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  1. Wouldnt they qualify for some of that business money Trudeau put aside for business impacted.
  2. Selling video games ( especially those that can bought online) is not a essential service
  3. Yes but people like hard copies
  4. I have been calling my grandma alot more cause she is in a home as well.. I am obviously biased but if you are able to get a pet do it just make sure that pet is for life. There also pet stores that are delivering supplies.
  5. We are also in a high raise apartment with shared laundry but we are allowed pets. Technically only 2 cats per apartment but we got permission to get a third otherwise I would apply to foster another one The kitties have done a lot to keep me sane during the quarantine.(self isolation due to a bad cough etc).
  6. Link to the image of people lineing up to buy animal crossing https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/you-just-have-to-come-and-get-your-hands-on-it-new-releases-prompt-customers-to-line-up-outside-eb-games-1.4861413
  7. Fair enough. They have occasionally had dogs. Well for anyone else looking to adopt or Foster a kitty they are in need.
  8. If your looking to foster a cat. Cat therapy and rescue society is looking for fosters. We adopted our Persian mix from them in September and he is a total sweetheart.
  9. Animal crossing came out today. If someone tells me how to put the link up I will.
  10. People in Toronto lining up to buy animal crossing at game stop.
  11. They are so very smart. We have three cats and one of them is always hovering around me in way or another. That is until TS comes home then they leave me and jump onto him. It is so beyond frustrating especially since I have underlying health problems. The doctor I saw said he thinks I probably have a mild case because I don't have a fever and that it is bothering my asthma. Even if I am not at risk for serious complications I am at risk of having a serious asthma attack where 911 and emerg may have to be involved. 811 told me I wouldn't even have to tell 911 ( if I needed them) that I have symptoms cause since I have no travel history I don't qualify for catching covid. Thank you. I am feeling slightly better today. Headache is better, cough and chest are about the same. No fever
  12. Thanks everyone I am hanging in there. Having kitties to help keep me company is helping.
  13. Public health will not test you here even if you have symptoms (and a request from a doctor) unless you are in distress. I basically had a public health nurse give me a management plan to tell me what to look out to seek further medical attention via the ER or calling them back. I am asthmatic and my asthma is crazy, coughing non stop, wheezing after coughing or walking up hill or cleaning my house. Also my chest hurts so badly. I am in quarantine now till the end of March.
  14. I don't think there are enough tests it is the only thing thing that makes sense.
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