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  1. Brayden Point seems to be doing OK with Tampa and, wait for it, he was a 3rd. round pick in 2014 (79th. overall). Perhaps Benning and his scouting crew will conjure up someone like that in round 2 or 3.
  2. Good depth forward - a hitting machine with a zero +/- on a poor team.
  3. ..........or, sign Jani Hakanpaa for $1MM/$1.5MM (2020/2021 salary was $750k). Stay at home RHD, and in 57 games had 35 pim, 215 hits, 83 blocks. You wont get much offense (2g, 2a) but was +4, and 42 of those 57 games were with a very poor Anaheim Ducks team (the other 15 with a very good Carolina team). He's 29 y.o., has size at 6'5"" and 218 lbs. Good steady D with reach and HITS. Worth a try on a 2 or 3 year deal.
  4. Great clip - quite enjoyed it. Good to get another perspective on potential draft picks.
  5. No love for Cole Sillinger on these boards ? At 6.0 and 197 lbs has reasonable size, puts up points, and is a C which is something we lack in the pipeline. Any reason for the lack of interest ?
  6. Quite enjoyed the presser, also the letter to fans from ownership. One of the things I took from both was the comment about improving the team through trades and FA signings, also about the disappointment in some aspects of the team. Would not surprise me to see a swap of Schmidt for Ristolainen - similar salary with Risto being a RH shot and more physical. Also Risto has 1 year left on contract vs Schmidt's 4 years. Signing Risto would give Woo 1 more year to develop until he's a (hopefully) ready and cheaper RH shot replacement. Alternative is to trade Schmidt for draft picks and use th
  7. Good game by Lind - laid a couple really good hits, positional play satisfactory, has improved with each game. Has the potential to be a keeper.
  8. Good post - thank you. By any chance are you interested in being the Canucks next GM ?
  9. Other NHL teams have a defense coach - how come the Canucks don't ?
  10. Jan's proposal is well thought out. imo IF, and BIG IF, anything like this can be accomplished, even to a degree, it will have to be with a GM other than Benning. With Benning having been around for quite some time, most of these signings/draft picks are his and it seems that he becomes quite attached to his players. Ergo, it will take a different GM to see parts of the proposal come to fruition. FWIW I'm a fan of much of this plan, and do believe a major shakeup of personnel is needed. That includes management and coaching ! Stay safe everyone.
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