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  1. No. I pushed back on your post and you were seemingly incredulous that I dare question your authority. I’m not toxic, you are just acting out instead of reflecting on what you wrote. I mean c’mon, you are trying to police everyone in this thread. I suggest you go back and look, or don’t, idc. Anyways, I love Gurn’s energy and Jimmy’s pragmatism but I doubt we will get anything but the usual virtue signalling from the usual suspects. Voting is the only way to put your opinion into action but it really doesn’t seem to carry much weight does it? I don’t have the solution, I d
  2. I imagine this was what residential schools expected of their prisoners/pupils.
  3. $&@% all racists. Those who abused First Nations peoples then and now, and the CRT pimps in this thread. Seriously, go $&@# yourselves.
  4. This list will not be as original as others. Good music is good music, even if it is now considered mainstream. 1. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power My introduction to metal, will be forever grateful. 2. Metallica - Master of Puppets Probably the best metal album ever. Never gets old. 3. Ministry - The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste This band is criminally underrated. Their live shows were so $&@#ing entertaining. 4. Soulfly - Primitive
  5. Those of us who know you, understand you are a quality person. Stay strong bby, you have my support!
  6. Butthole Surfers feat “young” Ozzy? Sign me up
  7. Yes this is what I mull over when conflating one side with the other in respect to scientific facts and the push back involved. I wonder how many scientists experience the “Who Killed the Electric Car” scenario compared to others? A scary thought. The act of scaring young scientists into disciplines that are career safe and unchallenging might prevent innovations like the electric car from ever being created in the first place. I wonder if the first nuclear vehicle or other volatile propulsion system will face the scrutiny of the uninformed activist as opposed to the scien
  8. Interesting, have not heard this perspective before. I am assuming this is referring to greed and the relationship with capitalism and the evolution of such a union?
  9. Very true and I should add that I know Rupe’s heart is in the right place and he is a smart guy. Certainly knew that I was opening a can of worms and I was willing to take some hits until we reach the place necessary to have what is I believe to be a very interesting discussion. I can’t wait to get to @The Lock ‘s post which is a good one.
  10. Never said that which is why I wanted you to quote my post. My assertion is that both left and right are guilty, not just the right. Equality of blame was never in mind. My controversial opinion, and yes it is open to change, is that the left will do more damage to science than the right if we continue down this path of unvetted activism.
  11. They don’t have to represent the main stream, social media has allowed them to bypass the vetting process and go right to the source. That is the point and I was hoping for your thoughts on online activism and your opinion on cancel culture and it’s effect on universities and their scientists. If you don’t feel like offering an opinion, that’s ok. I’m disappointed if that’s the case but c’est la vie. I would ask you to prove it but I really do not care about the numbers as it does not have anything to do with my position which you have unequivocally failed to address. The numbers a
  12. It was not a partisan hack piece which is why it did not use politically explicit language. Tuller is not “one pissed off guy”, he crowdfunded and spearheaded a movement. The majority of his supporters are left-wing and they used their influence to curtail the very research that could potentially help them because they felt offended that their affliction may not be strictly anatomical. If a more explicit piece is required, fine. Here is a piece by a more partisan author on a very controversial issue (which is why I didn’t lead with it but alas, it is what is): https://quill
  13. It was and I apologize for my passive aggression, it’s just my way of being an ass (I deserve to get smacked every so often so I remember to mind my manners). I admit I initially thought you were being bad faith, but I do remember you being reasonable in the past.
  14. Lol, did you actually read those research notes? Those are reviews and epidemiological studies, not actionable research. Here, I copied a portion for you: Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a debilitating disease with unknown causes. From the perspectives on the etiology and pathophysiology, ME/CFS has been labeled differently, which influenced changes in case definitions and terminologies. This review sought to feature aspects of the history, developments, and differential symptoms in the case definitions. A search was conducted through PubMed publi
  15. Yes, a branch not a field Has CSF been successfully researched? No? Where is the lineup of scientists to solve this problem? There isn’t one. Why not? All answered by the article. JFC, stay on target and don’t lose the thread by pointing out one exaggeration.
  16. Who said anything about an entire field being stopped? If that is your only take away, I have a feeling you are leaning bad faith on this issue.
  17. Tuller and his loudest followers are left-wing ideologues. He is as left-wing as Ted Cruz is right-wing. We are talking about people who prefer crystals and naturopathy to real medical research. The article goes over the damage caused. I don’t know why you posted that Jon Oliver clip (watched every episode btw). It has no relevance to scientists being bullied by activists. I see you missed the part of the article which stated David Tuller was a professor at Berkeley
  18. IMO, @Smashian Kassian is correct in saying both left-wingers and right-wingers are guilty of science denial/sabotage. I personally believe that the Left will end up doing more harm to science than the right, especially during today’s political climate. You asked for an actual example so I will give you one written by Kate Kelland from Reuters: https://news.trust.org/item/20190418094429-rl1l2 Science is under attack by BOTH extremes of the political spectrum, however; only the Left has been able to cancel entire branches of science because particularly loud individuals w
  19. Strawman, I never said that. My opinion is that during today’s political climate and power of social media, the left is more prevalent and effective using their online activism to silence conversations or individuals they believe dispute their feelings than those on the right. The right certainly has their misguided angst, but they have more trouble than the left winning companies to their cause due to their politics being socially exclusive and not inclusive. Easy decision for companies to make, bad for those of us who want to engage in conversation and include all perspectives. Ther
  20. I agree. The act of universities and enormous corporations crushing scientists and journalists at the whim of non-vetted social media activists is going to cause huge problems for the West. Snake swallowing it’s own tail indeed. Olivia Wilde had Hitchens as her babysitter, you just might be on to something. Totally agree btw. What really grinds my gears is that so many are quick to jump on a celebrity or journalist for something they were perceived to say by individuals too ignorant to understand what was actually said or intended. It then becomes a virtue-signallin
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