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  1. he came in at 270-ish and stabilized around 230-240-ish pounds. I see no reason to think he isn't an entitled guy.
  2. not a whole lot, but someone may be interested in taking a flyer on him if packaged the right way
  3. No thanks. Not interested in entitled rookies who whine about not getting enough play-time when showing up 40 pounds overweight and then still ending up playing 15 minutes a night as a ROOKIE, on the PP and PK. This is not Nikita Tryamkin development team, neither is he Lemeuix who owns the team as a player-owner.
  4. This season or next season may be the best chance we get of trading his rights - which we should.
  5. Yes and he will cause people to back up a bit along the boards like Burns or Byfuglien does - nobody wants to get absolutely pasted on the boards by a dude trending north of 240 lbs. So what. Thats just one small aspect of defensive play. Don't forget, he is a LHD and plays the left side mostly. Yes, he can play the right side and he was doing a decent job for us as 3-RD, sort of like when Pouilot has his 'better days playing the off-side' but he will have to do helluva lot more on the right side to legitimately challenge a 2-RD who's job is to be a good, sandpaper defensive-d: a job he does r
  6. From what i've seen, Gudbranson is already a much, much better defenceman than Tryamkin was, at being a defensive defenceman who plays a hard-nosed game. Yes, Tryamkin is much bigger, bulkier and has a meaner streak than Guddy. So trading off Guddy for Tryamkin ( assuming he even comes back that is), is an immediate step down in my view. Tryamkin CAN be a better, more effective sandpaper-D than Guddy but he'd have to prove it via a 'show me' contract first, because he definitely was not better 2 years ago than Guddy was 2 years ago or even now. Don't think the bigger ice and worse compet
  7. Not disagreeing with you- we do need to stop thinking of Tryamkin- for atleast another 2 years. Should our D-corps be a lot more competitive for 2020 ? Yep. But Tryamkin is one of the better 'left D who can play the right side' i've seen. He can be potentially an 'upgrage' on Guddy down the road, especially due to his age. So he may end up in the mix, atleast as fighting for 3LD position/2-3RD position when he returns. Yes, the 'Russian rust' can be a bad thing, but it can also give players certain skills due to its nature: such as defencemen passing better and shoot
  8. Tryamkin isn't coming back, unless we 'Montreal' him and lure him back with something like 2 years at 5/6 mil. Because what will happen i feel is this: a) Tryamkin plateaus/gets injured/is not good enough/doesnt show his worth : he will stay in Russia. He's already said, he isn't playing here as 4/5D minutes.So he stays @ home. b ) Tryamkin develops into top D in the next 2 years. Tryamkin will wait for 'big fish contracts' in KHL- which will likely be in the 3-4 million dollars. Slava Voynov reportedly makes 4.5 mil for e.g. . We will definitely have to beat that. For that to be
  9. Maybe. Maybe not. Current and future crop of Canucks defencemen are left side defensemen. Tryamkin can play the right side and i don't think Subban is gonna make it- even if he does, he will be a Troy Stecher at best. now, Stecher is a great kid, but his style is up-tempo puck-handling guy. Not big behemoth that flattens people, can breakout and hammer slappers/wristers at the net. Guddy is our guy for that-sort of (except the breakout or the hammer slapper part). but beyond Tanev, Guddy and Stecher, our right side needs help. If either Tanev or Guddy fade in the next 3-4 years,that would be a
  10. *Edit, i cant get rid of the above quote tag, so not directed t SilentSam* Can we restrict Gudbranson talk to his thread and not Tryamkin ? This whole 'analytics vs eye test' talk has been done to death. Some people will consider stats to be all-encompassing, no-matter what and some people will keep pointing out that stats are limited view, which doesn't take every intangible in account. Both are right , which is why it is rare to see an actual mathematician/statistician get bent out of shape in this discussion.
  11. I am not denying any of that. I am simply saying that for a defenceman, who has such an active stick like Tryamkin, he probably won't be as physically involved as Chara, a defenceman who doesnt have an active stick very often.
  12. Tryamkin needs more time. IMO, he isn't going to be a Chara, simply because he is a better skater than Chara & has a way more active stick. So IMO, by default, he will be less physical because he is going to dedicate more play-time 'poking the puck/attempting to poke the puck' than Chara. Which means automatically, less number of hits and therefore, less number of 'crushing hits'. Because most of the time, when you poke at the puck on someone else's stick, you either: a) jar the puck loose b ) take over the puck c) fail & player blows by you. Because in mos
  13. TBF, its a concern for most teams and their big guys getting a mean streak- once you cross the 6'6 threshold, most teams do restrain their 'humongous guy' initially- unless of course, the mean streak is the only thing the guy's got (which is not the case here).
  14. If i were Benning, i'd offer Tryamkin a 3/3.5 million for 8 years type of deal. Will be overpayment for the first 2 years of the deal (not by much), but will be a steal and half for the last 4 years of it. A bit of Duncan Keith-esque deal.
  15. Less than a year ago, Gudbransson was the most important Panther defence man in the playoffs. You don't go from being the most important defence man in a playoff team to useless in a bottom feeder team in less than a year when you are not even 25. Its more than likely that Guddy is having a slow adjustment to the Western Conference style of hockey and needs some time figuring things out, with a better defensively capable partner than our weakest defensive defence man (Ben Hutton), who is just a weaker version of Erhoff.
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