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  1. 37 CEO departures ( Business Insider ) what did they know? Bill Gates on Mar.13'th was the latest. Scroll down for the list...


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    2. nuckin_futz


      Bill Gates hasn't been Microsoft's CEO since 2000. He recently left his position on the Microsoft Board of Directors.

    3. Quantum


      Some of these were due to scandals like the Boeing fiasco, the Away scandal, the WeWork debacle, as well as a couple of sexual harassment/inappropriate workplace relationship scandals. There's also a few retirements (like the Alphabet resignation and the Bill Gates Foundation resignation) that exasperate this list. So it's not all that sinister.



      These are the people that are greedy and are doing stock paybacks instead of helping their own employees get out of poverty and now that they have their bonuses they are leaving the sinking ships.

      Would I be surprised if any bet that the stock market crashes,no we've seen it in 2008 with the housing markets in America and now the greed and corruption is just too rampant,

      Bail outs to corporations(That pay no taxes towards a just society) and airlines instead of helping the citizens is what politicians do,

      Bernie Sanders should be the president because at least he has a HEART for the people.

      But it will be a Lying Biden presidence and it's the same old B.S.Just sooooo corrupt.

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