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  1. lol on the 12th post he spoketh, and he spoketh the truth
  2. like a Dorsett with hands like eberle and skating like duchene
  3. how we treat pedan could be important in smoothing his transition and helping him see utica would be good and he'll get an opportunity once he's adjusted.
  4. ya he did say he wanted to come over after 2 years so thats this summer
  5. KHL teams are built on 200-600k contracts, better than AHL, and then the rich teams sign their 1 or 2 big names. not like NHL where the average is 2.5m
  6. maybe he moonlights on the russian version of TOR, which is identical to US TOR except theres no trading of homosexual services and all illegal transactions are attributed to chechnyans.
  7. where do you get copies of KHL players contracts?
  8. he racks 'a disiprine. true disiprine come from within https://youtu.be/tdbORXEmbnk?t=13s
  9. the fact he can't just own it and move on is a character flaw, not an education problem.
  10. Picked 6th OVR, Ensures 6th goal to place 6th in tournament, 6+6+6=18. Wears 18. Illuminati confirmed

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