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  1. He also registered 4 hits in the game - compare that to the entire Canucks team 10 hits on Tuesday vs Buffalo. Just sayin..............
  2. Exactly ! We were beaten by Detroit and Buffalo, and don't look now folks but both of those teams have played 3 games and are ahead (in the standings) of: Tampa Bay, Toronto and Montreal, who have each played 4 games. Neither Buffalo nor Detroit has lost in regulation. This is the NHL and these are no pushover teams anymore.
  3. Liked Burroughs play at RD. Steady, plays his position well, hits, seems cool under pressure. Not intimidated by the forwards. I think he'll stick.
  4. Totally agree. I recorded the game and in between periods I reran the pp of each team. McDavid & Draisaitl are constantly moving around, from one hash mark to the other, behind the net, on the point. Petey seems to mostly park on his off-wing hashmark and wait for the puck so he can unleash his one timer. It's a bit predictable. Noticeable that it was the 2nd. pp unit that finally scored.
  5. In your post it suggests that we traded our 2022 pick - not the case - phew !!!!!
  6. re: the red bolded part - even though in one shift in the second period in his own zone he coughed up the puck 3 times - all within about a 30 second span ?
  7. I'm a tad concerned that the potential team makeup includes many smaller/lighter players: Petan, Hoglander, Garland, Hunt, Hughes, Rathbone, Pettersson. Not denying their abilities but.....size is good !
  8. The play by play guy thinks Nick Ritchie plays for Calgary. I guess Brett Ritchie plays for Toronto ........
  9. Quite the list but - why no Kurtenbach ? And, Bobby Schmautz (RIP) was a good fighter; more of a boxer but effective.
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