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  1. LOL I didn't agree with you previously but these last 2 moves are starting to make me worry we are seeing a repetitive behaviour. I was hoping all the bad signings and moves would be behind him now that we have a good young core.
  2. I'm a pretty big Benning supporter but Pearson contract and this trade back to back is not helping.... I didn't have high hopes for Gaudette and best case scenario was a 3rd C but his defensive play and faceoff skills were lacking. I'm hoping for a Motte type situation to change my mind on this move but at first glance, I'm not a fan. I guess the question is, was Gaudette a 3rd or even a 4th line C on a cup calibre team? Probably not. So maybe they don't want to keep going down this path whereas Pearson can be a 3rs or even 4th liner on a contender...
  3. Maybe it is time to start tying up Benning's hands... In the past year Positives- Hamonic and Demko contracts Negatives - Holtby, Pearson and now this trade... Demko contract, even I probably could have done.
  4. Thank God. If JB protects him, I might have to cross over to the other side
  5. Hold on, we have to protect him at the expansion draft? At what? The expense of Jake, Gaudette, Motte or Macewan? His salary and term is long enough that he didn't need protection... Wtf?
  6. I'm a Benning supporter but it's signings like this that makes me think otherwise... We have Horvat, Boeser, Petey, Hogs, Miller and Pearson in top 6. We have Podz coming in. Even if Podz doesn't immediately come and displace Pearson in the top 6, signing him to anything over 2.5 is asinine. To give him a 3 year contract for a future bottom 6 (only a matter of time) is insane...
  7. I think it's really shameful of the media to suck up the the league. There was a leaked Colin Campbell email many years back where he was emailing the referees. I believe he referred to a player as a little fake artist and his email was written in such a way that it showed his bias. Now imagine you are a a manager and you receive an email from your boss that is clearly written with intent on what he wants to see or how he wants certain employees to be treated. What would you do? If you want to keep your job, you do what he says. This should h
  8. So is there any word on when the Canucks play again? Can we wait for our players to get better or do we need to dress the comets?
  9. We already had a break...JV is ill too I heard We needed a break early in the season not now after a 1 week layoff... Jeez Adam...
  10. LOL yes that was a rant. I'm good now
  11. I think it's complete BS that Mtl hasn't played since Toffoli got injured. Imagine our entire team had the time off since Pete's injury? What is the protocol for covid and teams not playing? Shouldn't they dress whoever they can dress? Why did we play when Miller and Benn had it? My hope is that they don't extend the season but jam all the missed games into the same schedule end date. If they don't finish the season and calculate playoffs by win percentage, they better allow play ins again
  12. Stech is all heart but I agree with letting him go. Much like Hughes, he had to be paired with someone else who can make up for his lack of size. We can't have 2 of those on our back end.
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