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  1. Boeser and the boys are having a good time in Scottsdale
  2. This team still has enough skill to win games. And I'm dumbfounded at how little attention their performance is getting - we're tied with Italy in the group stage!
  3. Why is no one talking about Canada in the WC? LAT, GER, KAZ, and NOR are beating us. We're tied with Italy in the group stage...

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    2. Bombastik der Teutone

      Bombastik der Teutone

      great game so far from germany. seems the REF doesnt likes the germans though. 

    3. Sean Monahan

      Sean Monahan

      Can't say I've watched a game in this year's tournament but looking at the roster, this has to be the weakest roster Canada has sent in quite some time. That being said, even Canada's E team should be doing better than this.

    4. Captain Canuck #12

      Captain Canuck #12

      We're in denial!

  4. Thanks! He's not related to Craig - but his father did play in the NHL and Swiss league so his bloodlines are good. Mason also put up 7 Points in 4 Swiss Playoff Games so has shown he can rise to the occasion.
  5. I encourage everyone to watch this interview (near the end of the video) so you can see why Mason Mactavish is my go-to guy at 9th overall. This is a side-by-side interview with Brandt Clarke and you can just see the difference in maturity between Mactavish and Clarke - the latter seems a bit immature... or maybe it's just that Mason Mactavish is so mature for his age. Mactavish is HUGE, he captained Team Canada at the U-18's in Shane Wright's absence, and he put up 1st line numbers in the Swiss league - which is quite a good league, respectively. He has
  6. I've got a better one. "Bulls make money. Bears make money. And Pigs get slaughtered."
  7. Are there any stocks you guys are currently looking at? Outside of BB, AMC, NOK, and GME....
  8. Fantasy Hockey Advice Needed:


    There's 1 Utility and 2 LW slots. I have 3 LW (Ovi, Marchand, B.Tkachuk). 


    Do I pickup E.Kane on waivers?? And have 4 LW?   

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    2. Zoolander


      @mastermind Filip Hronek. I roll with 6 Dmen because I try to always win Blocks, Hits, and PIMS.

      Kane obviously helps out with two of those categories though. 

      My issue is that my team will be lopsided (4 LW, 2 RW) so I may play less games than other teams.

    3. Master Mind

      Master Mind

      Kane will give you fewer games, but more quality. Depends how much the extra games mean for you. Could always look at the schedule and see how often all your LWs would play the same day

    4. Zoolander


      update: someone with higher priority yoinked him :(

  9. Best goaltending prospect since Carey Price

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Was fun to see him get ventilated at the WJHC. 

    2. Rubik





  10. Best shooter in this year's draft


    \ /



    1. Pears


      Someone needs to do whatever they can to get this kid and one of the Hughes bros. 

    2. hatedkid666


      Met him in Montreal at a Strip Club with some others members of the 67s after they lost in the final last year. After last call we went to the casino. 

    3. NHL'er


      @hatedkid666 Perfect he'll get along great with the locals at the Roxy.

  11. New Lafreniere hype vid. Might make one for Hughes next :) 




    1. J-23


      Nice video!


      Future Canuck right there.

    2. Zoolander
    3. Jaku


      Very nice!

  12. New EP40 Video :) 




  13. Just proposed Mrazek & Ekholm for Burns in Fantasy. Would you pull the trigger?

    1. Jaku


      Not likely. I wouldn't trade Burns for anything less than the family farm. 

  14. My Go-to for prospect info is Elite Prospects. And we've cracked the top 4 in their Pool rankings!

  15. Bianca Andreescuuuu! <3

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