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  1. The team stunk. But to be fair, the crowd wasn't rockin' tonight
  2. Haven't posted in awhile but wanted to chime in on opening night. I'm obviously concerned with Petey and the overall compete level of the team. But I can't help but notice anyone else other than Burroughs, Bailey, Dowling, Lammikko and Chiasson. The first 4 do not belong anywhere near the NHL, and the latter does not belong anywhere other than the 4th line...let alone PP1 You are only as strong as your weakest links —and in our case, our weakest links are paper thin. The good news: Motte, Hamonic, and Sutter are coming back. The bad news: Green's system will be sticking around.
  3. Well that's embarrassing, I never drop the ball on names With that said, yes I'd be stoked if we signed Jake!
  4. I was prepared to enter the season with Schmidt unhappy in the top 4 But that 6M just opened up a world of possibilities! Can't wait for tomorrow!
  5. I was thinking Mccabe, a 4C, and Luke Schenn but I like your shopping list better
  6. My guess: Luke Schenn (already appears to be a done deal) Brian McCabe and a bruising 4th line centre!!
  7. Blimey! We have more than enough for Petey and Hughes now. Schenn and Halak are on their way apparently. Who else we signing?!?!? HARD HITTING BRUISERS PLEASE AND THANKS JB
  8. I don't think Schmidt has a choice lol and he's way better than most of the dmen on the market currently. I'd wait before trading him. Edler I think could be convinced to come back. And Getzlaf is my go-to pick to play 4C but it could really be any veteran that has size and skill
  9. Hi everyone, I don't post on here as much as I used to but wanted to offer up a proposal that I think will round out our roster quite nicely for opening night. This roster assumes our RFA's (EP40, QH43, and CG83) all sign to reasonable deals but I won't speculate what sum and year each player will agree to. Proposal: 1. Sign Getzlaf ~2M/1year (approximate value. Will fill a similar role as Perry in MTL and Thornton in TOR) 2. Re-sign Edler (~2M/1year (approximate value. Gives Edler one last kick at the can. I know OEL replaces Edler and there's talk that Edler is as good as gone..... but I see this as an excellent pairing and believe the two Swedes could complement each other. Edler would be a heck of an upgrade over Demers or Lyubushkin who OEL played with in Arizona. 3. Keep Schmidt (His trade value is low right now and it will be higher towards the Trade Deadline - keep him until then) 2021/22 Roster: Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Garland - Horvat - Hoglander Pearson - Dickinson - Podkolzin Motte - Getzlaf - Highmore MacKewan OEL - Edler Hughes - Rathbone Schmidt - Myers Demko I see this roster as very well-balanced and it doesn't involve GMJB breaking the bank during Free Agency. Schmidt can leave at the deadline to free up cap space, and neither Getzlaf nor Edler will cause cap problems going forward. Let me know what you guys think!
  10. My take: We traded a lottery ticket, a scratch-and-sniff, and trash for A top pair Dman and a 2nd line point machine And 7M/Year is fair for OEL. The increasing cap over the next few seasons will only make this look better. Good trade for Vancouver! And this is coming from someone who was very high on McTavish/Johnson
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