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  1. &^@# that guy. Death with three hots and a cot the rest of his days was the easy way out compared to his victims. Speak ill about him all you want.
  2. XRP officially tripled for me. $200 is now $625 today. I didn't know anything about it but my brother was big on it so I put a couple hundred bucks for $&!#s and giggles. I wish I put more in, but that's hindsight for you. He's been big on it for a couple years; he's up over 10k on it.
  3. So trade him for a guy who is probably a minor leaguer because logic. At least Gaudette made it to the show, tweener or not, he is the better player.
  4. Gave away Gaudette. Good job. Moves like this are why the team is 50 years and counting without a championship.
  5. Greatly restrict air travel and who can come here. How do you think these variants got here in the first place, magically? There are no easy answers but what they're doing now is equivalent to pulling 'solutions' out of their ass
  6. So the government shuts down restaurants and other businesses which aren't responsible for the spread, and then offers grants and other financial aid to save those small businesses and restaurants. I know government is often useless, but holy &^@#.
  7. She is a tough cookie. I think she'll keep on keeping on.
  8. You mean unfairly shutting down restaurants has done nothing to stem the tide of cases? Gee, anybody with half a brain could have told you that based on the government's own publicly available information.
  9. CDC got Covid. 

    1. SNuck


      too soon 

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Coughs on Tortorella.


  10. Nearly quadrupled my XRP investment from two months ago. My brother was big on it; I put in a few hundred bucks figuring it at worst would sputter and not do a whole lot.
  11. Anything can be deemed "art" nowadays, apparently. Some woman spreading period blood all over a canvas is considered art.
  12. They're all very healthy on the surface. It's more than likely they'll recover. This season is a write off anyway.
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