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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Why aren't we playing a high pressure game against a young team who are prone to making mistakes. We had 2 full days off to rest, practice, and strategize and get ready for this game. If it was a second night of back to back, maybe there's an excuse but absolutely no excuse for what we saw last night. The game yesterday should have revolved around pressuring their defence yet all TG could comment was that they've got a fast team over there. Well yeah they look fast because you don't put them in though situations and let them skate or pass the puck up ice going full speed. Bieksa said it best. We are a fun team to play against. If that was Tampa or a championship calibre team, we might say it's not that we let them skate but that Tampa is a good team with better players. What's the excuse for yesterday? Only thing I can think of is, team for whatever reason wasn't sharp last night. We were only 3 games in. Why is there already complacency this early in the season when we underachieved last year? We learned that this team can't take any games for granted so what is going on?
  2. Coach Cam in the house! How a regular fan can set the lines better than the coach is beyond me... I agree. I wanted Juolevi but even Bowey showed better than Schenn and Hunt. I liked Hunt pre season by the way. Although I do admit staff was correct on Burroughs. He has been a good surprise.
  3. CoachTG Outcoached Doesn't quite have the same ring as GMMG out GM'd lol
  4. This is the part we as fans don't know. Is it the system or the lack of execution? Bieksa said something interesting last season when dissecting the Canucks PP. He talked up Newell Brown and said he was one of the top PP coaches in the league and pretty much said the poor PP was lack of execution. I don't think we have a bunch of dummies playing for us. If it's lack of execution what is the problem? The players don't know how to make a pass or are they not intelligent enough to follow instructions? I find both hard to believe. We have a skilled fast team and the guys seem intelligent. Is the PP supposed to be stationary or are the coaches telling them to move to certain spaces but Elias is set on standing at the face of circle poised for the one timer despite the coach telling him to skate?
  5. On pk, it's the most passive box I've ever seen. Lately I've seen not even a box but the forwards are in I formation like one lined up behind another and I'm wondering what the hell is going on? Lol And then 5 on 5, our set defence is basically a penalty kill
  6. Great point about Petey waiting for the one timer. Just one game they should use that as the decoy and have OEL just get a shot through (which he is amazing at) and have everyone crash the net. My guess is we'll at least be 25% on the PP that game.
  7. 100% coaching. We're 7 preseason games and 4 reg season games in and our line deployment is all over the place. How do you expect the team to play as a 5 man unit when faces are constantly changing and being shuffled. Last year they used the excuse lots of new faces. This year was even more changes so this tells me they didn't learn a damn thing from last year.
  8. Green's got waiver fomo at the expense of his own home grown prospects... In hindsight, isn't it absolutely awful that we gave up Gadj and the unknown potential for Chiasson's 3 game stint? The kid scored 2 pts in 2 games with very limited time AND put up great numbers in the AHL last year... Or Juolevi traded over Schenn and Hunt only to have Lammikko do what Lockwood probably could have done? It's pretty insane...
  9. The true question mark was 6D and Burroughs has looked really good. I am hoping Jim knows something about the Hamonic situation because we are in pretty good shape if Hamonic comes back at 4D in a pairing with Hughes and Poolman slides down to 5D with Rathbone at 6D and Burroughs as the extra D.
  10. I do agree that the first 3 games were good minus the 2 minute gaffe in Philly. I had no problem with a 1-1-1 record because our play was better than our record. Last game was the first stinker and the frustration is the line deployment. What the heck was a Schenn Hunt pairing?did we even see that in the preseason? I remember Longo's first season with us. Fans were concerned because we were on a losing streak but I wasn't concerned because our play was better than the record showed and we were playing the right way. We didn't play the right way last night and a lot of last season. We shall see if this trend continues
  11. Yeah I do think we are overreacting a bit here. Teams like SJ and Anaheim are above us and we should be able to overtake them However we do need to figure out our line deployment and zone coverage asap if we want to turn this around.
  12. The preseason was a complete waste of time. They made it look like there were spots up for grabs but really there wasn't because roster spots weren't awarded due to merit but by age/experience . If Green wanted to go with vets to ensure playoffs, go ahead but please use the time to get them all on the same page so we come out firing on all cylinders. The results after 4 games has got to be concerning.. I'm quite sure if Gadj Lockwood and Juolevi stayed up this entire time with the team practicing, we'd have similar if not better results. It couldn't get any worse though. Our only win came after our veteran group squandered a 2 goal lead with 2 minutes left and had to be saved in shootout.
  13. I've been a fan for 3 decades. This team is my third favorite iteration Hamonic situation really threw a wrench but in terms of forwards, this was one of the deepest team Ive seen in my 30 years as a fan. With the addition of OEL and Poolman, if Hamonic was playing it would also be one of the top Ds as well. Heading into preseason, this team was really good on paper. The deployment and decision from then onwards is what is driving me bananas. Schenn I've said from the beginning is an 8D. He's too slow to keep up now. There is absolutely no reason he or Hunt should have made the team over Juolevi. We lost Gadj for Chiasson (netfront presence guys) yet we used Chiasson for like 3 games. He went from 1st line to sitting out now. We went with Highmore and Lammikko over Lockwood. Green was saying we didn't hit enough last night. Well yeah, Lockwood never passed up an opportunity to hit. He never backed down to the point he hit Draisatle and had McDavid jump him. In my mind, Green's made his bed and now has to figure it out. He went with vets who supposedly understood systems and brought other assets like PK yet we are still struggling on defensive coverage and PK. He went with the vets over prospects because a strong start was required and he didn't want to risk a slow start by having prospects learn the systems. Yet here we are. Slow start, same problems from last year but now, we don't even have the prospects anymore because they were claimed on waivers or traded for stop gap help like Lammikko. Makes my blood boil lol.
  14. I was a huge TG supporter. Especially during our playoff run 2 years ago. Minni and St Louis, I was so proud of this team including Green. I think he started to lose the room in the Vegas series. We looked good against Minni and St Louis. But something changed against Vegas. The team didn't go down fighting playing their game. They basically deployed a trap game and went into shell mode while Demko stood on his head. TG deployed a strategy he thought would give the best chance for the team to win but no player wants to stand on the ice and be a human shield all series. If I am a star player, I want to be a difference maker and play my game. You think the team doesn't know who played well in camp vs who made it out of camp? All these moves result in apathy and Green's gotta do something to regain trust in his room. There is a trust gap between coaching staff and the team.
  15. This is what I'm so pissed off about. We lost Gadj, Juolevi and sent Lockwood to the minors in favor of vets who supposedly understand systems and are able to PK. Our PK looks dismal. Our D zone coverage looks like mayhem. Did Schenn and Hunt really do a better job than Juolevi? Did Lammikko do a better job than Gadj? Did Highmore do a better job than Lockwood? Would we have done worse than 5-2 with Juolevi, Gadj and Lockwood in the line up last night? I personally think Green dug his own grave by going with his choice of vets over our own prospects who showed well at camp. If prospects played last night, he'd probably put them in the pressbox next game but what does he do now?
  16. I'm frustrated because we lost OJ and Gadj, sent down Lockwood and went with veterans Chiasson, Hunt, Dowling, Lammikko, Schenn because we wanted responsible 2 way play who understood "systems". Why in the hell does it look like a tire fire every time in our zone then? I thought we went with guys that can PK but why does our PK look terrible? Is it the players or the coach? If we are gonna lose to Det and get blown out in Buffalo, wouldn't we rather see Gadj, Juolevi and Lockwood over Dowling, Lammikko, Schenn?
  17. 2 straight 8-0 losses could mean what else? No team in the NHL is bad enough to lose that way.
  18. Are you Aqualini or Benning? How are you certain? If they lose the next 2 games 8-0, that means the team isn't even trying or playing to get the coach fired. You really think ownership will let things be if players clearly don't care and not play?
  19. Wow, first time he's called out his guys since I can remember
  20. Do they pull a Gallant and leave Green in Buffalo? I think he has the next 2 games to sort it out
  21. It really is. Canucks aren't good enough to dig themselves out of a 1-4-1 hole to begin the season. They really should be giving it their all every game because they really can't afford not to. I do question the lineup tonight. Canucks deserved better in Det and had a good game. Should have rolled same lineup + hunt in for Hughes. I would have gone OEL Myers Rathbone Poolman Hunt Burroughs Petey needs to wake up Boeser had a much stronger game than Petey tonight.
  22. Gonna chalk this up to Canucks being disinterested and half assed. Green needs to get this team prepared. Hoping for better shows in Chicago and Seattle. If they can't get up for those games either, Green's gonna be under heavy pressure. No way you should lose games in Det and Buffalo back to back in regulation.
  23. Such a disappointing game. I was looking forward to this game since Det...
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