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  1. Vesey? Jasek? Focht? We don’t have a straight forward answer there but defensive centres usually take longer to develop and come out of the left field since they’re not putting up tons of points leading up to their promotion. Edit: but I do agree that we definitely need one of Beagle or Sutter to stay. Sutter looks like a better bet, just a question on if he’ll take a big paycut to stay.
  2. I wouldn’t consider Hughes at 6.75 mil a good deal. We can agree to disagree on that one but to me he’s maybe a shade better then Sergachev and about a shade under MacAvoy. Those are 4.8 mil and 5.5 mil (correct me if I’m wrong on MacAvoy’s number)
  3. F’n hey, that’s a nice little bonus if he can hang in the AHL. He’s supposed to be spending another year in the OHL.
  4. It's not even that, it's the fact that almost our entire team was sick. With the other teams they only had a handful of guys, right?
  5. That's kind of a rude welcome to a brand new member.
  6. Hmmm, you think that Elias would sign an offer sheet to go live in Buffalo for 5 years? I'm not sure about that.
  7. Barzal got 7 mil... Elias shouldn't be getting more then 7.5/year. Quinn has really disappointed me this year... he's really not playing like a 5 mil/year d-man this year but we've all witnessed the magic last year so he'll probably squeeze out 6 mil/year. Yes, Benning's playing 4D chess here.
  8. I would argue that he has changed, since signing Tyler Myers. I don't consider Pearson's 3.25 mil/year contract to be outrageously overpriced like some of our fans. Anyways, you might be right but I feel like we've seen a change in Jim over the last calendar year.
  9. Exactly, but it keeps getting parroted by everyone that has an axe to grind with Jim Benning as it's the easiest argument against what he's done.
  10. I’d argue that our top 6 was a bigger issue. Elias’ lines were getting dominated for most of the season.
  11. Thanks homie! That’s the guy I was trying to think of!
  12. I was listening to an interview with an independent amateur scout who was talking about the importance, not just this year, but in general to have a good video team that supplied footage on all the players.... It got me thinking, who was that dude that used to post all the Canucks' prospects videos back in the day, that actually ended up being hired by the Canucks to be their video scout or some title like that? Can anyone help me here? @SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME ?
  13. Is Sillinger the son of Mike Sillinger, the former NHLer? Anyways I don't think that we'll be drafting 4th overall. We're probably going to finish 8th or 9th from the bottom and at that point we're looking at Seattle Kraken jumping us, so we will either draft 1st or 2nd if we win the lottery, or 9th or 10th. As long as we finish in the bottom 9, I'll be happy... all things considered.
  14. Canucks are really well positioned for the future, and it's all thanks to Jim Benning. I'm not sure if he's the guy to take us to the promised land though. I'd like to see Jim Benning have one more draft for us and then I'd be okay with a change. The future is bright, and our Canuck fans are the most dramatic fans I've ever seen. So all is right in the world.
  15. Exactly... we can’t get him signed until May... throw in the quarantine and it’s physically impossible to get him over for some games.
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