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  1. Not to mention Dahlen ripped it up for Allsvensken. Petrus Palmu is rumored to be rookie of the year in Liiga
  2. As far as the subject in this thread.... I can't wait to see Gaudette perform on the world stage like this and hope his coach takes the reins off and that he does well.... That whole Team NCAA USA is going to be awesome
  3. I too am excited to see how the semi-pro's or the next tier of players stacks up. It used to always be like that but for some reason the Russians would always sneak their pro's onto their Olympic teams and clean house. Programs like Moscow Dynamo or Red Army were the elite teams long before KHL and these guys lived, breathed, ate and slept together for years. Where as Canada and US would be scraping players from wherever they could just to shoe-string a team together. Then came '98 Olympics and we were finally allowed to put our pros into the tourney. Now with the differen
  4. I would if they put some better talent than this on the ice. I get the message you're trying to tell me but this is Olympics....not Spengler Cup. Surely there are better players swirling around NCAA. US went out and are taking a chance on their talent in NCAA.
  5. He gives me the biggest reason to cheer for USA now. If he played for Canada, he would already be the most talented guy. Cant wait to wake up at 3am to watch Gilbert Brule and Andrew Ebbett hahahaha
  6. I'm hammered on Steamworks laughing my arse off at this. Is that actually Joe Cocker? Bahahahahaha
  7. I have no idea....I've honestly never see neither of them play and I'm betting there is a good chance you haven't neither. BUT..... judging by the way Bondra is playing, it looks like there can be an arguement from my side. Again, if Bondra was a Canucks prospect you would be all over him. I'm not saying Bondra is better or having a better year or on a better team or whatever.
  8. Well yes we lost McCann but gained Goldobin and there is hope for Virtanen.... Virtanen GoldY Demko Tryamkin Boeser Brisbois Gaudette Dahlen Yes our future is looking bright But for the love of god, Eriksson and his massive contract seems such a s**t smeer on the whole rebuild How the heck do we get rid of Eriksson and his contract?
  9. Well he has over 60pts along with 30+ goals and a handful of games yet to play. Most would say he is doing quite well. Lol right back at ya bud Good to see you had time on your hands to read that far back tho
  10. That list screams for Tryamkin. If he can spend the summer hammering one-timers from the point with a skills coach, that would go a long way As for Gaudette, he was drafted in 2015 and therefore at the young age to go to Utica. Get this kid signed before he gets ideas to become a free-agent and really mess our prospect pool.
  11. Lockwood could opt out and join which ever junior team owns his rights. Not sure which that would be but still..... he wouldn't be the first to do that. That being said, there is also nothing wrong with staying at Red Berenson University for another year of development. This kid isn't joining the Canucks anytime soon so no need to rush him. There are quite a few decent players for the taking out of college this year. Chances are it will be someone we will have never heard of but has ties and connections to someone on the staff.
  12. I wouldn't get ahead if ourselves.... Atleast give the guy a taste of the Pro leagues in Utica for the remainder of the year. Start him again in Utica next year and go from there. I'm sure the selfish fans want him in the Canucks line-up asap but really....is there a rush on his development? Even signing a guy like Aston-Reese, and even Boeser, I would have no issue starting them all in Utica. Play the snot out if them and then bring them up as needed. I also like the napkin line of Aston-Reese/Gaudette/Boeser
  13. 2 games to go for their season? doubt they are in a playoff?
  14. Larkin is as speedy as Raymond but has more balls. the issue with Larkins lack of success this year is either a sophomore slump or other teams coaches deploying better defensive systems against him.
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