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  1. If only it were 1776 and they were executed for treason like a handful of them should be.
  2. People get suspended or banned on social media all the time for far less than what that asshole has gotten away with. If anything, his base should be praising social media platforms for the leniency they've allowed him/
  3. This is alright but you can still get fined for visiting grandma because logic.
  4. If one can't see what is going on at this point then they should be castrated. And these imbeciles storming the Capital's interior should have been shot on sight.
  5. I don't know anything of Perdue but the fact that criminal Q-Anon piece of $&!# Loeffler is making this a close race shows how &^@#ed Georgia is. What a stupid, ignorant population across the border.
  6. Sounds like reduced testing. What has changed between now and late November or a month ago? Nothing.
  7. Well, they, what.. beat Germany 3-1? Clearly nowhere near Canada's level.
  8. Let all of the public venues that are currently open and allowing people to mingle and interact with one another your thoughts and feelings.