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  1. Honestly, I didn't have a big issue with Virtanen sitting for the (vast) majority of the 3rd either. It was still a close game, the Kings got off to a decent start to the period, and there were 3 straight penalties from the Canucks. It's just that if you were to ask me if it was a period where he didn't deserve to get a single shift till it was 3-0 in the final minute... I don't know. Regardless, there's no denying he played well in his first game, which was certainly encouraging. I didn't think he looked nervous at all.
  2. Congrats to Jake Virtanen on playing the first 2 periods of his NHL career.
  3. From the highlight video, I don't see a ton of "high-end" offensive skills (silky mitts, slick passing, wicked shot, etc.) but he is still solid with the puck and is a great skater, as advertised. I agree with Derp... about him being a potential Hansen 2.0. Hansen at his best is an outstanding player and an elite 3rd line winger. Not the best skill-wise but is tenacious, quick, and able to contribute offensively thanks to solid hockey sense. This was a great value pick in the second-to-last round and I'm pleasantly surprised they went to Europe with this one. Whenever you can get a teenage player who plays regularly in a European pro league... that's a good thing. Also, with an August 28th birthday, he's one of the youngest prospects in the entire draft. What he has accomplished is very, very impressive. Not many kids are able to do what he has done at this young an age.
  4. "Rebuild on the fly." = "Rebuild."

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      benning is doing it his way...

  5. Before people jump all over JB for not going back to SJ for their 2nd, remember that the Sharks traded their 2016-2nd to trade up to draft Jeremy Roy this past draft. Also, if I were Bieksa and I found out that the Ducks were interested, I would waive to go there over SJ.

  6. You're welcome, thanks for checking it out. Yeah, it's pretty crazy... But at the same time, I think we all saw this coming the day Sportsnet got the rights to the draft. Say what you want about the TSN personalities but they are far, far better than anyone on SNET. Production-wise, analysis-wise, story-telling with regards to kids' backgrounds, etc. Millard - I don't necessarily "dislike" him but he was having trouble speaking during the draft -- a bit of an issue for a broadcaster. His speech just didn't flow naturally. Just listen to him try to tell the back-story for Brock Boeser. Cosentino - His main job is to be a subpar junior hockey colour commentator. He's not garbage but I don't think he's good. He does less analyzing during his games and more talking about how great a kid is, as well as other things not entirely relevant to the plays during the game. I'd say he's the "most qualified" to talk about the draft prospects because he actually watches a handful of these kids... but that doesn't mean much considering his team. Cox - Here's the thing about Cox. I thought his rankings were actually pretty decent -- and maybe that's just the result of having super low expectations going in. People have opinions on the guy's opinions but at least it gave the impression that he had done his homework. That being said, he's not a scout or a talent-evaluator with any sort of legitimate credibility so, like Cosentino, nothing he says sounds super-informed. Cox does a lot of hockey-related stuff but he is still a multi-sports writer. I don't mean to discriminate, but I think we'd all prefer to hear from someone who is invested into hockey 110% -- McKenzie, Button, and McGuire are all HOCKEY people. Johnson - I think he's a subpar-to-okay colour guy but, man, he was out of place during the broadcast. It was clear as day that he didn't know much about the prospects. He never sounded really sure of himself when giving the scouting report or projections for the players. Say what you will about Craig Button, at least the guy talks with a ton of passion and conviction. From a general broadcast point of view, I thought their cameras were sometimes really, really bad. The Jake DeBrusk one in particular was absolutely dreadful. They had a bright light shining straight into the camera and they stayed on that shot for a relatively lengthy amount of time.
  7. By the way, here is the NBC version of his draft video for those who haven't seen it. I captured the video as I watched it on the NHL's video player so the quality isn't great. I'd recommend checking this one out if you haven't already because it is 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better than the one from Sportsnet. That... was an awful broadcast. The video is set to "Unlisted" because I'm not sure how NBC will react to their video being up on YouTube publicly. Bell, Rogers, and the WHL have been okay with my videos so far, allowing them to stay up. Just going to play it safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HXJBMK1Ou8
  8. Talk about not taking advantage of the standards OTT set yesterday.

  9. Boeser finished his USHL season on a 6 game point streak where he had... 5 goals and 7 assists, for 12 points. 3 of the 5 goals came in a hat trick performance in a game against Sioux City. He had two 3-point games, 2-point games, and 1-point game. He also had 24 shots on goal in those 6 games which, at an average of 4 shots per game, is the same as his average on the season with 241 shots in the 57 games.
  10. That's pretty high praise from someone who writes at CanucksArmy. I'm starting to like this pick more and more.
  11. Ah, thanks for that. I knew a "Schmaltz" was going to be a teammate. Didn't know exactly who that was going to be.
  12. Boeser wasn't the "best" player available, in my opinion, but he is still a great pick. My gut reaction was admittedly a little disappointment since I had hoped we'd go for Kylington or a CHL kid but at 23 he is a solid selection. Pure goal scorer. Led his team in scoring as a USHL rookie and had 20 more goals than the next highest goal scorer on the team. Checking the team stats, there are 2 other players (Novak, draft-eligible, and Sheehy) at around a PPG but there's a relatively big drop-off in production after that. Those two teammates also missed 14 and 17 games respectively. He's committed to the Univ. of North Dakota next season and I have high hopes for him there. IIRC, Jordan Schmaltz (defenceman, 2012 first rounder to the Blues) will be there too. UoND wasn't a great team offensively this past year so he should get a lot of opportunity to become "the guy" for them. Considering it could have been a LOT worse (Carlo, Bittner), I'd say that we did well with the 23rd pick. Not great, could have been better, but you'll get no real complaints about this pick from me.
  13. Bob McKenzie's rankings are usually very accurate, relative to others, because he collects prospect-rankings from scouts from 10 different teams and works out the average. That fact that the average for Lawson Crouse on Bob's list is #7 suggests that NHL teams really, really like him. Though Crouse shouldn't go in the top-10, or maybe even top-15, it certainly seems that NHL teams feel he is a top-10 prospect. I would be very surprised to see him last till #11, despite thinking he doesn't really "deserve" to go in the top-10. Also, for what it's worth, production isn't really a "big concern". He managed nearly a PPG playing on a putrid offence in Kingston. Evan McEneny was the team's 3rd leading scorer with 45 points for goodness sake. Sam Bennet was missing for basically the entire season and Spencer Watson missed over 20 games. There are legitimate reasons to suggest that Crouse's underwhelming point totals were the result of a team that 1) was missing two of their best players and 2) had a low team-shooting % -- he's not going to pick up many assists if his teammates can't score goals. The reason that many people think he shouldn't be a top-10 pick is because, quite frankly, there are other players who are simply better prospects than Lawson Crouse.
  14. I don't think that's the point of a trade like this -- to get "equal value". It's to get the most value that you can. The fact of the matter is that goalies, despite being such a key position, don't generally net you much in return. That's sort of how the market has been set and you generally have to work within the limits of that. Not only that, Lack isn't a proven goalie or even the most-wanted asset out there. (Talbot shouldn't be getting this much more attention, but that's another story for another time.) Then the question is why we would trade Lack in the first place, and that's where I do believe that Jim Benning put this team in a pretty bad spot with that Miller signing. He overpaid on term and dollar for a guy who, as far as we know, didn't even have many suitors, and therefore little leverage. Now we're stuck in a position where a decision needs to be made between Lack and Markstrom because nobody wants Miller. You'd be a fool to want Miller for two more seasons at $6 million per year. Lack is slated for a huge payday, relative to his current contract, after next season and I don't think this team wants to go into Miller's final year with about $10 million tied to the goaltending... again, which is why I think that they are leaning towards a Lack trade. Going back to the first paragraph on the trade itself, the deal of Eddie Lack for the 31st overall pick would be a pretty good return given Lack's track record. Like you said, it's not likely that the player at 31 will make the NHL and have the same impact as Lack, but given the market, it's about as well as we could do. It's sort of how I feel about the Kesler trade. It is unlikely that Sbisa will ever be a top-4, or that Bonino will be a legitimate 2C, or that McCann will be as good/effective as Kesler in his prime. Really, few trades these days are between players/assets that actually have equal value on the day the deals are made. For the record, I agree with you 100% that Ryan Miller should be the one headed out. As amazing as dumping that contract sounds, it's not a very realistic option. There either needs to be a team willing to take on a contract that is not cap-friendly for most teams, or ownership needs to be convinced that they should pay more millions for someone not to be a part of the organization. Luongo, Tortorella, and Gillis are all receiving cheques from the Canucks. I don't think ownership wants to add any names. (EDIT: For some reason I thought his name was "Calbot". Fixed that...)
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