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  1. Eichel Seguin Landeskog MacKinnon Tavares Hamilton Hedman Price
  2. Looking to make a trade or two. Hit me up on Yahoo app
  3. Not to be a thorn on the side but is it possible to move the draft a bit later as I get off work at 4pm on that day? Let me know. Thank you.
  4. Nothing is wrong with the logo. Get over it. Too many sensitive people drawing lines where lines shouldn't even be drawn. For the argument using a local artist, that should have been 20 years ago if it was that big of a deal.
  5. Eichel Hall MacKinnon Landeskog Tavares Hedman Hamilton Price
  6. For those who have picked up the new Call of Duty, is it worth purchasing at full price or wait until Black Friday to buy it? Any insight will be appreciated. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Baer.


      It won't be on sale on black Friday. The game is too new.

    3. 22Sedinery33
    4. -AJ-


      If it goes on sale, Christmas time will be the soonest it would.

  7. For those that live or have lived in Kelowna, what are some pros and cons of living there? Thinking about a job opportunity. Thanks. 

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    2. vinny_in_vancouver


      Pros: Not that far from Vancouver. :P Seriously, the lake is beautiful.

    3. goalie13


      I agree with everything @I.Am.Ironman said, plus if you are into golfing the Okanagan is a great place.  And for hockey you have the Rockets and the Warriors.

    4. 22Sedinery33


      @goalie13 That's very true. @vinny_in_vancouver


      Thank you both for your advice. 

  8. If anyone has an empty spot in a free yahoo keeper league, let me know. Thanks in advance. :towel:

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    2. Gäz


      Thinking about inviting more people from CDC to fill it out. Here's the link, if you're interested:



    3. 22Sedinery33


      Hey, thanks for the invite. I accepted and i'm in your league. Never been in a league with an autopick draft. Something different ::D

    4. Gäz


      Haha I just left it as that until I got a few people in, intending to do a live draft. Could do autopick if a lot of people can't sync up for the online live one. Started a couple threads in there for suggestions and the like. B)

  9. Drafting 5th overall in my Yahoo hockey fantasy draft. Suggestions?

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    2. Jaku


      Depending on how the draft goes. If Mack or Scheifele are avilable I'd seriously consider taking one of them.

    3. ReggieBush


      I would take McDavid if he's on the board.

    4. 22Sedinery33


      Thanks guys for your inputs, much appreciated. Im kind of torn between Mack, Laine or Benn. The reason for Benn being his goals, assists and hits (game changer since its a head to head league). 

  10. It's been a while... Glad to be back ::D

    1. Alflives


      Two years!  That’s more than a while.  Your last post predates the arrival - of ALF

      Our team isn’t doing very well, but we have some really good young guys coming along.  Better days ahead for sure. :rolleyes:

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      got out early for good behaviour eh? welcome back.

    3. -AJ-


      Nice to have you back!

  11. Hutton just continues to impress

  12. Everyone just needs to relax and Bolieve.

    1. Dral


      Are you a Bolieber?

  13. Keep calm and Bo on

    1. Webster6


      This is a good law to live by

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      The only law to live by :)

    3. The Magician

      The Magician

      Get inside him already

  14. Finally a break from the sun :)

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Sacrilege, I need suns!

    2. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      I hope its cool at night.

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