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  1. Steam Sale today till Monday, guys. In case you are asleep at the wheel.
  2. The importance of this election. Because it's the last remotely honest election you will get if Dems lose. Although on the flip side, one will argue all you get is the illusion of choice..
  3. I knew I should've sold and got back some of that cash I put in in August. Have a plan and stick to it. But instead of going with my instinct I listened to every pundit and so forth on BNN and etc. saying that were a lot of positives going forward and we wouldn't expect any big retractions.
  4. lol cyberpunk delayed again. What is that, the fourth time this year?
  5. Libtards are upset that's all that matters #duh Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women and libtards are upset so that's a win #duh
  6. If the plebs had any balls and brains they would've burned that place to the ground long ago
  7. Forget Hunter Biden. The real bombshell nobody is talking about the past couple days.
  8. Dems got bullied on the supreme court issue again. Repugs ran their nominee through. When it was Garland's turn, Repugs told them no and Dems were like, "Oh, okay then."
  9. "your 401ks are doing great.." As the market blows up and falls another 1000 point drop. One of many this year.