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  1. What? That would've been affordable for us wouldn't it?
  2. Wow Calgary signing all our players. Who's the farm team for who?
  3. What happens to his caphit?
  4. I am still surprised with the amount of people still claiming he was just looking down as he was clearly looking at the ipad. It's even shown in the video?
  5. If this year's draft used standings from the season before, would you defer our first round pick or use it? 

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    2. coastal.view


      no you have it wrong goalie13

      if nucks miss the playoffs the pick stays

      so you are missing all the points of the question


      if the nucks have an option

      i say they use the pick asap

      and happily give up the pick next off season

      team is on the upswing

      and using the pick now only strengthens the team a year early

    3. goalie13


      @coastal.view, unlike the Gretzky thing, I think I have it right this time.  

      From CapFriendly "*Conditions: If the Canucks do not make the playoffs in 2019-20, the 2020 1st round pick will transfer to a 2021 1st round pick instead."


      Either way, they can't choose to defer.  It's entirely based on where they wind up in the standings.

    4. coastal.view



      though we speak the same language

      we are speaking it differently

      but not worth debating further


  6. Definitely an overestimate, he’s like 5’7 if you ever see him walking around Boston. Same with Gaudreau, he’s only 5’9 with skates on.
  7. Same amount of points as Phil the Thrill in less games. I've converted and am now a member of the Church of Virtanen. Someone baptize me please.
  8. Sadly the whole team had a short run of being the top players that they were. Had they held out their peaks for even 2-3 more seasons we'd at LEAST be looking at another cup final.
  9. Woah this is really cool, who was number 1? Dahlin is also a really consistent point getter, he's not gonna front load the season with points and tail off either.
  10. Not satisfied with playing time in the AHL and went back to Sweden just to play in the SHL? I guess this kid really knows what's best for his career. edit: just to NOT play in the SHL.
  11. You're not wrong- and not to single any player(s) out, but that's on the shooter for not finishing those chances/creating a shot for a rebound or on Freddie for making a good save. The team as a whole still played really well and equalled their moments in controlling the puck in the Leaf's defensive end, and we were able to create chances off of Toronto's failed breakouts and turnovers on top of that. Sure Matthews might have deked around a player here and there, but I honestly expected a lot more considering the quality of their forwards. You have to expect those players being able to make those plays here and there every night. Not even taking into account that they have expensive quality wingers and even double stacking their top centers at during different shifts.
  12. Andrew Yang is also one of those big internet people. Made his wealth through internet entrepreneurship after his time as a lawyer (which he claims to have been bad at).
  13. Haha yeah that actually is him. Someone took a screenshot before he took the post down.