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  1. Well on the pp we are way too stationary. we stand still and pass the puck around.
  2. Chariot was all over matthews. don't think were doing that enough on mcdavid.
  3. Benning is terrible and signing contract deals ..thats about it. screwed himself when he signs 25 miilion in bottom 6 forwards
  4. Canucks taking step back this coming year. 25 million on bottom six forwards screwing us. 

    1. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      Apparently that’s all ok tho according to many people on this forum. We don’t want to spend money and term on useful players but would rather overpay for borderline NHL players who handcuff our team

    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Not liking that Myers contract either.

  5. what would trade value be for Ferland- Eriksson- Beagle- 3rd? Roussel- 4th? Sutter- 3rd? Benn- 5th? and honestly how much are you willing to spend on Toffoli, Markstrom, Tanev, Motte and Virtanen
  6. Detroit my well just wait and see if Canucks let Markstrom walk to Free Agency.
  7. Ya. I mean with petey and hughes contracts coming up, we are gonna have to shed cap space regardless.
  8. New Jersey, Ottawa, Detroit are our best options for dumping salaries like Eriksson, Beagle, Sutter, Roussel, Benn. Maybe Ferland on LTIR Resign Markstrom, Tanev, Toffoli (if reasonable price) and RFA's.
  9. Thats what im saying, throw in other guys couple more prospects and draft pick..really get rid of cap space lol wishful thinking
  10. Can we throw Beagle,Roussel,Sutter and Benn in there too . lol
  11. How do we trade Beagle, Roussel, Eriksson and Sutter , What team will take them. I mean Pearson be easy to move I think
  12. I would Like this Eriksson, Sutter, Beagle, Roussel, Baer, Benn, Ferland (LTIR), Markstrom Out Markstrom( Rights), Eriksson, Olli Julevi for 4th round any team. No retaining in Eriksson contract. Sutter, Baer and Benn to Ott for 4th round pick Beagle, Roussel to NJ for 4th round pick Shed cap space. We wont get much Sign Toffoli 2 year 4 million Sign Hoffman 5 year 6.5 Million Sign Mikeal Granlund 1 Year 4 million Sign Matt Martin 1 year 2 Million Sign Tanev 3 year 5.5 Million Miller Petey Boeser Hoffman Horvat Toffoli Pearson Granlund Virtanen Motte Gaudette Martin Hughes Tanev Edler Myers Fantenberg Stecher Demko ?
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