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  1. If you're going to have a discussion, be prepared to listen to opinions that don't fit your own. From what I've seen, you're not looking for a discussion. You're trying to justify your real life behaviour, which is fine. Just don't go out and risk others in the process.


    You claimed to say that not wearing a mask would be killing people. That was not I said. Everything is a RISK. You go out and bang a few chicks (or dudes) here and there, you're bound to get something. That's why you wear a rubber. This is the exact principle.


    Condoms have broken before and they have led to pregnancies too. Do we suddenly make the argument that condoms are useless? Everything I have said is about MITIGATION. LIMITING. Going maskless is just reckless. I don't know how and why you think you could justify that.


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