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  1. As of today I believe the US will not allow AZ vaccinators to enter the USA Nov8 I do expect the USA to change that though, just as i expect the testing to be dropped for vaccinators entering which the USA wants This is a trade off that both sides want from each other Nearly 1/2 of USA trips from Canadians are daytrips and 2/3 of trips were by car
  2. Just wondering where money comes from? Liberals swept and hid it onto ICBC before a pandemic and major fires Less people working, companies closing, Lost tax revenue from Covid, cost of forest fires daily was crazy, probably snow fight this year, covid bailouts, We need more Hospitals, roads, bridges Maybe charge the people making the big money for proportional share of sustaining society? that includes the Canuck players This should be done in all North American Cities Funny everything was built in this province many many years ago with a strong union middleclass and things have been deteriorating ever since ;(
  3. He plays in the Worlds Best Elite Hockey league and makes $950,000 a year Guess we are all losers here on your standard, as we're only commenting on players that play
  4. Just like when Walken needed more Cowbell We need more hits on Keith like this for entertainment
  5. Ha, I thought they were pitching a retired ball player when i saw the name
  6. Now if we can only hit Keith every time we play them that would be awesome and fun to watch like this game was
  7. In February of last year Benning said after trading Madden and a pick "I feel we have seven players, young players, in our system that i think are going to be on our team here in the next two or three years I count , like, seven on the CONSERVATIVE side, that's two-thirds of our team in the next three years that are going to be 25 years or younger. I don;t think it's a change in philosophy, i just felt like we have enough depth in the prospect pool that we can give up Madden" He also stated in this interview that Zach MacEwen was ready to be an everyday NHL player He never mentioned his super seven I presume he was referring to Hoglander (on the team at the time), Podkolson, Lind, Juolevi, Rafferty, Rathbone DiPietro? Gads had me changing in a positive way of how he would be a welcome addition at some point To answer your question of are prospects we sign not as good as we think? I wonder how long is it before the next prospects we hope for will be on waivers for nothing as well and our cupboards bare, without a Stanley Cup appearance even
  8. As long as they are trying and engaged and proud to wear and represent the team and city, the skill and upgrade may be questioned, but people won't whip as this subject suggests
  9. Benning He is still dealing with a personal matter, When he gets in, he can start skating and join us He signed a contract and isn't at least skating while being paid? Doesn't sound like a guy coming back anytime soon Hamonic has his personal matters Benning has his matters to address with fielding a team Hamonic cleared waivers and now aware that only the Canucks are interested in him and his contract and situation This is a situation the team didn't cause or are responsible for, so best to suspend and move on from This team does not need anymore drama or distractions as it has had enough of that
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