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  1. I listened to the Detroit broadcast and they were very enjoyable to listen to. Very complimentary of our players, showed replayed of Podkolzin's first NHL goal and praised him. Also praised Garland and OEL.
  2. I've never heard Hirsch laugh on air in the three years that I've listened to the radio broadcasts. Trust me, I went in wanting to like Hirsch because he was our former goalie and because of his mental health struggles. Brendan Bachelor does a fine job and Hirsch is just painful to listen to. That's all I'll say from my perspective of probably about 10 games on radio per season, so about 30 games total, plus all his post-game shows.
  3. This is Corey's fourth year of doing colour commentary. He's been doing it on radio since the 2018-19 season.
  4. Oh god, I can't stand Hirsch. You see I catch quite a few broadcasts on radio so I've been subjected to Hirsch for a while now. I absolutely can't stand listening to him. I switched to the Detroit feed halfway through the game and really enjoyed their broadcast, even as a Canuck fan.
  5. Did he really say that? I switched over to the Detroit feed halfway through, much more enjoyable then Hirsch. Skipping Ron McLean was a nice bonus too.
  6. I'm a little bit concerned that when the game got feisty, Elias disappeared and started patting the opposition on the back between whistles. Meanwhile you have Garland trying to drag his team into the fight alone. We outplayed Detroit big time and I'm sure it will happen a few more times where the opposing goalie steals the game. I'm okay with the loss in that sense.
  7. Hopefully now people realize that good PK is every bit as important as a good PP. Our PK doesn't look nearly as good with Motte and Sutter out of the lineup. PS. I love Garland's feistiness. Need more of that, the rest of the team needs more smelling salts.
  8. Anybody else being subjected to a lame McDavid segment? Am I watching the wrong channel?
  9. Isn't more then 10 teams around the league in the same situation?
  10. Anybody else we can loot from those two teams? How's Ilya Lubushkin looking?
  11. Maybe he's working out the work visa issues? I don't think it's a straight forward as people think.
  12. Mathieu Joseph is a dirty rat on the ice. I still remember when he ran around hitting Oilers from behind and head hunting until Lucic told him in no uncertain terms that it was enough.
  13. It's not easy for women in trades until they find a good company/environment. My little cousin is going through a program at BCIT right now where it's only her and 15 other guys in the class. First week in class everyone's being asked what they think about doing a part of the class online as distance education, and when it's her turn she says that she'd prefer to be there in person and get more hands-on experience. Some guy says "I'd like to get my hands on experience with you" to which a few guys laugh to and the instructor does nothing. Then the following week the instructor mentions that she'll have no trouble finding a job because she's a woman and that companies will hire her just based on that fact. She's just trying to fit in and do well in the program but it's challenging. I can tell that these things bothered her because she told me about them a few weeks after they happened, meaning that they were still on her mind. So just to bring it back to the story at hand, trade school institutions have a greater chance of someone like Jack Johnston being employed by them and in a position of authority as opposed to the traditional college/university just because of the tradition. I switched over to trades from the office environment halfway through my working career so far but have been lucky to work with/alongside good people. This lady should've gotten way more then $35,000 as compensation in this case.
  14. Things aren't so black and white. It's not only a voting divide, it also crosses cultures, etc. Not saying that it's not the case in this particular one. Sidenote: this type of talk @thedestroyerofworlds starts leaning into American politics where anything bad is blamed on the other side, it's always us vs them, etc. It's not good and it's not healthy. Look at how far down American politics have sunk to. I'm pretty proud of the fact that the last Canadian election had people talking openly about who they like and despise, and showing respect to each other no matter what.
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