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  1. You can be signed and have your contract slide, it's very common actually. Not that I would expect EP to concern himself with this knowledge considering how much time he spent in the CHL and AHL
  2. I don't believe that's correct, +35 just means the cap hit doesn't disappear if they retire.
  3. Solid deal. Bo has needed a RH playmaker for some time and I think this could push him to 30G/70P this year!
  4. Yeah they mentioned it on the last broadcast, that he'd be back by I believe Sunday.
  5. Anyone find a place to watch online? Any DMs would be appreciated <3
  6. My oilers fan buddy has been insufferable chirping me all season. For years in fact. I've been politely saying, yeah you guys are having a great year. Let's see what happens in the playoffs. I hope he's alright....
  7. It was confirmed right after the trade deadline I believe - to do with rookie bonuses not being able to go into LTIR cap space vs replacement players.
  8. Or maybe see the numerous posts and tweets confirming that it was actually cap issues that kept him out of the lineup.
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