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  1. I won't be quiet, to keep the discussion going if you like? I will provide "fair' questions and opinions Is there many Stanley Cup teams that were never making the playoffs while at the bottom of the standings for years, that traded so many 1st and high 2nd round picks and won a cup shortly after? Will Miller be here when we are in the finals? Where are the young Talented skilled picks being groomed for 4 yrs from now to insert ? We are not winning the cup next year and almost all the current talented players will need to be signed within 3 years When you h
  2. Hmmm, then why did OEL give only Vancouver and Boston as his only trade options?
  3. Exactly,, we just signed him to this contract a year ago, surely someone must find it a deal without ANY retention
  4. I wasn't one who said he was the worst contract in the NHL (nor been been bothered to google who they are) Long contracts given to players in their 30's rarely pan out like Loui, Lou and the "Messier" ones we signed etc That is why i have never been a fan of signing overpaid UFA Yes it is a big gamble and seeing as he is not on the upside of his career it is a lot of money to gamble with and have him making more than anyone else on the team He is not and won't be our best player or face of the team for the next 6 yrs,( now had they got the retention down to 6m)
  5. You could have been talking about another 30 yr old we signed years ago (that i bolded), Sources then were saying the Canucks over paid with a horrible amount of money and term and fans saying what you are now about OEL JB said this upon the signing “Loui is an excellent two-way forward, an elite scorer and playmaker with great defensive instincts,” Canucks general manager Jim Benning said in a press release. “He is an accomplished player who helps our team now and in the future as a leader and role model for our young players to follow. We’re excited to have Loui join our team
  6. Remember when many were positive with these signings ? Hopefully none of the recent moves will have cause the same anxiety to be rid of them in a short span I think we will be a much better team than last year (which wasn't hard to do) I am not so sure we have the assets now to be the best in the future now though ? I question if the objective is just short range in just not to be at the bottom of the standings anymore (like we have been for many years), now that stadiums may start filling up We will win more games now, but i want to see us win it all for once
  7. I remember hearing for years that is wasn't Virtanen's fault, including this year. that it was Green's fault for not using him on the 1st line or PK
  8. You just know if he gets back in the NHL and plays against us, he will be playing and hitting hard and the player we all wanted him to be and bug the fans
  9. The part i don't find masterful is that OEL stated he'd only wave for Boston or Vancouver (much like Kesler did to us), so we were dealing from strength OEL on the downside for 2 years and knowing he is making more than your young stars was the added strength that you had to counter with MORE than 12% retention They knew how bad JB had wanted this player and he bought high again (with only 1 team to bid against)
  10. Is OEL at 7,25 better than EP and Quinn AT 7 AND 6 .? Not sure why some don't hold value with 1st rounds? JB already stated 9 very good picks before we got the 9th pick No one was expecting Boeser or EP to make impacts right away, so why make light of this years picks, just because we traded it? I think the last 2 years we have jumped the gun on trading picks for players who won't be of value in 2+ years and would have had no worse result than last year I agree we will be a better team, but what is the objective? I think we lost strength to push us OVER the
  11. Well considering our core was built with 1st rounders, I say yeah they are value ! Are these guys taking us to the top next year? With OEL only allowing to be traded to Boston or Vancouver, we were dealing from strength I would just like to know where all our talented young cheaper inserts will come from? Do you think we are a top team now? We are a presidents Cup team pushing it further now? Sorry until that time, top 9 1st round picks are relevant and always hold value as my assets Remember before we got the 9th pick , JB saying there are 9 really g
  12. His most expensive reclamation acquisition yet How did the other cheaper ones go? Do people think we are Cup contenders now? Where will the new skilled cheaper players come when we are? A huge risk if you don't consider this making us cup contenders do you not believe?
  13. Does anyone that is excited about this now, remember being excited about LE being signed? I wasn't then and i am not now Hopefully OEL doesn't score in our own net and be the next LE 2.0 where fans are always saying buy out for years to come Arizona is relieved to be out from that outrageous contract and not worry about signing Garland This is not a Pat Quinn type move to make the team better We bought high once again, and with little in draft picks for awhile, where will the talented cheap players come from?
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