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  1. To the people who workout, has anyone used Mutant Mass before? If so, got the results you wanted?

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    2. 22Sedinery33


      Oh i've looked at it, has got me questioning it. People that I have spoke to gave me split answers. For some it was garbage, while for others it worked out well for them.

    3. ilduce39


      Anything called "mutant mass" probably should not be willfully ingested into the body. Sounds like it causes tumors.. and not the Arnold kind. Want to get bigger? High weight, low reps, lots of sets at least 4 times a week... give it 2 years. It'll happen.

    4. KFBR392


      I took it a few years ago, and it really didn't do much. I gained some mass, but most of it was fat. Thinking about drinking it now makes me sick to my stomach.

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