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  1. think i might need to change my username

    1. Citizen Erased

      Citizen Erased

      Well, this may sound weird BUT…I think you should change your name to Future Considerations. 

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Well played CE.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce
  2. You cannot drive OEL's value down more than it already is. It is one of the five most untradeable deals. He is not an NHL player anymore. He has four years left after this. If they can force out this roasted NHL player, good.
  3. No real disagreement with with the betting stuff. However, I do think it is a potential bonus that Tocchet and OEL hate each other. A coach isn't going to change the fact that OEL has Danny Dekeyser's legs and looks disinterested every game. If they can drive him out of the organization, that's good.
  4. my bad i totally forgot gillis and jim benning were equivalents
  5. they’re just trying to be like you were for the previous eight years babe
  6. Saying something like this about Benning eight years ago, hell even three years ago would have been met with rage. Glad to see views have shifted Organization is not serious about winning a cup.
  7. I have no qualms about i told you so-ing. Yall would refer to anyone who didn’t like the teams direction as pessimist non-fan trolls and here we are, in a worse position.
  8. Yall ran off anyone who didn’t like Jim Benning or the Torts canucks over the past decade. Are there still any “keep pushing, team is too good for a rebuild” types left in this board?
  9. color me surprised at this outcome. i mean, who could have known this team was in trouble years ago? oh wait, anyone with common sense.
  10. Good god man, people are still delusional in what Benning has left us.
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