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  1. 6-3 Canucks Hoglander Canucks score first
  2. 4-3 Canucks Horvat No, McDavid on the board
  3. Will do. Thank you for updating the leader board and for all your hard work on this Contest .
  4. The two versions are completely necessary for contrast. I wish the new Stick and Rink shoulder patch had the same treatment. Looks great on home jersey but peaks at passable on the road counterpart.
  5. I should be at 14 points . Picked the winner and the team that scored first. Anyhow... Canucks: 4 Toffolies: 3 Miller GWG
  6. 3-2 Canucks Horvat Canucks score first
  7. Johnny Canuck fanboys make me want to cheer for a different team all-together... Most obnoxious trolls I've ever encountered on a message board, bar none.
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