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  1. I think people that aren't familiar with Halak misunderstand that he isn't really a backup. We are talking about a guy who has nearly 300 wins in his career, he also has 52 shutouts (that's a ridiculous personal statistic). In other words, he is used to playing a lot more hockey. The issue is that he wasn't playing enough this season - a guy like him can't sit on the bench all the time. He needs semi-regular starts to stay in his groove. Halak is more of a 1A starter than a backup. I get that the Canucks want to play Demko a lot - not arguing against it. But Halak needs to play 25-30 games minimum to be effective. He's not the kind of guy who can play well after sitting for a week or two.
  2. There's no doubt Clark has improved NHL goaltenders. It's not just Vancouver either, he has received a lot of credit for developing Bobrovsky into a Vezina winner. But hey, I agree his departure's impact will be negligible. This team right now is last place in the division, can't drop any further than that, and from what I can see they aren't interested in climbing the standings next season.
  3. Yes that is correct. I should have clarified that they were signed thru this current season and the next one.
  4. This is a good description. Boeser will likely improve this part of his game, but that's not guaranteed, and he will want the big $$$
  5. Bye bye? Sutter, Roussel Beagle and Pearson all have multi-year deals. They aren't going anywhere.
  6. Vegas was forechecking hard and the Canucks were too afraid to make a play. Instead of simple plays they over passed the puck again. And the PP was absolutely abysmal.
  7. Nice strawman but that wasn't my point. Pettersson and Hughes were both impact players immediately, and Green is not the reason why. Give management credit for selecting them.
  8. I never said that, I simply said that I don't think it's accurate to give Green credit for those players' success when it's pretty clear that they had the tools long before they came to Van. I think that's reasonable, to call that 'lunacy' is hyperbolic. That's why I mentioned Ian Clark, the change in Markstrom's play is visible and it's similar to what he did with Bob in Columbus.
  9. Yeah Green is just OK, but the Canucks leaned on some very special talent all season long not to mention fantastic goaltending from Markstrom. I don't even know if they would have made the playoffs had the season ended normally. My guess is no, because Markstrom was injured and he bailed them out constantly. This team has some defensive issues despite having experienced D, so I do think there plenty of room to criticize the coaching.
  10. Really? That's pretty high praise considering how bad special teams were the last three games.
  11. ? Are you suggesting that I don't think they are good? I think you misread my post bud.
  12. I think that Pettersson and Hughes were pretty good before coming to the NHL. I am lukewarm on Green, but i am not going to give him credit for 'developing' those two, they are future superstars who were basically instant 'just add water' performers. I seem to recall Green scratching Hughes early on, so I think it was more of a 'show me what you got' and it was understood pretty quickly that you don't scratch Hughes. Maybe you could make an argument for Boeser, but even then, he had a monster season right out of the gate. If there's a coach that developed anyone on this team, it's the goalie coach Ian Clark. What he did with Markstrom outclasses anything Green has done.
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