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  1. I agree keep him, what if Demko has a serious injury?, top teams have depth to cover That is a trade you maybe do when you are ready to go to the end, not the time for it right now imo
  2. I have wanted JB to ease trading picks for years and i doubt it is in him that he can be frugal with picks and money, unless it lands on his lap On Spending - He reminds me of when i first started earing my own money and could buy what i wanted On Assets, - When i would put my car or motorcycle up for sale and had multiple interest immediately at full value, I would back off and think i should keep it as others want it or sometimes someone would give me a good offer right off the bat and i didn't take it and held out for more, and after quite awhile I had to settle for less -
  3. I think the statue infuriates the league officials more than todays referees though I can't recall when the Canucks would some out the aggressor and get retaliatory calls for a team taking offense to the hits? It would be nice to see the Canucks come out hitting and if they start calling penalties then win with skill and finesse the rest of the way and win with a multifunctional team that can play both ways if needed (What team doesn't want that tough)
  4. I have found that frustrating to watch myself, myself and we always seem to get the instigator while other teams don't. and wonder why it is this way? The Marchant incident brought up earlier was obviously allowed to happen, because the ref didn't want to give the Canucks a PP (which they excelled at) and were waiting for Daniel to do something and call them both, Why would they do this though? Does the NHL have a plan too? What is better for the image, strength and growth of the league, with who wins ? Dislike the owner? Dislike the Statue of our team glorifying a co
  5. When people say who we could have drafted, Boston in 2015 had 13,14,15 1st round picks and still available was Barzal, Boeser, Connor, Chabot ,Aho, Konecky as examples, Imagine if they had drafted any of those younger guys as well (all 23/24 yrs old)
  6. I don't think we need to add expensive names, we need depth like the 94 team that was multi-dimensional. They had great goaltending with Kirk McLean, great leadership with Trevor Linden and dynamic scoring with Pavel Bure. Players like Dave Babych, Dana Murzyn, Gerald Diduck, Sergio Momesso, Gino Odjick, Shawn Antoski and Tim Hunter provided size and grit. Meanwhile, players like Cliff Ronning, Geoff Courtnall, Greg Adams, Martin Gelinas, Murray Craven, Jyrki Lumme and Jeff Brown provided talent-laden depth.that team turned around quickly with adding the right mix at a low cost
  7. I agree, But the owners decided that they didn't want that and allowed a rule, to probably protect them from bad publicity of how badly games are managed by refereeing games to keep parity, just like the point scoring system does, and keeps fans interested in all NHL teams to make money for those owners
  8. I get frustrated with obvious calls ignored that could result in a goal or scoring chance, and then a touch called with no effect on a play or scoring chance
  9. But the players say he is the best player, not the best points producer I Give Mckinnon the better team over McDavid I have seen McDavid skate back plenty, that guy covers more ice in a hockey game than any other player He was in on something like 65% of the Oilers scoring, Hockey is a team sport, you have to rely and have confidence in everyone doing their job to be good Colorado has the skill to not rely on McKinnon to be better I think when Mckinnon began practicing with McDavid, is when he broke out Both are Great players We differ on our opinions,
  10. Wondering why all the Coaches,Gm's,experts, but most of all Players vote McDavid as the Best player in the world then? One would think the players would especially know and wanna spread glory around ? Maybe we should keep him off Team Canada so we can win then
  11. One player does not make a team McDavid has to play Forward ,Defenceman, Goalie it appears if his team is to win, that is how bad Oilers are Oilers and Avalanche 2 very different teams If McDavid was an Avalanche, he could rest and go full tilt every shift and the Avalanche would not be worse swapping these players out !
  12. Guys like Eichel,McDavid,Draisaitl,Doughty,Karlsson,Marner,Tavares,Matthews etc went for the Big pay and may never see cups (or again for some of them) Moneywise they got what they want, if your team sucks they should look at their % of team cap they use up and realize once you sign a big contract you may not experience having fun and winning like you hoped and lose interest, under perform or come up with injury to stop the boredom or frustration I think you need to plan what % of cap you need to be successful on each player , what you have in the system and trade him high before you
  13. So glad that in 2015 with the 13,14,15th overall picks, that Boston didn't pick Aho, Barzal, Boeser, or Konecny that were still available, or we may have seen a dynasty
  14. Reminds me of when one of our guys said, My contract sucks Yet, he got traded (to where he wanted too as well) and still screwed us for giving him a "horrible" contract and trading him to a place that made him happy
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