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  1. Marchand was a 3rd round not 3rd overall - Good production for 3rd rounder isn't he ?
  2. I think it speaks more towards the lack of empathy and morals of these individuals more than anything else
  3. So words are more hurtful than deeds done What was the fine to the player NHL priorties
  4. Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger · 5h I’m told the
  5. Remembering yrs ago when Virtanen was new with no history and got suspension for recklessness Panarin out, so should Wilson for his
  6. Edler is a Goon and the type of publicity the NHL doesn't want Wilson is the poster child of the players they want
  7. More from Bieksa - Wishing he was still affiliated with our team in some form, Be nice if he still wanted to be part of the ship https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/amp/canucks-hockey/bieksa-on-canucks-i-think-you-can-do-a-rebuild-without-missing-the-playoffs-for-5-years-3746468 Bieksa on Canucks — “I think you can do a rebuild without missing the playoffs for 5 years” Kevin Bieksa gave his frank opinion on the Vancouver Canucks rebuild during an appearance on Sportsnet 650.Darryl Dyck / CP One year into Jim Benning’s tenure as
  8. While restrictions good in theory WHY do BC residents have restrictions while Yet International Flights continue? Just yesterday i saw driving on side streets plates from Washington and Alberta and RV Trailers driving? SO You try to keep BC Residents locked up, while allowing everyone else to do as they please in BC?
  9. If he s innocent, maybe this is the thing that makes him change his way in life and hockey and he matures and takes his job and life more serious and becomes better in both? There has been too much drama and distraction for a player who is not a star, if he is innocent it will be interesting to see what the Canucks do with him, his contract looked like a show us something or we will buy you out after this year, either way he gets money and maybe he saw that as easy money to retire on and chill with friends (but who are probably starting new careers, married, soon to have children and no t
  10. What kind of effort though, just hard on the puck ? I think he doesn't like to hit too hard, so guys don't come after him for it and why he doesn't do more than wrestle with someone if they hit one of his team mates in a vulnerable situation Wonder how many times in all these years this bigger guy has come to a fallen comrades defense? Not enough to be a good team mate and just a fringe player on this team with no consistent role he fills He would be lucky if Seattle takes him and he stays close to his family and friends, but should've been shipped out East for some asset r
  11. I never had a problem with Linden inquiring on opinions from his respected friends He knows how to grow a business, i'd rather have a guy inquire and then decide after hearing the reasoning Ever try telling a cocky guy he is doing something wrong? Curious as to who released the story in the first place? Someone he hired? I agree a team builder is needed
  12. His name may say Dumb, but i don't believe it was a Trump approved Bleach one and instead was a Canadian Government approved one
  13. I wasn't impressed from Millers lack of determination to get the puck back after he turned it over in our own end each time I like how EP and Hogs care when they gave done that Miller is a star and older player and setting an example that i don't think is a good one There is more to hockey than individual points and glory and hopefully it was a bad game and we will see a more determined Miller tonight
  14. When did you decide to cut him loose? Was it before he was offered his new contract ? Why i ask is if you were pushing for keeping TT and let Jake walk instead, I would consider you for our next GM of vision Think the Canucks are in tough with him and were afraid of letting a #6 o/a just walk after investing so much into him, maybe they thought they should have got more for a trade (if one was offered)?, now they get nothing with Kraken taking him? Maybe the change of scenery is the best for him to change his own game (and Seattle is still close for his friends and family)
  15. Just glad the Scouts got it right and agreed after following him https://www.expressen.se/sport/hockey/n ... -fa-elias/
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