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  1. Good signing but let’s not forget that he’s very injury prone.
  2. Great player, big fan of this guy. Him and Sundqvist formed a great third line on their StanleyCup winning team.
  3. He could’ve gotten a contract from 32 NHL teams but I think he wanted his kids to experience living in Europe, in Czech Republic. Think of it this way, they get to become close with David’s side of the family, learn a new language and way of living.
  4. I thought he was pretty good in most games and really bad in three games that ended up being blowouts last year.
  5. Just a little side note: I find it hilarious that Chicago and LA are trying to give their old core one more kick at the can. Their young player groups are average at best.
  6. Haha geez man, do you go out worrying that lightning will strike you?
  7. The only guy that he would stand in front of right now would be Jett Woo, but Schenn and Hamonic are only here for two years and Woo's definitely at least a year away if not two. All of our young d-men have been drafted this year or last year, and d-men take 3-4 years of development. From what I've seen/remember of Poolman, he was an average d-man for Winnipeg. I do like the fact that he's 28, which is on the younger side in terms of defensemen. A little confused myself with the length of the contract, but it does cover what will be his prime years 28-32. Hopeful
  8. @beni Dowling, Di Giuseppi and Bailey account for 2.25 mil or so, and they'll be starting in the AHL most likely. The same goes for Brad Hunt on defense with 0.8 mil. So it's safe to add about 3 million to that 14, meaning that for 17 mil we need to get Elias, Quinn, Dickinson and Juolevi done. Juolevi is looking at less then a million. Dickinson should come in at 3 million max, leaving 13 million between the two big names. 7 x 3 for Elias 6 x 4 for Quinn We get to the floor and once the season starts we are able to take advantage of Mich
  9. Las Vegas .... We will see if he cracks their lineup. Thanks for the writeup! As a side note, Vincent Arseneau is one tough MFer. Looking forward to seeing him with the Comets (ugh why did they call them Canucks and not something else!). I have a couple of different friends that put money down for Abby season tickets so I'll probably get to catch a few games. Looking forward to it!
  10. I really wouldn't be surprised to see Podkolzin starting out as the 13th forward and then being moved to the 4th line. I know that some of our fanbase and media will be jumping off the Lions Gate Bridge if that happens. Edit: furthermore, we've seen that Green likes putting new players and inexperienced players on a line with Sutter because he can help them stay calm on the ice and cover for them defensively.
  11. I wouldn't hold my breath on the RFAs. All the agents are busy with their UFAs during this time. Once all the dust settles, I expect to see the RFAs get back into focus.
  12. 2x7 would be an overpayment IMO although it's tough to judge that on (formerly July 1st) the first day of free agency when all the crazy money gets handed out. Hughes would be looking at 2x5 and Elias would be 6.5x2 IMO. I'd prefer to go 4-5 years with both of them.
  13. Our shutdown pairing will be Myers - OEL. Our defense is average. Our offense looks to be top 10, and Demko - Halak should be a top 10 goalie tandem too. Jet Black Jim has built a great team and the biggest cost has been to Aquaman's wallet. We are in great situation cap wise and Dylan Guenther is the only young player that we lost out on that matters. Now let's get to teaching Edmonton and Calgary a lesson this season.
  14. Hide yo wife hide yo kids Jet Black Jim be out here signin errrbody!
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