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  1. If you're going to have a discussion, be prepared to listen to opinions that don't fit your own. From what I've seen, you're not looking for a discussion. You're trying to justify your real life behaviour, which is fine. Just don't go out and risk others in the process.


    You claimed to say that not wearing a mask would be killing people. That was not I said. Everything is a RISK. You go out and bang a few chicks (or dudes) here and there, you're bound to get something. That's why you wear a rubber. This is the exact principle.


    Condoms have broken before and they have led to pregnancies too. Do we suddenly make the argument that condoms are useless? Everything I have said is about MITIGATION. LIMITING. Going maskless is just reckless. I don't know how and why you think you could justify that.


  2. I called him a sheepie? I never claimed I was enlightened. Just looking for a discussion. So far it's just a dog-pile of people 'trying to get me', not actually considering my argument. I'm just absolutely amazed at the tolerance of free thought and opposing opinions on this forum, it's honestly incredible. So proud of this community.
  3. How fascist of you. Yes, no free thought allowed, no questioning. Actually I've pointed out plenty of times that surgical masks specifically, are only so effective at preventing a specific range of particles that are larger than covid.
  4. Not sure how that's an insult lol.
  5. Yes it's the same argument every time, I'm somehow killing people if I don't wear a mask, when there's actually no way we can trace anything back to any specific person. Perhaps there's a better way? NO, do what we say or you're going to kill people. Sorry, not convinced, I'll go with human error is the cause of the spread.
  6. I would never insult someone for an opposing view. I guess that's how we differ.
  7. "There is unity, it just doesn't include you" Lol thanks. Should I go off to an education camp somewhere so I can think properly like you? I'm against wearing a mask because I don't believe they are working at all, as I've tried to make these points for the last few hours. I'm not randomly saying this, I've presented my argument.
  8. Check your privelege, sir. I guess I need to fight for the rights of minorities on this forum. Where's the tolerance?
  9. All I've gotten from you is insults. Sad.
  10. Everyone has the right to protest for whatever reason they want. Shaming and attacking those currently doing so won't change anything, they will just get more pissed off. That's why this system is so great, the protests are supposed to get the governments attention and signal that something their doing isn't working. There's 100% a better way to handle this pandemic, especially after 8 months of experience. People are allowed to hold the government accountable. They work for us.
  11. I have touched on this many times. I don't believe they are working. They may have some effect but not enough to make a difference. Couple that with human error and there's no point. Just my opinion from my own research, but once again with the mask mandate, I'm sure we will see a drop in cases very soon. I'm creating division? Lol. I'm getting attacked by like 15 people at once. I'm calling for unity and a discussion on how this can be done in a better way. I didn't realize that was such a bad thing.
  12. So if I'm concerned about a lockdown resulting in a massive increase in protests, that's an insult? Am I allowed to question the governments handling of the situation right now?
  13. Insults aren't arguments. Sorry, try again.
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