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  1. Wow, suitable name Defcon Defense (Hughes) readiness condition (Good thing your finger isn't on the button in the real world in the USAF) What is wrong with you? Puberty or hormonal issues? Asking what my point is and then assuming and reacting to what you assumed, it was ? When you said, this is as "assinine" you must have meant this is as assasme? (surely not asinine) I never put down Hughes or said he should be traded, many are talking about his offense and his lack of defense (which is fair points) If he was excelling at defense as his offense he would be a superstar, for now he is a star I wasn't making a point, i was asking a question, that if we never had a offensive defenseman before Quinn why didn't we try putting Goldy or another playmaking forward we had on contract back on defense that we never had room up front for?
  2. Can you comprehend at all? Your reply had nothing to do with what i asked BTW the before Hughes reference should have clued you in
  3. Question Just wondering, If we never had a Offensive Defenseman (before Quinn) who would be a liability on defense , Why didn't we ever try putting Goldy or some other offensive forward back there, that we had no room for up front?
  4. Jake is $3.4 million next year and Heinen will only be $1.2 your thinking? If you think Heinen has more potential then why are we paying almost 3x as much Jake next year?
  5. My guess is that other GM's are aware of this and will not offer fair value in return ?
  6. With this a lost season appearing most likely If Jake is traded: Is it more important to fans to trade within division and get a immediate return? Best player available that would require quarantine and possibly lose in ED ? Draft pick or protected ED player?
  7. What if New Jersey inquires about wanting to get the Hughes together? What would you say or want in return?
  8. It is a good poll I have been a Canuck fan long enough to know that they will go on a winning streak soon till the end of the season, but still miss the playoffs, miss out on a top pick and give us false hope that the coming year we will play like how we played at the end and no one should be moved or let go The Stanley Cups is one of the hardest trophies to win, You need to be strong both physically and mentally all year or you lose out to the teams who were stronger After all these years I'm getting tired of making excuses for them like i use too, (or hearing them now), as i said it is like me fooling myself that i am a better golfer than i am, if only i hadn't blown a few shots and yet i end up with basically the same scores. Maybe i could be better if i apply myself and with better discipline? Now i accept that i am no pro and let go of excuses and enjoy my rec. game more and don't make excuses for the Canucks either, as one great Canuck said, It is what it is
  9. I agree the drafting is the scouts show as all the top Gm's have stated because they do all the work travelling and seeing these guys and then they all get together and decide by committee. JB is the spokesman after hearing what they say Coaches and Gm's do the Pro level players evaluation of proven NHL players to assess for making trades ( which says a lot, concerning that has been our weakest management decisions) Anyways, I just responded, because i found it ironic you said that with Benning as your avatar
  10. He isn't a bottom six player and was given the opportunity which he never relinquished, like others who were put in top 6 roles have i think the point they were making is he wasn't kept there why not earning the spot, so it wasn't gifted, he proved he belonged there Did EP start on 4th? these guys proved they belong there
  11. Surprised Aquaman would let him He said the exact same thing last February and got that guy I think He will run out of time again, only on him staying here this time Getting tired of mortgaging the future for now with high cap and letting players walk for free after you do that, when we need a lot more cheaper skilled youth coming back Think it is best we trade some players for protected ED No need to save JB job, when we simply are not good enough to win a cup this year with a top 6 forward at this time Enough is enough of this failed vision I want a team for the future, not mediocracy for now
  12. Bring Trevor, Messier and Keenan back as Management team On a serious note I wonder if Smyl would make a good president? He has been with the Canucks forever, has been exposed to many different Regimes and different styles and has Always been a Canuck He has had a long apprenticeship in the Organization at many levels
  13. I'd keep Myers at $4 (not interested if other teams want to pay more, always something else available in everything in life) $3 keep Luongo as Demko's Backup (What is Holtby making anyways, Don't see him on the list)? Benn is cheap enough experience But why did we get in bidding wars for these other, that other veterans at 1/2 the price could have provided? If some people are willing to give me $10000 for a 71 rusted Pinto, are you givin me $11000? You pay what you are comfortable in what you think is good value, Paying Top dollar , is not good value