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  1. To be fair, there are not even that many players in JUNIOR who play 25 minutes a night who don't end up being at the very least NHL contributors.
  2. Sign Ovechkin. Bring on Tryamkin and Podkolzin. Ovechkin - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Podkolzin Hoglander - Gaudette - Virtanen Motte - Beagle - MacEwen Hughes - Schmidt Juolevi - Tryamkin Edler - Myers Demko
  3. It's a fake account, just went through this with my buds in the group chat lol
  4. He's turning 22 this month. He nearly tripled his AHL rookie season point total in his 2nd year (from 17 to 44) for just under 0.75 P/G while averaging 1PIM/G as an in your face agitator type of player. Not sure what your expectations are for him but I see a successful young player taking all the right steps towards being a full time NHL middle six forward within 1-2 years. Edit: This is Hoglander talk lol. The training staff is very high on him it seems, he definitely has an advantage because of how hard he works in the gym combined with his natural skill and intelligence. He's got a great leg up on this season and it looks like he's taking another step forward in the SHL. Would be interesting to potentially see him at training camp this year.
  5. I think he and Woo will be great physical depth additions at the bottom of the lineup in a year or two to replace guys we currently have in those spots like Roussel & Benn.
  6. Roussel - (bag o'pucks) - Reaves would be the most hated line in the NHL by far lol.
  7. I heard they're also signing Markstrom this offseason!
  8. I agree, though the LD spots are filling up quickly. NHL: Hughes Edler Benn/Fanta Juolevi AHL: Rathbone Brisebois Teves With Utunen (and hopefully Tryamkin) coming in soon.
  9. Sautner is UFA and will probably be replaced by Rathbone next year. Not sure about Brisebois though.