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  1. Bump please, Mrazek should be on Nhl roster
  2. Detroit sends down Samuel Ersson
  3. Detroit designates Zach Benson and Domenic Di Vincentiis for ELC slides @Gator
  4. Detroit Red Wings Lines A. Svechnikov (C) - N. Schmaltz - A. DeBrincat M. Boldy (A) - R. Colton - J. Vrana J. Parssinen - S. Laughton - D. Guenther Z. Girgensons - J. Evans - N. Aube-Kubel ??? - ??? V. Dunn (A) - C. Addison L. Carlsson - A. Carrier H. Thrun - E. Bear D. Chisholm C. Ingram S. Ersson In the System: Z. Benson - O. Moore - N. Kovalenko M. Khusnutdinov - C. Ritchie - A. Gritsyuk I. Fedotov - O. Fisker-Mølgaard - V. Moroz B. Hendrickson - J. Willis A. Nikishin - D. Pylenkov L. Cagnoni - C. Ceulemans T. Bertucci V. Zherenko D. Hildeby D. Di Vincentiis
  5. Detroit recalls Declan Chisholm
  6. Detroit selects Beckett Hendrickson
  7. Detroit selects Declan Chisholm with other missed pick
  8. Detroit selects Joseph Willis with our first missed pick
  9. Detroit selects Matthew Mania @BigTramFan
  10. Detroit recalls Lucas Carlsson to NHL roster
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