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  1. yes, well, for the record the assertion that it was foolproof was never made despite some advocates, particularly the one above your post, around here suggesting it was which of course is dishonest at a minimum and possibly deliberate too.
  2. Not really. I'm not the one getting upset about others exercising their right to what they do with their own body unlike half the peanut gallery in this thread here.
  3. They pass it the same in that they do interacting with people doing all the same activities unvaccinated people do. It's less likely but it still obviously happens, which is what I meant.
  4. And a shoutout to Kari for telling Andre to pick it up.
  5. Which won't happen here either. And it's discrimination. Vaccinated people still carry and pass the disease all the same as an unvaccinated person; it's happening all the time. What about children? Those under the age of 9 have roughly a 0.0016% chance of contracting it. What about those who can't get it for health reasons? Religious reasons. You're approving the government to open a can of worms when they can seldom do anything properly. Then permitting this also brings the question of bodily autonomy into the picture as a whole. For the record I am not "anti-vaxx" so if someone
  6. Except for a few select examples such as hospital workers, mandated vaccines aren't going to become a thing so all of those wishing it were can cry their Pfizer tears.
  7. So can our athletics team, particularly Andre, not do some of these other events. Hurdles, for example, is the one that comes to mind. Practice the technique.. you'd think he'd be a threat to podium.
  8. Fair. But we'll see. Statistics were cited he would lose in the first place and won by a landslide, so.
  9. 15.50 Euro to 19.50 Euro https://globalnews.ca/news/8077741/pfizer-and-moderna-price-hike-covid-vaccines-in-eu/
  10. Absolutely. He gained over 12 million votes - despite all of the $&!# that came from him the past 4 years - Dems stand for nothing other than "We're not Trump." At least those with a legitimate chance of being president. There's Bernie, sure, but he's too old now and the game is rigged against him.
  11. Doesn't bode well if she takes over for Joe in 2024 and Trump is running again, as he single handedly is outraising the entire Republican party and has an absolutely rabid following which only appears to grow.
  12. Considering Pfizer and Moderna increased prices for the vaccine in EU countries and then assert booster shots are required going forward, and that much of the government is bought and paid for by big pharma, and that neither entity takes any responsibility for possible short or long term side effects or negative outcomes from the vaccine, is just one reason why this idea should obviously be opposed
  13. It's good to see what's his face get thumped by women in weightlifting.
  14. yeah, maybe. Thankfully it's not the field from 2012 because none of these guys podium with these times
  15. Good thing Bolt is retired.. Andre doesn't even podium if he's around.
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