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  1. We are in the middle of the offseason. The players only getting paid during the regular season. So, at the moment it's not relevant.
  2. Amount of cash in the hands of Canadians actually increased dramatically during the pandemic. Partially, due to lack of spending on travel and entertainment. There are multiple economic reports on this. I don't anticipate Financials being an issue for ticket buyers. Those who can't afford 5K for 2 tickets now were in the exact same boat pre-pandemic - they couldn't afford it back then either. At the same time, 5K for 2 tickets seems like an upper bowl pricing (if it's a full season package).
  3. I can relate to that. We work with governments of multiple countries and certain level of incompetence within their internal resources exists everywhere. You just have to put proper contingencies in place.
  4. I'm not comparing my business to the Canucks. I'm just saying that if planning doesn't take into account the people who will be executing the plan - it's not good planning. Pure academic.
  5. Now, this is funny. I only own a successful business for 20+ years, but I guess I’ve never been in management lol. Perhaps, as a manager, you are hiring wrong people to accomplish your plans. Or you don’t provide adequate training to people, tasked with implementing your plans. And after your plans fail, you find a scapegoat in a poor employee who was never properly equipped to carry out your plan. Completely ignoring the real root cause of an issue. Carry on.
  6. Which means, it wasn’t properly planned. Good plan should account for the individuals that will try to implement it.
  7. Any plan is only as good as the result of its execution. If the execution fails - the plan wasn’t good. Just ask Karl Marx.
  8. Just read his interview in Russian from the link above. The guy is very humble and say all the right things. Here’s the Google translation of the interview (pretty good translation quality) - https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://sport24.ru/news/hockey/2021-05-31-intervyu-vasiliy-podkolzina-kontrakt-s-vankuverom-nkhl-ska-sbornaya-rossii-chm-2021
  9. I have 23 year old daughter. She might want to date him lol.
  10. Russian speaking community in Vancouver is much bigger these days than it was even 20 years ago. In the worst case scenario, @Stierlitz or I can help him with translation lol
  11. ok, so you are grasping at the straws now, typical basher...
  12. Criticism can be constructive and destructive. Part of destructive criticism is a non stop continued repetition of the same point of view. Destructive criticism never helped anyone.
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