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  1. They are not in the same boat. So much worse. They signed our aging vets who are key players in their lineup. Their young guys are mediocre. Our young core are the key players on our team and we are waiting for aging vet contract to expire in 1-2 seasons
  2. You had me (not fully agreeing but open to what you are saying) until saying that you think this is his least year in the NHL...
  3. His balance and strength on his skates for his size is insane. High motor, compete level, skating, hockey iq is all there. High hopes for this kid. If Podz is just as good or better, we're in great shape.
  4. LOL I just rewatched the final few minutes. Hogs last shift ended with 2:37 left in which there was a whistle. Horvat line then came on and played until there was 1:31 left and whistle blew on an offside. Winnipeg then took a time out. At this point, with 2 whistles and a timeout, 3 minutes have elapsed (in real time not game time) since Hogs left the ice. Horvat line has been out for a full minute and 6 seconds until this point. Guess which line starts after the timeout? Horvat line for the remainder of the game. So there you have it, Horvat Pearson and Highmore stay
  5. I actually agree with you. I felt like if the Canucks weren't caught out on the ice for that long, we would have seen Hogs. I think Green wanted to give him the last shift of the game but that never happened as we kept icing it. I'll try to find a shift chart and see when Hogs took his last shift VS how many shift changes occurred with the goalie pulled.
  6. I see all this Myers hate this season but Schmidt has come out of this season relatively unscathed. Is he that much better than Myers? I see him make bad reads, turn pucks over etc but I keep telling myself that he's a good defensemen and will play like his old Vegas self. Am I the only one? The pairing of Schmidt Edler was a disaster tonight. Were they playing Winnipeg's top line that gave our other D pairings easier matchups?
  7. So next year we know Juolevi Rathbone and Hughes will play. So will myers and Schmidt. Hamonic hopefully comes back. Do they re-sign Edler?
  8. Maybe theyll get mixed up and think we're in the playoffs too?
  9. I had to take a break from this team for about 5 games I came back to watch my first full game in a while. We are lucky that Rathbone, Hughes, Podz and Hogs are exempt. Thats 2 future top 4 d-man and 2 top 6 wingers exempt I was scare of losing guys like Motte, Gaudette, Virtanen, MacEwan etc but it looks like Motte is realistically the only threat we're good on D too protecting Juloevi, Schmidt and Myers Holty is the obvious choice to expose At the end of the day, the expansion draft wont affect us much. Motte might hurt a bit
  10. It would hurt to lose Motte. He does get injured often but its because he plays such a hard game and always goes full out. I really do hope they take Holtby
  11. Do you think they are thinikng of not protecting him at the entry draft and want to limit his exposure? I have no clue either...
  12. Also Green wtf, Play Hogs when their net is empty. The kid is a puck hound. He wouldn't have been a defensive liability
  13. Hogs has been unreal . Man if Podz is the real deal, that draft was a home run. Rathbone looks solid out there. That PP1 with Him and Hughes looked legit. Boes looks good. Micahelis and Highmore had ok games. Rest of bottom 6 not so much MacEwan needs to do more. Didnt notice Graovac too much. I dont see Vesey sticking The good news is, our best players are our young guys and vet salaries will be disappearing soon
  14. I know playing kids is a good thing but who out of the kids is a expansion draft risk if they show well? If I was Seattle, I would rather round out my roster by grabbing NHL players from other teams and poaching one of our prospects for the future
  15. I am on team Tryamkin Diamond on this one. Think about this. They have been saying for a while now that Tryamkin wants to come back to the NHL. This is while he is signed and playing for a team in the KHL. Benning supporters (I am usually one) are saying this was a leverage move and his intent was to sign in the KHL all this time... What was there to gain by doing this? Alienate yourself in your current employment by having your coworkers know that you are looking to jump ship as soon as the year is over? Have your bosses be angry that you are quitting in a few m
  16. Wow that's thinking outside the box splitting up Millsy and Petey. That actually could work and if Bo is on 3rd line, having Pearson on his wing on a matchup role/line could work. Boeser Petey Hog Miller Pearson Horvat Players that could potentially slot in into the 3 lines Podz, Lind, JV, Man we really miss Toffoli here... I see Podz in a second line role but we need a top line winger...
  17. Do you think he'll be playing in a top 6 role in 3 years when we are in the playoffs? I'm actually curious. I see him playing in a 3rd line role at that point putting up 25-30 pts.
  18. That's why for me, I didn't understand the Pearson signing dollars and term... I thought we were past that... Either go for a legit bonafide top 6 (Toffoli) or fill it internally. Don't do this in between stuff.
  19. Personally, I'd be ecstatic if we won the cup this year but it would be different than a regular 82 game season in a regular division. This year is a special circumstance. We saw how the scheduling affected certain teams. We saw how covid dessimated this team. All I am saying is that missing the playoffs this year is ok by me. I'd rather this year than next
  20. I see... He left the Canucks and then came back. Point is, our PP has looked stale for a while now
  21. I don't see what the risk is in firing Newell Brown and hiring someone else. Could it be worse? Is it worth a shot? Guys like Bieksa have commented that Brown is an excellent PP coach and the players aren't executing. Problem is, I haven't seen success on the PP since 2011 and that even dried up in the finals. If our guys haven't executed in nearly a decade, we either need new guys or a new coach
  22. Only saw last part of 3rd but Hogs was flying out there tonight. Hughes looked good too. So did Myers. If we were going to miss the playoffs and crap the bed, this covid year was a great year to do it. (Esp with Petey out) 1)High draft pick 2) we don't have to suffer through a losing 82 game season. 3) Stanley Cup will have an asterisk. 4)Youth got some games in I'm really excited about next year. I think this shows management we don't need overpriced vets on bottom 6
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