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  1. I feel vindicated. I'll take the dub and avoid the pretension from someone vastly overestimating their intellectual capacity.
  2. Cute, and when have I supported Trump? If you think it's cool that our health minister is supporting Chinese migrants buying PPE in bulk just to send back to China then we're in clear disagreement.
  3. Cute, but the real fake numbers were from China, which you were hell bent on defending. Which then resulted in name calling and insults. I felt 'child' was an appropriate irony too good to pass up, in as much as your insults are petty and childish. https://www.businessinsider.com/us-intelligence-found-china-misrepresented-coronavirus-stats-report-2020-4
  4. How are those Chinese numbers holding up now? Still 2%? Ya, keep towing that line 'child'.
  5. pfft, i think it's more than time for the world to stop contorting to the moral hazard that is China.
  6. haha, nice way to spin it. I'd like for our health minister not to pander to some immigrant vote by supporting the shipment of our ppe elsewhere.
  7. I look forward to the day Canada grows some backbone.
    1. AriGold2.0


      Shot Caller was awesome.. And if you like Shot Caller you like Felon who has the same writer and director.

  8. It's always fun when China lies about the death rate: Treat it like the bio-weapon it is. Cut ties with China, repatriate production.
  9. I'm not sure who the Canucks NCAA target is, but this big righty looks appealing:




    I'd say his no-name program is the only thing holding him back. 

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    2. Phil_314


      Wow 6'2", 205 lbs, almost point/ game guy.  


      To add him after a Hobey Baker finalist would be a coup.  Wonder if he'd go in round 1 in a draft?

    3. Canuck Surfer
    4. Phil_314


      Wow sounds like Jacob Trouba.  Get it done JB!

  10. Probably our 1C in Utica next season. I think his career path would have been more optimistic if he left after his sophomore year, his stats - while impressive - stagnated after that. A good call-up option maybe. I'm still of the opinion the NHL will finish the 19/20 season.
  11. I'm with ya, I don't trust China either. Maybe an analysis from Gates might change your mind about time-frame:
  12. Impressive, they seem to be on the other side of the curve. I see Wuhan has reported 0 new cases today, seems the timeline is more like 2 months with containment.
  13. We might be closer to South Korea by these vectors. The US will continue to sky rocket.
  14. I'm more surprised that it's just Encore/Wynn, doesn't Stevie own half the strip?
  15. Don't be patient 31: https://graphics.reuters.com/CHINA-HEALTH-SOUTHKOREA-CLUSTERS/0100B5G33SB/index.html
  16. Plenty of humor out there: But sure, take the high road and make a statement no one is going to disagree with. That'll save face for a lack of reading comprehension.
  17. Jeeze, you monkeys really didn't read the 'perspective, if you can call it that'. It was posted with a comedy sketch, for humor...