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  1. I think I can safely say this season is a write off for any thoughts of playoffs, and they are better off long term bottoming out , dumping salary, ufa’s and underachievers where possible they are at least a couple years away from anything real. last years teaser was all about Benning not the long term of the team or we would have traded off Markstrom for a first
  2. I think I can say now that the Benning love in is over Best bet have someone close to the team come in before the trade deadline and trim the fat and shed any upcoming UFA’s for what ever they can get including dumping Virtanen. I think the person be hired as a president for now. Gilman would make a decent President, or even give Stan Smyl a shot at it, as he has been in a variety of positions and they do have a habit of bringing staff up through the system. then shop in the off season for a GM
  3. I think the problem is at the top benning has spent the money to the max and this is what we get maybe if he kept all those second rounders we might have some defense
  4. They have to get in his face , cause he has a temper. Snow in the face to start power forward drives to the net right through him
  5. Ya Gaglardi let’s people he hired run the business but it set us back going all in
  6. I would rather not have the token playoff spot and continued building where we are weak via drafting and smart trading for a long term result instead misleading people with false hope basically it was unsustainable and they knew it. why even pick toffoli to begin with. waste of prospects and draft picks
  7. The team is blown up and there’s nothing to show for players who walked that is a mistake any way you look at it quinn would be chuckling under his breath watching this clown fumble through everything he touches
  8. Agreed,Canucks are going to be very desperate especially being on Saturday night HNIC I think they pull this one out. 3-2 OT
  9. Quinn would be rolling over in his grave right now. i remember when he was being interviewed way back when, talking about how you don’t let your players go to a divisional rival ever, as it will always come back to bite you in the a$$. Benning new he wasn’t going to resign any of those 4 guys well before hand, so why the hell did he not at least use his powers to control where they go at the deadline, plus, Markstrom would have got us a low 1st, as well the others might have fetched us some picks, so what gives????? Rookie mistakes costing us year after year
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