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  1. Yes that's why he's not with the organization anymore and I'm replacing him When do I start?
  2. Watched Fabbro back when he was playing for BU. I posted about how Keller and McAvoy were stand outs while Fabbro had lots left to be desired back then as well. I should replace Brackett
  3. Lol Virtanen is way closer to an eclair than Leclair.
  4. Probably not gonna make the show but always liked Brad Morrison when he was playing juniors. Fun guy to watch.
  5. Even draft position aside, he's been horrible. Doesn't do what a third liner is supposed to do, and I'm not convinced his recently improved form is going to be consistent. If he does better elsewhere it's not because we didn't give him a chance.
  6. Jason Robertson is underrated

  7. I dont know but he had more points in his rookie season than Jake ever did in any season
  8. What happens to his caphit?
  9. If this year's draft used standings from the season before, would you defer our first round pick or use it? 

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    2. coastal.view


      no you have it wrong goalie13

      if nucks miss the playoffs the pick stays

      so you are missing all the points of the question


      if the nucks have an option

      i say they use the pick asap

      and happily give up the pick next off season

      team is on the upswing

      and using the pick now only strengthens the team a year early

    3. goalie13


      @coastal.view, unlike the Gretzky thing, I think I have it right this time.  

      From CapFriendly "*Conditions: If the Canucks do not make the playoffs in 2019-20, the 2020 1st round pick will transfer to a 2021 1st round pick instead."


      Either way, they can't choose to defer.  It's entirely based on where they wind up in the standings.

    4. coastal.view



      though we speak the same language

      we are speaking it differently

      but not worth debating further


  10. Same amount of points as Phil the Thrill in less games. I've converted and am now a member of the Church of Virtanen. Someone baptize me please.
  11. Imagine being the Rangers looking back at the McDonough trade thinking how they not only traded their top defenseman, but somehow giving up JT Miller as an add-on as well. 

    1. suitup
    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Well the Rags originally got him from the Habs for trash Gomez (at least he was trash at the time he was dealt).


      Actually feel for the Panthers who made moves to clear up cap space (like effing US up when Luongo retired) to try and sign free agent Panarin and Panarin  ends up signing with the Rags.  Panarin currently has 36 points in 29 games for them.



  12. Canuck's play has been sloppier than week old leftover's

  13. Even the Ducks knew not to mess with Wilson. They had to hold him back from killing Guhle. 

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Late in the 2nd that game turned Nasty. Leipsic & GudBran featured prominently in a brouhaha!


      Hathaway gets a match..prob for a dirty takedown?

  14. I'm ok with today's loss. Two RHD injured most of the game, and a great performance by Hellebuyck. Had Bo scored could've easily gone to OT.

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