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  1. A 2 way deal doesn't make him waiver ineligible... only in the ea sports universe.
  2. Better to let him dominate the AHL and then trade him when his value is sky high. As to the proposed trade and value, I'd say a 40 point dman would be worth a lot more than a solid 3rd line center.
  3. Shhhh, his parents haven't told him about that yet!!!! What's next? You going to rat out the Easter bunny and Santa?
  4. Small, one way player that is averaging less than a half a point per game in the AHL at age 22. Very unlikely he ever cracks the NHL, that's a solid C all day.
  5. This... he is being paid as a solid #5 who plays 18 minutes a game. If he can be a top 4 that logs 20+ that's a steal. If he plays like he already has thus far in his career he will be at market value.
  6. 22:05 minutes a game is bottom pairing defenseman now? When did they start playing 30 minute periods? I must have missed that.
  7. If podkolzins name was Smith and he played for the London Knights he would have been a top 3 pick as well. Super excited to see his ceiling.
  8. Shame on Benning for expecting LE to actually be productive and repeat his past success. He should have known that Loui would self implode as soon as he got his big pay day. Definitely all on Benning, the coaching staff, the fans and the guy who sells hot dogs outside the arena. How dare these people put any blame on the guy who performed poorly!
  9. There is no way the NHLPA gives up guaranteed contracts. At any time during his contract he could have asked for a mutual termination and the Canucks would have gladly obliged. The fact of the matter is players that are being overpaid don't want to terminate their contracts.
  10. My biggest piss off was that Gillis let Mitchell walk to make space for Ballard. I'm 95% sure that if we had kept Mitchell instead we win the cup in 2011
  11. I feel worse for what the panthers got in return. The 1st was in a weak draft, Quinton Howden was a 4th line player for a few seasons and fizzled out, they waived grabner out of training camp so had nothing from that plus they had to take Bernier and his overpriced contract. At the time of the draft there were 5 or so teams in on Ballard, you would have to think they got the worst deal possible.
  12. Might still have a shot at him on waivers (or kole lind) Seattle is a pretty deep team.
  13. Wish we never let him leave. Heart and soul player, gives it all he's got. He deserved a better fate than to end his career as a flame.
  14. They won't be in Arizona by then so they still won't be happy
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