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  1. To the people who workout, has anyone used Mutant Mass before? If so, got the results you wanted?

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    2. Warhippy


      What are you trying to achieve? Bulk before cutting? Very late/early in the season for that. i call it power dump because honestly I drink it and hours later I feel like it ALL comes rushing out. Go to a genuine Nutrition store, let them know your desires and ask about nutritional supplements to go with it.

    3. Gustavo Fring

      Gustavo Fring

      DO NOT USE IT. Use big time instead or make a homemade weight gainer. Cadillaccts has an awesome recipe in the workout thread.

    4. 22Sedinery33


      Im already using Allmax Isoflex Whey Protein, saw it at popeyes and was curious about it. Fair enough though, thanks for the responses guys.

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