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  1. Quinn plays over 22 min a night, but lets not let the facts get in the way of a good story. Every team is targeting him physically and the canucks have played 14 games in the first 23 days of the season. 2 more than any other team in the league. Thats a heavy work load for an abbreviated camp and no pre season. Hes obviously worn down. He gets ran hard last game an instead of inserting zac back in the line up they put loui in. We need somebody to deter opponents from taking liberties on our best young players. Its pretty obvious we are the softest team in the northern division.
  2. You can do both, getting in a fight doesnt exclude you from winning the game. I guess Simmonds isnt as tough as the Toronto media makes him out to be when Milan is sitting on the other bench. Like when Montreal had a problem with the Myers hit, they made him answer the bell the first period of the next game and still won.
  3. Ya but if everybody stoops to tkachuks level then we have a bunch of idiots instead of just one. If the leafs really had that big of a problem with Tkatchuk 18 players had 60 min to challenge him to a fight.
  4. Haha the funny thing is if Tkachuk did that to Mathews or Marner the media would be calling for a lifetime ban.
  5. I stated no anthem singer is the face of a franchise and comparing anti maskers and women abusers isnt a fair comparison. And somehow you got hireing a woman abuser is all good? You just like to argue even if you dont know what youre arguing about. Basically a troll.
  6. i dont know how you got that but ok
  7. so if youre daughters dating a anti masker, its pretty much the same as dating a women abuser? One was convicted in the court of public opinion and one in the court of law ,but ya basically the same thing.
  8. no youre right because you havent read the articles from reputable news sources it must not have happened. Instead of looking it up youd rather banter like pre schoolers on a online form
  9. I never said he shouldnt be fired. Just not publicly shamed by somebodys that had to pay hundreds of thousands in wcb fines and wages theft. And comparing an anti masker to women abusers is a bit much. And no anthem singer is the face or the org..
  10. If youre to lazy to look up facts about a topic youre calling someone out on its your own problem. Its all public info.
  11. Google wcb francesco aquilini see for yourself
  12. Well thanks for letting me know what we all can do. Very informative
  13. Thanks tips, my point was he shouldnt be playing moral police on twitter when he has a long history of mistreating employees and safety violations. He could have let canucks twitter annouce they were parting ways with Mark. In what world is a part time anthem singer a " face of the org"? Lose money how? People will stop going to games nobody is aloud to attend? Rogers want to redo the t.v. deal? Somebody wont buy the new petey sweater because Marks an idiot haha.
  14. To bad Francesco isnt as concerned about workplace safety as he is about public safety. He sure changed his tune once him and his family members were the ones at risk. Somebody with that many wcb violations talking about safety is hypocritical.
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