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  1. Fair, but how often is Brock used in that role in games? Petey scored a lot more on the power play from the right hash marks compared to Brock's scoring on the power play from the left hash marks. For some reason he's not fed one-timers as often as Petey.
  2. Think about long term implications of having such a player on the payroll, beyond this season.
  3. Just imagine the power play with Pettersson on the right side and Klimovich on the left side as 2 trigger men :-)
  4. Exactly. Also, watch Danila play left side on the power play during the U18 World Juniors when he scored all those goals.
  5. Precisely what I said earlier :-)
  6. His father is a wrestler and he was the first one coaching his kid to shoot. There's a great interview with his father in Russian on one of the Belarussian sites (https://hockey.by/news/intervyu/news147460.html), where he recalls 11 year old Danila was practicing his shot on an open rink when downpour started, yet Danila kept on shooting and his father actually gave up first. Work ethic!
  7. They actually brought another forward from Belarus into the same position, Daniil Bourosh (https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/619376/daniil-bourosh), so if Danila was to be assigned to them, they would have to trade that kid (due to the number of imports, with them already having one more European player). Now they realize that Danila most likely is not going to them, so they are trying to get something for him.
  8. Perfect example of "no matter what the reality is, I'll stick to me guns to the end"...
  9. That’s KlimOvie-like shot :-)
  10. AHL site still not updated with the shootout info. Was DiGiuseppe the only scorer? Was Klimovich one of the shooters?
  11. AHL TV has free games the first weekend. It has a little bit of delay, as it seems like start of the broadcast is taking some time. Once it catches up, the stream is good. It also might have been Bakersfield arena issue last night. Today's game should still be free.
  12. He’s unhappy about the loss
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