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  1. Jake is like a modern day Jim Sandlak We traded Cam Neely because of drafting Sandlak It wasn't Jim's fault the Canucks made the trade and that he never became the player Neely turned into Like Sandlak, Jake will never have the impact of Neely either Jake should not have been picked 6th, but that isn't his fault he was either
  2. Compare how players dominate over their peers in different eras (It isn't close) It is like taking and runner, swimmer golfer tennis player, man does excel The greats from every era, push present and future athletes to excel
  3. They wouldn't put Miller, or Boeser now on 3rd He should shine against lesser skill set though If Podz was not in Russia this year, what then? Benning already stated he could play in the NHL now (rotate them)?
  4. Only predictions are not reality Who predicted the 82 Canucks ? I am just glad to see some hockey and see how we will do, as long as the effort is there this year i will be ok
  5. How one can say that with a lottery system that we would have lost Petey, had we picked Tkachuk ? We may have instead got the #1 pick with a Tkachuk too, and maybe not even picked EP With a lottery system anything can happen (Wheel of Fortune) Anyways, i wasn't going down a rabbit hole and was just being silly
  6. Just listened to Brian Burke talking positive about LE. Said he is a good player and that Benning isn't going to sleep at night worrying about the player, maybe his pay. but that is on the GM, not the player and never is (this from a GM, not looking for a job)
  7. Lol We could have traded down to #25 and got David Pastrnak and a pick or asset too for our 6 pick
  8. Sarcasm? I don't know iceman, you still sound pissed Cheer up It's The start of (hopefully) a much better year than the last one
  9. Just saw this yesterday and cracked me up 2 other guys wanting Mary, had given the Dog and mother speed to ruin Ted's date
  10. I was going to comment on Podz but this was the last entry, so i will respond to it Benning publicly stated before the BB injury he wanted a top 6 winger on our team (Not a rental) TT did Not do anything to get us into the play-ins, He was scoring, but we were losing more games than we were winning with him, and he wasn't avail for most of playoffs, but Maybe Madden, or the draft pick traded for him did not have to play in Vancouver, but they were assets that could have been used for defensive help if traded and what i had mentioned at the time of picking him up, That being said the trade was made, and too bad the Canucks were not able to wait and try to work something out to retain him at a decent cost and Stetcher for depth cheap (defense wins cups i mentioned then and was a weaker spot for us then and still ) Podz could be the compliment to EP like Messier was to Gretzky (M even started out as a winger) But having a hard nose skilled winger on the 2nd line could work out well Wasn't it Larionev who said he reminds him of a younger Messier? Watching the Russians play though, no one stands out to me, like Stutzle has for his team
  11. Thinking a crouching skating stance could be dangerous with big heavy fast NHL players and plays developing fast, and be more susceptible to a head injury, might be a concern for the Canucks?
  12. Lol we lost TT because we were Always at or near the top of the cap like the Top 6 teams, while being at the basement for over 1/2 decade as I stated , and left little options available End of story;) Anyways, it is what it is now, hopefully they realize the mistakes now, and there will no longer be an over indulgence of spending on the Bottom 6 anymore Will be glad when we get value on our cap spending in a few years hopefully
  13. I think it i much too early to rank him , as his NHL window has been short Markstrom was a good starter at 28? Demko is 25, Nobody wanted Marky at 25? when he passed waivers I think we will see what we have soon as it is too early to say for sure I don't think he is as bad as he was when thrust into the regular season, or as good when thrust in the Playoffs I think he will be steady in between those two peaks with more upside games than downside games and will continue to grow and be a better goalie
  14. Canadian players do not like routing anymore than us watching it, It is not good for them to get ready for stiffer competition and actually hurts us to play these games. You have to not get lazy and let up though, after 6-0 they lose any satisfaction. (It is like 12 yr olds whipping 7 yr olds no satisfaction or much to be gained, other than getting your legs a work out)