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  1. Smoke and mirrors... so many conflicting reports that I find it hard to believe anyone actually knows what's going on besides Hamonic and Benning/Green
  2. Nedeljkovic is a great goalie but if you look at both of Carolina's goalies stats from the last season or two they are pretty damn close, speaks to how much of a solid team defensive structure they have. I think his game will suffer somewhat behind a d core that doesn't feature Hamilton, Slavin, Pesce etc. Greiss gets the start tonight anyways so it's a moot point.
  3. I believe there's a number of years of pro contracts that also determines eligibility, he'll have to clear waivers.
  4. I thought he looked great but could use some polish and he'll definitely get games as a waiver free call up this year. Let him lead the PK and work on his offensive touch in Abby and he'll be a mainstay by next season if not sooner.
  5. He tested positive for COVID as he was on his way here from Buffalo and just cleared quarantine. He was vaccinated and said he felt no symptoms.
  6. Yeah if by 38 goal season he means games then Henrik Sedin had a ton of 82 goal seasons
  7. It's okay, we can just claim Dahlen when the Sharks waive him in favour of keeping Gadjovich /s
  8. Petan - Pettersson - Garland Bailey - Miller - Podz Chiasson - Dickenson - MacEwan Dries - Focht - Lockwood Hughes - Poolman Rathbone - Bowey Hunt - Burroughs Halak Demko That's my best guess at least... I see this as the last battle between Hunt & Rathbone for the last LD spot and that Juolevi has made the team (am I being too optimistic?) Petan, Bailey, MacEwan, Chiasson, Dries, Focht all forwards on the bubble. Dries, Focht, Bowey & Burroughs are my obvious choices for cuts though Burroughs has had a solid camp and could be a dark horse fill in for Hamonic for a while.
  9. Can you elaborate on why his cap hit increases if he starts the year in the AHL and is recalled later? Does it have to do with bonuses being deferred to next season?
  10. I wouldn't have considered it going into the season but I actually think it might be best for him. Even if he's only there until Christmas, it's not like past years where we're sending him across the continent. Even last year in the KHL he was up and down between the minors and the K, where both teams were also in the same city. I think he might end up only playing 40-50 games in the NHL this year which is not the worst thing for his development. I don't see any glaring deficiencies and he is solid defensively but it could serve him best in the long run to get bigger minutes in Abby and to polish off his skating some more. I think Rathbone is in a similar boat. It will only help to have some real blue chip prospect depth at the top of the call up list, especially if it means not having to waive a guy like Gadjovich who I think has had a really strong showing this pre-season.
  11. That $28M doesn't account for Petey and Hughes so it will be closer to $13M barring any trades, but that should still be more than enough to give Boeser ~7 and 5-6 between bridges for Rathbone and Juolevi plus other depth
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