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  1. You guys have all voted in our election right? The one that actually matters, BC election.
  2. So much fake news out there lately... who knows what was offered. Benning gave up a lot of draft picks this year and wanted to recoup them before Covid threw him for a loop. That's why he was so dead-set against moving any more picks. If you look at the prices paid to dump salary, it was always a pick, or a prospect and a pick. I don't think that anything short of an unprotected 1st rounder next year would let you get rid of Louie. IMO we're two years away from contending so there's no rush.
  3. Anybody else have a feeling that Bruins might just take a pass on the season? Marchand and Pasternak are out for a while to start the year... lots of question marks there.
  4. The best move is to do nothing and use Ferland’s LTIR to deal with the overage this year. No, we don’t need another D and we don’t need more forwards. Juolevi, Rafferty, Chatfield, Sautner, Brisebois, Rathbone. Kole Lind, Bailey, Lukas Jasek, Hoglander. We just need two D and one forward from that group. We are not one or two players away from being a contender but we are two young D and two young forwards away from having a good enough core to become a contender a year or two from now. Let’s see what we got.
  5. What’s happened in the last 10 years that all the dmen are LHD?!?
  6. I hope so too! Gaudette won’t get much more then 1.5... he put up points but was a defensive liability (understandable for a young player) I hope Jake signs a two-three year deal. Leivo maybe if we think that he will fully recovering from shattering his kneecap.
  7. Honestly, that's kind of BS. Everybody that I know says "Oh I was feeling tired, or out of breath, I must've had Covid now thinking back about it." I'm not buying it. Unless you get tested at a legitimate place and they confirm, it could just as likely be mental. And yeah, the fact that an athlete got it doesn't say anything.... it's how hard it impacts you. Sorry to sound jaded @Vanuckles, I guess I am, but don't take it personal!
  8. What about Justin Bailey, Kole Lind or Lukas Jasek instead?
  9. There we have it, definite proof that Nikita’s coming back!
  10. Am I the only one that’s hoping for no more signings on defense? Juolevi Chatfield Brisebois Sautner Rafferty Rathbone That’s A LOT of d-men that are on the verge of proving themselves in the NHL. We may have our next 23 year old Tanev right there but we’ll never find out if we don’t try them out. We’re not going to be an immediate contender this year so what better time to find out what we have?!?
  11. This is spot on. Canucks fans lost their heads it seems when it became apparent that we might have an opening or two for our young guys. This upcoming season is the best opportunity in a while that we’ll have to find out what we have in the following guys: Rafferty, Sautner, Chatfield, Brisebois, Juolevi. That’s a lot of d-men that need to sink or swim and I’d love it if we didn’t add any more veteran dmen. Chances are fairly good that one of them will become the next Tanev or a bigger version of Stecher, but we have to give them a chance.
  12. Great watch as always... almost feel like this would deserve it’s own thread somewhere. Why is no one taking Joni Jurmo?!?
  13. If we signed Ovi Washington Capital fans would declare war on us and send hitmen over! Haha @Pavel the Bure thanks for the interview! I really want to go visit St Petersburg one day, looks amazing!
  14. Really? Jim Benning was asked about Ferland and said that he hadn’t heard anything about him being cleared to practice, and that was last week. Where did these indications come from?