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  1. Sopel and Boynton didn't just speak up this week. They were the only ones that acknowledged it when asked about it, while the rest of the players said they didn't know anything about it. So they didn't wait 11 years for the story to come out to say something. "Not speaking up" is NOT the same as "ignoring it and lying about it".
  2. In the case of a reported sexual assault, the most blame should go to the perpetrator, and then to those that chose to turn a blind eye in the order of importance. So to me, NHLPA is near the top of the list. This is the union that is supposed to look after hockey players and as it's being reported Kyle did reach out to NHLPA at the time. As far as the players on the team, we don't know how much they knew and if they knew Kyle's side of the story or just that something had happened. It's tough to judge them all the same way, but it's sad to hear about homophobic remarks at the time. Think about how fast Colin Kaepernick got shunned from the NFL, now think what would've happened to a 7th defenseman or a depth forward in the NHL if they decided to go against their team and try and sink people in the management. It would've meant that they would never get another job/position in hockey. I'm not saying that it's right, but the public should understand the power dynamic at play here when it comes to other players.
  3. I'll have to agree to disagree. Picks and money will hurt the owner and their fans in the future. Taking away the cup will hurt people from 2010 that were part of the team. Sweeping the sexual assault under the rug 100% helped them win that cup.
  4. As much as I hate the Blackhawks, I don't think that taking away picks from them would be an appropriate punishment. If you want to give out a stiff penalty, you would take away their Stanley Cup from that year. Money and picks are not really an appropriate punishment in this context. Making sure that those involved never work again in the league is more appropriate.
  5. I'll tell you something right now. My close highschool friends were die hard Canucks fans that could afford to go to 1, maybe 2 games per year and would go there to cheer their heads off. Back in 2013-14-15 (don't quote me on the year) they went to a game and were told to be quiet after the 1st period. They calmed down and gradually kept cheering louder and louder and ended up getting kicked out of the game after 2nd period. This similar story then happened the next time that they went. My own experience is similar. I was told to sit down by a couple of fans around me at the Florida game (and I laughed at them). I'm very annoyed that there are people that go to Canucks games and expect to be treated as if they're going to watch a movie. Go Canucks Go!
  6. You are right He's got the long reach and I haven't seen him lose any fights, lots of ties though
  7. Top 3 fighter in the league at the moment.... actually top 5 Lucic Reaves Morin Johnston A player that I'm forgetting
  8. Could it be that a 25 year old player is finally coming into his own? You are putting blinders on when watching Highmore. I think you don't like Benning and just want to be able say that he lost the Gaudette trade? I'm a big Bailey fan and he's another player thats taken until his mid 20s to round into form.
  9. Interesting, I would've tagged Sillinger with a boarding call but the outcome would be the same.
  10. Highmore - Elias - Hoglander That's a sign for Petey to just simplify his game. His wingers will be very easy to play with and you know they'll play hard on every shift. Let's go Petey!
  11. He just needs one to go in for some confidence. We are all forgetting all the posts that he was hitting all of last season too.
  12. Btw Stamkos deserves a one game suspension for his high hit tonight. Didn't like how he leaned in with his shoulder and threw out the chicken wing.
  13. Are you guys watching a different angle here? Sillinger throws the hit that's penalized and then Sillinger is the first one to drop the gloves and keeps throwing punches when Gurianov is on the ice. You have to give Sillinger the extra penalty here otherwise there's no punishment for the original boarding.
  14. This is a funny thread OP. We're watching an entire core that's been drafted outside of Miller and Garland. You will struggle to find more then 2-3 successful teams around the league that have drafted as much of their core. Tampa and Colorado are the only teams that come to mind and those teams were lucky to win the draft lottery. It's a huge difference going from 1st and 2nd overall to 5th and 7th overall. Chances of finding a star player fall off a cliff once you go outside the first couple of picks.
  15. I think that his pro scouting has been getting better. Really liking what I'm seeing out of Motte and Highmore. I actually feel okay with him trading away late round draft picks to acquire prospects that are more sure of a thing. Benning knows very well what the value of a draft pick is.
  16. "If you want to take something simple out of this to remember for the future, it’s that an average draft class produces about 60 NHL players (between 51 and 69), and about 40 of them (between 36 and 49) will go on to play a significant career in the NHL (at least 300 games played). Those numbers are likely lower than what most expected, and they don’t even take the quality of the player into consideration – a Hall of Fame player is worth the same as a fourth line grinder in this analysis." https://dobberprospects.com/2020/05/16/nhl-draft-pick-probabilities/ So from 210 players chosen, about 150 to 170 will not make it as NHL players depending on what your criteria is. To put it another way, you can expect less then 2 players (closer to 1 player) per team out of each NHL draft to play 200 games or more in the NHL.
  17. Yeah I haven't liked our power play at all, no argument there. I'd like to see Garland and OEL moved up to PP1. Maybe it's not fair to take Hughes off PP1 as he has looked good the last two games however OEL just seems more direct to me. I'd prefer to take either Miller or Petey from PP1 and instead of them getting the puck touches, let's see what Garland can do with the puck. Yeah our power play needs a shake up.
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