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  1. I think you clicked the wrong forum, bud. Canucks 4-2 Petey with the game winner Hughes 3 point night
  2. The only thing he also brings is a big body. He's not afraid to mix it up a bit, which we need more of.
  3. All their offense is sitting. Boeser, Petey, Miller, Hughes, Garland. This is pre-season bud. Just be glad we have enough depth to compete without our top guys.
  4. Least you could do is add a link to the article?
  5. I always thought one of our biggest mistakes in recent years was letting Brad Richardson walk. Him and Dan Hamhuis. Hindsight is always yadda yadda, but how many picks and UFA's did we go through just to replace those 2?
  6. I'll reserve Judgement until we find out what's going on. I will say though, I'm concerned that nobody has officially refuted the anti-vaxx rumour. If Hamonic has decided to keep a roster spot despite never intending on fulfilling the obligation of a full schedule due to choosing not wanting to Vaxx, I'd say that's a piece of $&!# thing to do.
  7. The dude fed a shot to every single opposing player on the ice, except for the goalie. How many times have you seen that? Jersey ripped off, still throwing bombs while Blues players are dropping to the ice to avoid getting fed a knuckle sandwich. I'm not saying it was the greatest match-up, but it was by far the most memorable fight I've seen, and it embodied the warrior that(still) is Gino. Everyone that saw it remembers it, take a look at the pole lead if you are still questioning.
  8. Sorry but, I remember watching this game live and I thought it was the most mayhem I've ever seen on the ice coming from one single player. This was my generation, so maybe someone in their 50's has a different perspective as every generation thinks Hockey used to be tougher. I've seen benches cleared, but most of the time people pair off. This seemed different at the time because Gino was after all of them. He was an animal.
  9. This is really the only acceptable answer. I mean, the guy took on an entire team, shirtless. It was glorious.
  10. That's true. We will have to face a non Flamers team sooner or later.
  11. I know that's sarcasm, cause having the Canucks up 2-0 in the first could never be boring.
  12. If Petey really wants to leave Vancouver he will ask for a trade. If he was setting himself up for leaving he would ask for the minimum 4 year contract to walk him to UFA. This has everything to do with having more leverage on his next contract and betting on himself. 5 years is a decent amount of time to commit to any team, and it gives him the most options at that point.
  13. You missed an incredible trolling opportunity, but I know you're too much of a Pro to sink to that level.
  14. There's something that happens to a team when a star player and offensive dynamo like Pettersson is out. Teams come together and collectively try to make the difference by being tighter checking and stepping up to take advantage of more opportunities. This is called the Kyrie Irving effect, and it is well established. We even saw a glimpse of it when Petey was injured before our playoff run 2 years ago, although last year without Petey showed the exact opposite. I believe we could make the playoffs with our team being much deeper, but going past the first or second round is a pipe dream without a difference maker like Petey & Hughes. The reason you need these types of players is to win games with one or two individual efforts when your team isn't collectively enough.
  15. No first hand experience necessary. Pod shows that BD energy.
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