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  1. Where there's smoke there is fire. These guys have women throwing themselves at them every day. In the late 1990's, you could to to Electric Ave. in Calgary after a game to where the Flames and the visiting team would stop after the game and the women at the bar were unbelievable. Dressed to the 9's and ready to go. Not knowing what Jake is accused of, but any professional hockey player can get action in his own town and any other NHL city, count on it. No need to do anything remotely illegal (ask Zack Kassian). This is a sign of a significant transgression. Either underage or dru
  2. The cap gives and takes away. Being hamstrung with Lou's contract and with Benning overpaying for Erikson, Shaller, and Beagle, we weren't going to get any good free agents. I thought we overpaid for Miller, but he was totally worth it. As a salary cap casualty I figured he should have cost us a second, not a conditional first and a third. When that conditional pick was traded for Coleman, I thought Tampa was totally on drugs. I guess that's why I am an unemployed oilfield guy and not a GM. What the hell Calgary was thinking when they signed Markstrom for 6x6 and Tanev
  3. When I saw the Vegas bench chirping in the first game, it showed the classless asses for what they are. The team obviously believed the press that they are shoe ins for the final series. They got fed some crow the next game, but you could see the same crap after they locked up game four. Fed them some crow last night. Not a lot of chirping going on after Miller's goal. Would love to see the young 'nucks bring the series home. Maybe Vegas could be holding the sticks tight tonight and we get another unbelievable game from Demko who showed everyone he is a clutch goalie. He looked tot
  4. The way he was favoring his left arm, it is likely a shoulder injury. Missing a few games at least. The depth on defense is thin and Meyers had an edge that will not be replaced easily. Depth up front is better, but Jake needs to take a page from Bo's book, and step up in all parts of his game. With his speed and build, he could be Raffi 2.0. He is just gun shy about being benched if he takes a bad penalty or maybe he is thinking too much. In any event, we need TT and Ferland back in when they are healthy. St. Louis with a goalie change will be tough in the next few games. The Canucks are in B
  5. It's always better to give than receive. Marginally illegal hit really, he just brings the elbow up at the end. The elbow contacted the chest and he brings it up and missed the guys head. If the elbow contacted the guys head directly, he would still be down. At the speed the play happened, he just reacted to a guy coming at him. I will take ten guys that play like him on my team any day.
  6. I have been reviewing Benning's draft picks in Buffalo and Boston, from when he became head of scouting and later assistant GM. Like most draft results, not a lot of those picks made it to the NHL usually the picks from the top three rounds. I did notice that some of his later picks did become quite successful in the NHL. Of note, Paul Gaustad a larger forward with 19 points in Portland in 2000 as a seventh round pick who has played ten seasons in the NHL. Also Dennis Wideman in 2002 a defenseman in the eighth round, also with a successful and lengthy career. I guess what I am saying
  7. You can't teach reach or speed. Virtanen has great speed, decent size, and a good shot, the only thing to worry about is his ability to adapt those to the next level. If he interviews well and has a good attitude to adjust his game, then he would be a good pick where we are. Character is the only concern with him. Calgary will probably pick Ritchie or Virtanen with their pick, so we may not need to argue about it.
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