comment makes you think and infer...and imagine...
  4. I wonder if the dip in PK can be attributed to the loss of Tanev. He is an amazing shot blocker and a solid dman
  5. It's a short season and every team is in the same boat. I think Canucks may have come in on a high after last playoffs and focus and preparation wise arent where they need to be. The last 2 games were a wakeup call We'l lsee how they respond tonight
  6. Yes, no way your'e going to win if you lose the special teams battle this badly.
  7. Well we did have Cooke and Ruutu ad I did love those guys.. And Kesler and Burrows...
  8. So far, the entire team looks lethargic. Let's not single him out. He's a solid d-man but not elite. You can't expect him to keep the line afloat when there's 4 other guys on the ice not doing much either. Along with the fact he hasnt played hockey since march and then all of a sudden jumped into a reg season NHL game. It's a condensed schedule. He's been skating with the team for like 1 week now. I think the true judgment will come when the team starts getting back on track. Will he be a positive addition or will he be a weak link? I think I see him as the former than the latter. Once we see this team play as a 5 man unit, I think we'll see him as a dependable solid d-man. For the record, I really like Fantenburg and wish we kept him over Benn
  9. I agree with this. We aren't a contender this year. Is there a reason to sign Toffoli and tie up roster positions when we have hog and podz coming up? Once that happens, Jake will be 3rd line or maybe even traded.
  10. While they haven't played like it, I think the Canucks have a better team this year. Toffoli is a loss but in reality, he barely played for us due to injury. All the other players we've lost that you mentioned, we've upgraded. Add to that, the young core is a year older after that invaluable playoff experience, I expect more from this team.
  11. Funny. I was against the Holtby signing after watching Demko's sublime playoff performance. Not to say I lost confidence in Demko but maybe JB knows what he is doing by bringing in a solid vet who is a team player.
  12. Or it could be that McDavid is actually that good and fast that defenders need to back up or they would get turnstiled and caught flat footed. Any less of a gap there and I would say there's a pretty high probability that McDavid could have taken Edler through an outside rush and cut in as well. Sometimes you are met with a dominant player who is just flat out better than you. No insult to Edler there. McDavid is arguably the best player in the world right now. I think the unfortunate part was that Edler missed the puck with the sweep of his stick by about half a foot which would have knocked the puck off McDavid's stick.
  13. Are we merging gdt and pgt in one thread this year? I preferred it being separated because I don't normally go to GDT during the game and sometimes go to pgt the next day but now I have to sift through everything to find the point where the game ends and the pgt talk starts.
  14. I thought he was ok. I just burst out laughing when I heard that Yamamoto call. It was too over the top. Great announcers get excited as the play develops and climaxes at the goal where there is energy. That Yamamoto call was trying too hard and manufactured.