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  1. IMO Hughes is WAY more dynamic offensively than a Brodie or Barrie they shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentense. Brodie and Barrie at the same age never even recorded their first NHL points yet. Hughes at this point already has 2 season in the 60pt range and is only getting better. Barrie only reached these heights last year playing with McJesus and Brodie hasn't even come close. HE may never be a Hedman type but he's at the very least Karlsson esque a guy who in his prime will put up close to ppg numbers. You're really underrating Hughes here IMO. We tend fo
  2. Elias Pettersson without a doubt. He’s gonna hit 90 pts this season who voted for OEL?
  3. Vancouver: Got rid of alot of dead weight and added some great players HM to New Jersey they're going to surprise alot of people.
  4. Would love Ritchie. Good net front presence, can play hockey and sticks up for teammates.
  5. This is why they'll never win a cup. When's the last time a team won without a legit 1C
  6. Definitely 3/4 Kings wins were one goal games. Who knowns Daniel Sedin likely would have tipped those in our favour.
  7. Sure sign him and have him do drills vs MacEwen/Gadjovich, dump it into his corner and go to town. See what breaks first his spirit or his body.
  8. It's ridiculous how this team doesn't give two sh*ts about each other. Justin Bailey got hit from behind and had his season ended by Lucic, the reaction? Same old turn the other cheek, pretended they didn't see it. Boeser got hit from behind during a PRE-SEASON GAME, zero response. WTF it's a pre-season game who gives a sh*t bout the W, beat his as* down. The Rangers are a smaller team than Vancouver even they had a better response to dirty cheap shots.
  9. I'm still not sold on the Sens tbh, Ottawa Senators Fowards - Down the middle they got White (who was heavily sheltered last year) Tierney and Anisimov (nothing to write home about). They upgraded their top 6 with Dadonov but losing Duclair almost offsets that. barring any surprises( Stuetzle or Norris) they'll struggle to score again. Defense - After Thomas Chabot there's a massive drop off. Brannstrom may be NHL ready but still needs to be sheltered and they have nobody to do it. On the right side their top 2 is Gudbranson and Zaitsev. Goalt
  10. Petterson - Horvat - Miller down the middle is downright scary and not many teams can match that. We're not too far off from turning that wet fart into a strong and loud fart with enough velocity to rattle butt cheeks when released. This could've been our balanced top 9 in the bubble. Ferland- EP - Virtanen. Ferland has underrated offensive instincts Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli Tanner and TT have chemistry Gaudette - Miller - Boeser All american line
  11. I don't agree on that either. I think we would be top 3 in a Canadian division. Our young core will be another year stronger. Also don't underestimate the impact of Schmidtty, we score alot of our goals in transition off the rush and with him/Hughes on the ice for 45+ mins a game we will spend less time defending and alot more time attacking. I may be the minority here but IMO the other Canadian teams didn't improve all that much other than the bottom-feeding Senators who we should still feast on. Calgary - marginal improvement due to upgrade in goal. Def
  12. There was one video i saw him in a Bruins jersey, that was enough for me
  13. JB bringing back the dreaded Persson- Pettersson combo from 17-18 Vaxjo Lakers.
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