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  1. I never said that it was a nonprofit. Nice strawman.This is the only organization to drop in franchise value since Benning took over actually. We only won one real round of the playoffs. The only reason we did that was because Binnington played at a level worse than what Holtby has provided this season. Demko put in in an all time performance in three games against Vegas. It’s a short sample size where goaltending and luck changes $&!#. Do you understand that hockey is the most variable sport in north america? If your defense of this management is that I have lofty expectations for holding management to the standards they set for them, then that’s pretty funny. He said 4-5 years and then ran the team like $&!# so now he’s asking for at least 9. Lofty expectations- what about the ones he publicly stated for himself?
  2. Pretty sure this management/ownerships goal is to make the playoffs for revenue purposes rather than do what’s best to win a cup. They treated making the playoffs last season like a cup level achievement
  3. Benning has unintentionally tanked 5 of the last 6 years. They were free-falling out of a playoff spot last year and had major injuries when the season was ended due to coronavirus.
  4. Some people cheer for the general manager because they want to be proven right. There’s certain people who still think Gudbranson is a good player because they don’t want to admit they’re wrong. Other people actually cheer for the most important thing.. winning. If you don’t like the management group, it doesn’t make you morally inferior to a group of people who want to be right about Benning/Weisbrod - what it makes you is a passionate fan who thinks the organization needs a different leader to steer you towards a cup rather than mediocrity. I want to win. I don’t give a &^@# who is at the helm in the sense of I don’t have a personal attachment to them. If Benning sells four or so players at the deadline to recoup picks, and then uses picks in the summer to flip the $&!# contracts he has on the team like Eriksson, Roussel, and Holtby (the three most noticeably bad ones for next season) and then fills the newfound capspace with good players, maybe he will have finally figured things out like he implied he has learned today. If you give Benning two more years to see if he can maybe finally figure out how to manage the team at a pro level (no more albatross and retention/acquisition of good players which he has shown no semblance of being able to do), you’re gambling hard because he said we would be there in year four or five, not nine or ten.
  5. wdym you don't want to full tank? the gm of this team has unintentionally tanked 5 of the last 6 years
  6. stop being a hater op it's not as if this team is the worst canucks team since the keenan days
  7. Feel bad for Green having to be the face of the organization during what’s projecting to be a season as bad - if not worse - than the Keenan/Messier days. At least, by points percentage when you factor in there wasn’t shootouts then. Upper management is hiding.
  8. This is the seventh year. With the cap problems we have that continue into next season, it's likely that - barring us paying people to take our bad contracts or paying major assets for win now players - next season will be similar to this one. Benning said we would be competitive in year 4 or 5 and that things would turn around quickly. Why are people okay with waiting for year nine to see if a guy who's struggled with pro-level decisions can do well? I don't get it. Post lock-out, there has been no GM with a longer leash than Jim Benning. How are fans being "disgusting" when you consider they want accountability for the GM and front office with the longest leash relative to organizational performance? How long should the fans wait to see what happens? Nine years from his hiring date? That's double what he projected himself.
  9. yep no disagreement there. But his bad defense is outweighing his offense. For QH to truly be an elite player and not just another glorified keith yandle or barrie, he has to be able to handle second pairing minutes at ES. He did in today’s game.
  10. He’s also statistically been the worst defenseman from an actual playing defense standpoint in the last 55 or so games according to Dayal. His GA/60 at ES is Gudbranson tier.
  11. yes a fair bit but he was really bad for the lightning during the season the good stretch he had with qh was probably the best hockey he's played in the last 6 years lol
  12. No, I don't think so. Even if you look at the final four every year, you'll find that even the elite teams have certain amount of dollars not contributing. It's standard to make a few mistakes and have to work around it. It becomes an issue that truly hampers your team if - in addition to your manageable/expected amount of bad cap dollars - you're not getting surplus value from the guys who aren't significantly overpaid and/OR if your significant overpayments/dead cap reaches an insane totality.
  13. It’s Nate Schmidt by a long shot.
  14. One of the twenty best defensemen in hockey? @oldnews says no. A 4.5 being paid like the 23rd (at the time the contract was signed) best defenseman in hockey? Oldnews defends it constantly. Just because Hamilton plays well with good players and is an introvert doesn’t make him an unattractive target lol. Just like Schmidt, this would be a fantastic acquisition.
  15. It's actually not that unrealistic Basically need 3 things for it to be realistic - JT Miller needs to stop sulking all over the ice with his low effort. - Ride Demko because Holtby is - again - one of the worst goalies in the league by performance. Demko hasn't been much better but you can see the obvious flaw in his game and he needs to play and work it out. Maybe he improves but his worst is better than Holtby's average ATM. - Find a way to deploy the defense so that Hughes can play more minutes at ES and stop being the worst defender in the league* *By eye test or statistics, the guy has been one of the worst defensive players in the whole league through the second half of last season and early in this season. If not the worst. It's in article on the athletic. Really all they need to do is go like a game or two above .500 against non-ottawa teams and sweep the sens. It's entirely possible to make the playoffs still.