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  1. Jordan Schroder ripping it up in the KHL, Hopefully we can sign him and play him with Hoglander
  2. Why the &^@# is Benning on the hot seat? Incompetent ownership is really gonna desperately fire on of the greatest GMs in the NHL. Benning should have NO PROBLEM finding a job elsewhere.
  3. I’m excited to see who Benning picks at the draft and also excited to see what trades Benning does
  4. Because he’s a good GM, we are lucky to have him. Pettersson pick was a reach
  5. Why do other Canucks boards hate us? I went to Hfboards to see how it is, I mention I’m from CDC, and they were extremely rude
  6. Anyone saying fire Benning needs to give their head a shake. He's the best drafting GM we ever had. He will learn from those Myers contracts
  7. Can we please keep Benning? best drafter we ever had. He will learn from his dumb contract signings. Not every GM is perfect
  8. Benning Haters are delusional lol. He's an amazing drafter and he will learn from his bad contracts. We are very lucky to have him
  9. Benning is a good GM, No reason he should be fired, that is RIDICULOUS
  10. @debluvscanucks @-Vintage Canuck- @DIBdaQUIB #TellMeI'mWrong : If Canucks lose today, we're getting a top 15 pick
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