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  1. I would love that. Gallagher would fit well with Horvat.
  2. From what I'm reading, hes a very upbeat guy, loved by Vegas fans. Can contribute offensively and is solid in his own end. Just some flaws here and there. Sounds like an upgrade to me. Hughes - Schmidt Edler - Myers Juolevi - Rafferty I like it.
  3. Totally fine with it, play the kids. We need to inject ELC's into our lineup now.
  4. A bit of an overreaction. Yeah it sucks we lost our UFA's but Benning obviously has something in the works behind the scenes. It must good enough to lose Tanev, Marky, and Tofu to free agency. Let's wait and see what happens.
  5. If we offer Cernak 4.2mil/yr, Tampa won't match it because they're more focused on Sergachev and they will get a 2nd round pick back (which they're missing in 2021). In my mind, that's a no brainer.
  6. Not a bad idea tbh. That said, I'm not sure NJ can afford to trade him, he's their only leader on the blueline.
  7. There must be a trade involving RFA's and we need the cap space to sign the newly acquired player.
  8. A very good deal. Great $ and term for top 6 goal scorer. Not sure why we couldn't sign him, when we have 8mil in cap space.
  9. None of this makes sense. What is Benning up to?