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  1. String bean. Food for thought: you don't know where I live. Maybe we'll run into each other at the store. Maybe you'll get too close and contract the rona. You'd better stay home. It's the reality of the situation we live in now thanks to the double dosers and booster recipients who brought the variant here.
  2. The way you and Alf buff each other in this thread, I could never possibly compete.
  3. The flaccid dad bods in this thread don't understand that you cannot achieve the same type of strength and muscle building routine outside doing "whatever" or using bodyweight exercises, especially when you are conditioned to a weight room with actual weights.
  4. Went to the casino on NYE for a while as well; place was packed. I spread covid on the guy next to me playing the slots, and then I waltzed around a little bit mingling with the people. A massive Covid factory.
  5. Found a local gym here who is defying orders with at least limited capacity to keep it somewhat discrete. It was great. We worked out, spread covid all over each other. We had a gay ol' time. Fascists Bonnie and Dix cannot stop all of us.
  6. The Meaning of Christmas: 


  7. Why do you care what anybody's alternative plan is? All you do is tow the government rhetoric no matter how illogical it is.
  8. No Not especially when everyone's livelihood revolves around it
  9. Not stock related but general "investing" knowledge. NFTs in detail:
  10. Israel to offer fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine to people over 60 https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/israel-to-offer-fourth-dose-of-covid-19-vaccine-to-people-over-60-1.5715803
  11. The first assumption one shouldn't make is that the 'experts' are infallible, because they're not. They're doing what they think is best. Despite all that, the government is right back where we were at the start of this thing treating everyone as a threat despite the vaccine and the mandate which is completely contradictory to what they told you three months ago.
  12. Define "more people." We're sitting at 92%; you'll never convince those stubborn holdouts.
  13. I'm sorry. Are the unvaccinated people departing planet Earth, or does Omicron plan on leaving middle January? I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm saying the logic behind that of the officials is circular or goes nowhere.
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