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  1. Benning haters and loyalists are stupid terms. I’d be fine with a new GM and I don’t like that we sold low. I don’t mind most of his moves though.
  2. Yes, but Chicago drafted him ... I’m reaching here haha Don’t know how else to explain this move.
  3. I think you have to play Gaudette with excellent defensive forwards otherwise they will be getting hemmed in their zone all day, as we’ve seen here over and over.
  4. You’re bang on. I’m not upset that Gaudette is no longer a Canuck since he just hasn’t showed the ability to play well without being sheltered however.... Come on, Highmore?!? Is this a little roundabout thank you for Chicago giving us Motte?
  5. True, but Demko had never been a starting goaltender in his NHL career, plus he has had two severe concussions and other long term injuries in the past. Murray got 6.25 mil Marky got 6 mil Binnington got 6 mil Jake Allen signed for 2.875 mil but he was acquired in a trade Corey Crawford got 3.9 mil Holtby getting 4.3 mil for only a two year deal was actually a decent bargain and insurance against having Mikey DiPietro as your starting goalie in case of a Demko injury. Easy to say now in hindsight that we didn't need Holtby.
  6. You can't sign either Tanev or Toffoli with 2.55 mil. Tanev got 4.5 million, Toffoli got 4.25 million.
  7. Redditors are on average, 12 year olds... keep that in mind if you're trying to engage in conversations there. Great memes though!
  8. I just did the math and we will have a little bit over 20 million in cap space. Not a big difference, but I think you're missing something in your numbers there.
  9. You coming out of the woodwork to tell me to wear my mask when I'm around you, unsolicited.
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