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  1. I'm from the U.S. not sure where you got that information on BLM there...
  2. I would imagine Podz has gotta make the team at this point. 

    1. Alflives


      Oh for sure.  Pods is the type of player who can play on any line, and in any role.  He basically carried his line tonight. 

    2. Dazzle


      I wouldn't be surprised if Green sends him down to the AHL. I really don't like how he's been handling his players this preseason.

      Jett Woo has barely been given time to play and he's been overplaying Rathbone.

      Hilarious. 7 PPs and Rathbone plays more minutes than Juolevi, who's been nearly 5 minutes penalty killing. :lol:

    3. kanucks25


      Don't understand why so many fans are hellbent on forcing him into the day 1 NHL lineup. It won't hurt for him to get his legs under him in the AHL. If he plays very well for the remainder of the preseason then sure but right now, it's just 1 good exhibition game.

  3. Ryan is Marty's son and both Hughes are brothers too. Very cool!
  4. I read a Russian interview he did where the interviewer confronted him about the $5M a year rumors and he shot them down saying that he’s realistic with what his value is. He also gives insight into what MacKinnon is like as a player in Colorado. The guy is a beauty, wish we could’ve gotten him instead.
  5. Yes that's why he's not with the organization anymore and I'm replacing him When do I start?
  6. Watched Fabbro back when he was playing for BU. I posted about how Keller and McAvoy were stand outs while Fabbro had lots left to be desired back then as well. I should replace Brackett
  7. Lol Virtanen is way closer to an eclair than Leclair.
  8. Probably not gonna make the show but always liked Brad Morrison when he was playing juniors. Fun guy to watch.
  9. Even draft position aside, he's been horrible. Doesn't do what a third liner is supposed to do, and I'm not convinced his recently improved form is going to be consistent. If he does better elsewhere it's not because we didn't give him a chance.
  10. Jason Robertson is underrated

  11. I dont know but he had more points in his rookie season than Jake ever did in any season
  12. What? That would've been affordable for us wouldn't it?
  13. Wow Calgary signing all our players. Who's the farm team for who?
  14. What happens to his caphit?
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