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  1. The Flames faithful in King's Landing will be shaking in their boots when McDavid and the White Walkers come down from the north next season....winter is coming.
  2. You don't think Anaheim has much of a D core? Calgary barely gets 15 minutes out of Wotherspoon/Schlemko, so they are playing rotating four defenseman most of the time. If either of these teams is short on defense, it's Calgary.
  3. I agree with your assessment for the most part, although I would not describe Elliott as 'fresh' considering he has played nearly 250 career games in the NHL, with backup quality numbers until arriving in St. Louis. Goaltending is a huge weakness for St. Louis, which continues to let them down in big games despite their strong defensive game. Brian Elliott would never have lasted 3+ seasons in Edmonton, in fact, I would venture to say he wouldn't last anywhere other than in St. Louis. Even Blues management knows this, otherwise they wouldn't have tried to insert a 43 year old Marti
  4. I hope Louie doesn't belly flop.....
  5. Please do away with that aweful sig. seriously

  6. take down that sig already.

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