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  1. You're wrong. Extortion is precisely what it is. There is no option when the option is living on the street, you goof.
  2. Doubling down on a stupid position against those you perceive to be "anti-vax", huh. Never thought I'd see a liberal such as yourself defend big pharma practices by 40x mark up of an alleged life saving treatment during a pandemic in an effort to make godly profits. It's about making as much profit as possible; not covering R&D costs. Quit being so daft, seriously, you're not even part of this 'big club' making record bank.. Thanks for conceding to my point.
  3. Yes. Extortion. Pay me or I'll break your knee caps. You don't have to, but there's consequences.
  4. 35 times according to that article, sorry, huge discrepancy; nothing to look at here.
  5. Wrong. Being fired from your job is a forced mandate, coercion, extortion; don't be daft asserting that's not what it is. Here, Merck is taking your tax dollars (Americans) and then selling back to you a product at 40x the mark up. Explain how that is ethical, moral, even remotely responsible. We won't get into the history of them knowingly producing carcinogenic consumer products since you'll have a tough enough time explaining away the previous question.
  6. Gee. Lets not hold the pharmaceutical industry which is being mandated on all of us to too high a standard now. Different country - still affects us. They were and still are pushing for general public booster shots before that idea was shot down by the FDA citing too many unknowns. This still hasn't been ruled out indefinitely. It wasn't long people here scoffed when I said that these guys have obviously huge financial incentive to push all sorts of crap on the public, whether needed or not, as they clearly, obviously, influence those same politicians financially whom make the rules for us. First, it was the booster shots unsupported by peer reviewed science. Then it was hoarding the patent on the vaccines. Then stories like this only adds credence to that. No, it's not conspiracy. That's all right there in front of your face reported by corporate media surprisingly.. selectively anyway.
  7. Suggestions needed. Someone near and dear to me has been dealing with harassment and intimidation in the Abbotsford school district for the past 8 months now and it has got to the point where she is visibly emotional about it and is being threatened with suspension without pay and possible termination altogether. She has been accused of and reported to HR for not doing her job, being late and leaving early, violating covid protocol in the office. It is particularly worrisome because it is the principal and the vice principal of the school collaborating these complaints against her and without evidence. And by default because of their titles, HR simply takes their word for it hence she is now facing suspension. I don't have all of the details which is part of the problem in explaining what is going on here in greater capacity, but from what she tells me there it appears there is a conspiracy against her to forcefully make her leave or be fired for reasons unknown. I have no reason to not trust her on this especially when she has been in the school district for 25 years without a prior complaint, but now numerous complaints in the past 8 months. The district is unionized of course but they are unable or unwilling to help. Her union rep has been absolutely useless. She has a couple coworkers who can substantiate, at least in theory, that she is being mistreated, and she has over 200 images on her phone of her signing into her computer in the morning and logging out at the end of the day to dispel these notions that she is late and leaving early. Unfortunately she doesn't have much in writing from the principal and VP regarding requests and job tasks so when they accuse her of not doing her job or or completing tasks on time, she has proof to the contrary. Aside from speaking with an employment lawyer real soon here I'm not sure what the hell to do for her. It's a code red type situation at this point.
  8. "At least the president is our guy this time." As you have border patrol on horseback chasing down and whipping migrants.
  9. Which is precisely what you get here. And there. It was already decided before Ontario was even finished counting. There, it comes to a handful of states. I won't claim to be an expert on any of this because I'm not but there are better alternatives to this than having GTA and pieces of the Atlantic provinces decide the whole thing for us.
  10. Low risk. Right. When you have a raging pandemic allegedly the greatest threat to your existence next to climate change and an ever increasing crater of debt. Why have an election at all if the most likely result is to maintain the literal status quo you are in now. That's why I can't stand this idiot and the ilk that defend him. It would be appreciative if more of his base had the integrity to call this what it was instead of trying to 'stick it to the conservatives.'
  11. 600 million dollars and nothing new was determined. Another poor investment by Captain Hairdo. Maybe we should decide our elections by popular vote; at least the votes out west would mean something. It's ironic the same liberal base harps on the US system for deciding by the EC which allowed a populist to be elected, but applying that same criteria here would see their own candidate ousted in the previous election, never mind this one.
  12. And an atheist too agreeing with conservatives in a lot of respects. There were a lot of broad questions there allowing for further commentary on the subjects. In the end I'm somewhere centered which would get you nothing politically but it's what we need more of. I can see the good and bad presented from both sides while far too many simply tow the party line for reasons their own.
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